This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing Off!! Epi:- 05


This epi’s name is..

Episode starts with Dhaani recording… Aaj kuch khaas nahi hua(today nothing special was there)Viplav came late today.. Do NT knw y??? only thing we did today was the selection of best pictures from the photo shoot we did yesterday.. Today I came soon… Because Aaj haina party..(today is the party,na!!) So I’m gonna ready for that party… Till that This Is Dhaani Kaur Signing Off!!

Dhaani says to herself Indian attire is the theme.. Wat should I wear.. Em.. Lacha.. Yup… And takes out a white-black combination Lacha and wears it..

Scenes shift to viplav..

Viplav is thinking ? wat to wear and says to himself.. Beta, peheli baar Dhaani ke saath function pe Jane wala hai kuch aacha pehen le!!( first time u r gng wth Dhaani to a function.. Wear some good dress.. Boy) and takes out Black dress.. Vidha are getting ready..

Screen divides into two.. One side Viplav and other side Dhaani… Bth telling looking at a mirror … Would this match Him\Her??

Viplav calls Dhaani and tells her that he will pick her and drop her.. Dhaani nods..

Viplav bids bye to his parents and leaves.. He enters the car ? and gears up.. He reaches Dhaani’s house ?.. He is seen tensed.. Viplav y r u feeling tensed… Be cool.. And moves on and knocks on Dhaani’s door ?.. Dhaani happily opens the door ? Viplav is mesmerized by Dhaani’s beauty.. Dhaani is stunned by Viplav’s beauty… Thy have an eyelock… Bth compliments each other.. Is ha ishq plays.. Thy thank each other and leaves to the car..

Scene shift to the car ?

Vidha are sitting in the car.. Dhaani asks permission from Viplav and keeps FM…
Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil Ko
Nazar Nahin Churaana Sanam
Badalke Meri Tum Zindagaani
Kahin Badal Na Jaana …

Vidha look each other and thinks even the radio is telling that I’m in love ?

Viplav says tats the hotel whr the party is gonna held!! Dhaani looks at the hotel…

Scenes Shifts to hotel

Thy enter the party hall… Thy hold each others hand ✋.. Welcome MR.and Mrs.. Tripathi.. Says the event manager.. Thy look at each other and smiles shyly… Thy nters the Hall.. Thy bth gt busy talking to the guests… A guest cunningly looks At Dhaani.. Film launch party is taking place.. Viplav says to Dhaani.. Seems to be a good movie ? Dhaani nods.. Everyone here pls have thr dinner ? arranged her.. Says the event manager.. Vidha takes the dinner ? and are eating with ? eye lock…. There comes an announcement.. “nothing is complete without a music ? therefore put ur hands together for Shreya Goshal.. Dhaani says Shreya Ghoshal.. She is my fav singer.. And smiles ?.. Shreya ghoshal speaks up.. I wouls like to sing a evergreen song ? dedicated to all the partners assembled here.. Vidha look each other.. She sings ?

mera dil bhi kithna pagal hai
ye pyaar toh tumse kartha hai
Par samne jab tum aathi Ho
Par samne jab tum aathi Ho
Kuch bhi kehene se dartha hoon..

The guest who looked at Dhaani in a cunning manner mixes Alcohol ? in Dhaani’s juice? juice and asks the waiter to serve it to Dhaani.. He smirks.. Dhaani have that juice.. Viplav says I’ll just come & leaves.. Dhaani feels giddiness .. The guest holds Dhaani and was abt to take the room.. Viplav sees that and runs to Dhaani. And Asks the guest the leave telling Dhaani is his wife.. And he will take care if her.. Vidha leaves the hall..
Dhaani says I want to sit on the car’s ? bonnet… He says no!! Yes,I have to sit and runs ? she gets collide with a waiter.. Viplav runs ? towards the waiter and apologizes to the waiter.. She was about to sit on bonnet. Viplav says no don’t sit on bonnet.. She says u r behaving like Rakshas… And sits on bonnet.. He laughs ? and says Rakshas… She says ahh!! Rakshas.. Bt pyaara.. Em.. PYAARA RAKSHAS… And lay down… He lifts her up and make her sit on the front seat ? of the car ? and drives to the apartment ?
Scene shifts to Dhaani’s bed room

Viplav makes Dhaani sleep ? on her bed.. And was abt to leave just then Dhaani holds his hand ✋ and says I think I like ? you.. Em.. I think I started to love ? you.. Viplav stands thr stunning and surprised ? Dhaani leans towards Viplav and kisses ? on viplav’s nose ? ishq ishq instrumental ? plays
Dhaani says I love ? you Viplav and uss camera ? (that camera ?) and faints down.. On bed.. Viplav says does she mean it or.. Nashe Mein..
Jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai
tujhko bhulake aab jaau kaha – (2)
Dekhatee hai jis tarah se teree najare mujhe, …

Viplav looks Dhaani in a cute and lovely manner.. He remembers the kissing ? scene and smiles ? showing his dimples… He thinks wat she said abt ? camera… He looks for camera ? and sees the camera ? on the side table.. He switches on the camera ? and watches all the videos.. Viplav in excitement ? jumps and dances ? ? ? Viplav says it’s ur time Viplav make her feel special says Viplav to himself and looks at Dhaani…

Hope u all enjoyed the epi.. Hope those superb scenes of ikrs… Pyaara Rakshas was remembered by u all.. Hope my this epi brought nostalgia of that episode on u?

Happy ? by today’s episode ?
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Credit to: shanitics

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  1. Angel20

    Wow Swetha awesome episode! just loved it! behoshi me hi bol diya i love you 😉 awwwww
    Post the next one soon!

  2. Very nice writing…..keep it up….

  3. Wow very nice episode. Keep going. ..

  4. Swetha it was fantabulous yaar .. I loved it girl??finally dhani confess her feelings atleast in unconscious state?..
    Mera dil bhe kitna pagal hai yeh pyaar jo tum se karta hai .. oh God I loved loved loved this song?..
    This episode made me remember old ikrs episodes?
    Lovely episode.. waiting for the next one?

  5. Latha

    Awesome episode swetha. At last dhani confessed her love in unconscious way. This episode makes me fly back to old IKRS. Loved it very much swetha and post the next one soon….

  6. Shruthy

    Woow that was so magic! ? Finally Dhaani told him about her love. ??
    Oh God the way she called him “Pyaara Rakshas” indeed reminded that one episode. That was so adorable. ?? Cant wait for next part to know what Viplav will do. ?

  7. Shweta this unique style of writing is nice. Loved to read vidhanis EYELOCKS on seeing each other when vipla comes to take her ; in the car while music was playing n at dinner. Though it wasbad that dhani’s drink was spiked but was saved by viplav in time. Also whatever happens is for good as dhani could express her feelings to viplav in drunken state which would have never been possible otherwise ? once again all the best for your exams ?

  8. Sujie

    Shaani Ka magic Chala ????
    This is fantastic ….????
    PYARA RAKSHAS ….. You made me nostalgic swetha ……
    Loved this a lot…….
    Sorry for commenting late ???

  9. Meghs

    Wah chotti its unique concept good going keep it up post nxt prt soon

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