dewana dil ( spoilers)


For now that sanju and Sam going through. Their r a few possibility of out come..
1. Sanju might loose her baby, and Sam adopts a baby for their loss.

2. Varun and tanaya- will Sam accept their relationship or not??
Varun being a Casanova, will Sam trust him with his sister??

3. Wat will b Ross and Kahn’s view if they find out about the child??

4. Soon sanju is going to have exam?? Where she would b able to go through all the stress together?? Loosing the baby, adopting a baby??

5. Will Ross forgive Sam for sanju’s present conditions?? And separate them??

6. Does the nobles and other would see it as a threat ‘the conception of the child’?? Whether the child survives or not the nobles will b after sanju as she conceived a first hybrid In the history, dangering their existence.. (Though not a bigger problem, as Sam could handle them easily)

7. If the child dies, will sanju b able stay normal???, considering that something like this happened with sam before as well, when he attacked his wife neferti and she was with his child,,

8. Would vikram stop plotting after he comes to know that sanju is pregnant?? And have a change of heart??
Pls comment.. Need views

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  1. And wat about the baby?? Does adoption sound good our their own baby??

  2. I don’t no I like all the options

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