Dewana dil Season 2 Part 5


Arman and Tanaya are walking in their lawn.

Arman: I think anamika is a really a modern girl, I don’t know why she thinks that she has to bear that Aryan. She could live and independent life.
Tanaya: pumpkin, most of the times, the girls r silent because they think that disclosing this might spoil their reputation, or their father’s. Even sometimes their husband might b saying some things that might b responsible for such behaviour.

Arman: tantan, promise me that u will try to help her.

Tanaya: of course I will pumpkin.

Tanaya comes to the cliff,

Tanaya: I think arman and tamana are just like wat u wanted them to b. Kind, sensitive. I hope u r happy with the way they r…

She turns back as the sunsets near the cliff.

Anamika comes to dungeon,

Anamika to herself: for yrs this place screams out ur pain. But don’t worry soon this place will b wonder, where revenge was taken, in worst possible ways.. Soon I will bring ur culprit over here and will make them suffer as u all had suffered.

Anamika goes into a flash back.

Anamika is around 15yrs of age, the place is all decorated, its her brother’s wedding, the girl is of good family, many powerful people r attending the wedding. Anamika is too dressed beautifully, she is welcoming guest, when samrat, with sanjana enters. Anamika welcomes them inside. Everyone is trying to talk to the gorgeous couple. Their grace is unmatched. The wedding is over and the guests r leaving.

Anamika goes out to send her best friends off, as she returns the house is all silent, a lady shouting in the room upstairs can b heard. Anamika tip-toe to the room, sanjana is all blood soaked, holding the bleeding body of bride. She looks around to find her brother dead, and blood dripping from him.

The lady is Tanaya.

Tanaya: we need too from here. Common sanju.. U can’t stay here.

Sanjana: no I want.

Sanju tries to drink the blood of bride’s father who is also dead.

Tanaya: pls let’s leave, I promise I will do my best, but just leave right now.

As sanju and Tanaya leaves from their, tanaya sets the house on fire, not knowing anamika is still in the house. Anamika is running everywhere, to see whether any of her family member is still alive. But the fire has taken over the house. As she is about to jump out of the house, her father who was mortally wounded, catches her hand. And says
‘ run from here, and catch those 2 vampires, they ruined our family and u should take our revenge’

Saying he pushes her out of the house. Anamika is all shocked at her fathers last words. She started to find sanjana and samrat but didn’t get any clue. She had lost all hopes, she started to think that her father just blabbered about vampires, when she found a vampire feeding on a group of people, she caught him and questioned him. From where she came to know that vampires do exist and sanjana and samrat were supreme vampires.. It was hard to take revenge from them. She learnt their weakness. But her lifetime was not enough for it. So with the help of the dead bride’s mother , who was a witch herself, she made herself immortal, till she doesn’t have her revenge or her mind doesn’t find peace.

She found out about arman and Tanaya and tamana, after years of tracking and now she has successfully introduced herself in their life.

Anamika: u had killed 11 people of my family, now I will finish all of ur family..

She picks up a burnt photo frame of her family. And walks about of the house, with 11 graves in its compound. She walks to her dad’s grave.

Anamika: soon, her son will too suffer like I suffered. I will kill her husband and then her, and make her son suffer, I will separate them from each other.

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