Dewana dil Season 2 Part 4


Arman is at a charity event. Anamika too is their. It is an event for cancer patients, arman and his company were gonna pay for their treatment from now onwards, and has collected donations from an art auction. Anamika is looking at a painting. Arman comes next to her.

Arman: wat is it that interested u in this piece of art??

He is holding another glass of champagne. Which he offers to anamika.

Anamika:(without looking towards him) the artist is talking about hope.. Those strokes of darkness are his inner limitations, and the light strokes r his hopes!! And how he overcomes his darkness to enlighten himself.

Arman: need a champagne??
Anamika: my husband would u to b my bad company!! Who is reverting me back to my alcoholism!!

Arman: sorry!! I didn’t knew u had such a problem..
Anamika: its OK..
Arman: u have expressed totally differently then I thought.
Anamika: let’s ask the artist himself, about his creation!!

Arman: actually he is seeing now that his creation has entirely different meaning then hetothought.

(Arman was the artist of the painting)

Anamika: oh!! My god!! So u made it!! Its beautiful!!

Arman: but u explained a different angle to it!! U talk about hope and overcoming one’s own darkness, and still u don’t even try to accept it in ur life??

Anamika: such things looks good in books and not in real life..

Arman: how could people be so duel!! That they say something else and do something else..

Anamika: time it is, that makes men do everything. And of course his situation.
Arman: how bad the situation can, that a person can’t even recognise himself??

Anamika stops just as she is about to say something. Aryan comes from behind of arman.

Aryan: their she is.. My beautiful, beautiful wife. Mr. Arman, can I still my wife from u for a couple of minutes, I want to introduce her to a few business associates.

Arman: sure!!
Anamika: excuse me!!

Aryan and anamika leaves from their. While arman stares at the painting, thinking about anamika..

Aryan: how could u b so bold and talk with Mr. Arman, don’t u have any respect… He is a men,and u r my wife.. U should have taken my ppermission before talking to him.. I don’t like him talking to u!!

Anamika: OK..

Arman could hear all this with his super hearing..

Anamika thinks: here goes my another move!! Day by day, arman is softening towards me.. Dad, mom soon I will have my revenge, and soon all of them will pay for wat they did to u..

Arman thinks: poor girl, god knows wat is holding her back!! How can some live a life liketthis!! Everyone deserves a chance to b happy.. But she is too reluctant to ask for that chance for herself..

May b some one can help her.. May b tanaya or tamana can!! After all they run a charity for such women!! May b I should ask them to talk to anamika.

Arman calls tamana but her phone is unreachable, so he calls Tanaya,

Arman: hey!! Tantan!! I know a lady!! I think she needs ur help, her husband harasses her. But she doesn’t speak up..

Tanaya: and who is it?? Mrs. Aryan, I guess??
Arman: how did u know??
Tanaya: dear boy!! I m standing right behind u, and heard wat u were talking.. Don’t worry I would talk to her.

Arman: thanks tantan..
Tanaya: shut up.. Pumpkin..

Anamika looks at them talking to each other. And thinks soon entire family will b puppets and their strings in her hand.

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