Dewana dil Season 2 Part 3


A grand party is happening, Aryan is welcoming all the guest. Its a success party, for getting the contract.

Arman enters the hall. All eyes are set on arman. Aryan, rushes to him to invite him in.

Aryan: so the reason of this party came!! (He hugs arman) sorry dude for my previous behavior. Don’t have any hard feelings.

Arman: don’t worry.. Just don’t judge a person so soon. I can’t see ur wife in the party??

Searching for anamika, arman makes a remarks.

Aryan: she was not well, she is resting in her bedroom..

Arman: hope she gets well soon.
Aryan: thanks.

Many girls flirt with arman in the party. But he avoids them. As arman leaves the party, he looks towards the bedroom, where he finds anamika crying. Her hairs are all messed up. And even she looks like was beaten up. Seeingthis arman returns to the pparty, and asks Aryan to make him meet his wife, Aryan is resist this but then brings him to his bedroom.

Aryan:(knocking on the door) honey!! If u couldopen the door, pls open!! Mr. Arman wants to meet u..

It takes a few minutes, arman gets restless and is about to knock on the door, but anamika opens the door. She looks sick, her hair are normal. She has a handkerchief in her hand.

Arman: how r u Mrs singh?? I heard u r sick??

Anamika: just a bit of flu.. I would maintainy distance if I were u..

Arman: oh!! Thanks for the concern.. But pls take care.

Arman still sees the wounds that anamika is trying to hide behind the blanket. He leaves from the room. He is constantly thinking that how can a husband beat his wife so mercilessly, after all she is a human too. I must help that lady.. But how she looks typically likethose women who wwon’t go against their husband.

Arman gets frustrated and is driving rash straight to the gill mansion.

Back in the anamika and aryan’s bedroom, they both celebrate.

Anamika: step 2 of our plan is completed. Till his reputation follows arman will come to my aid.. And u can use me to exploit him. Soon everything that is his will b ours..

Aryan: u r such a great actress, u beat urself up to show those injury.. And then were so good at hiding them.. I believed for a second that I m a bad husband. And I had done this.. U r so convincing.

Anamika: look I promised u riches beyond ur imagination, and I will deliver that to u!! But don’t forget ur promise to me..

Aryan: yes!! My love!! The revenge shall b urs.

Anamika smirks..

Anamika to herself: for yrs I have been searching for them. Now I could finally have them.. With having arman by my side, I could finally have my revenge, all them will pay.. I havent forgotten that night, when my father told me how samrat and his wife murdered my entire family.. My father gave me this immortallife, so that iI could take revenge from all of them.. All those blood thirst vampires will come to an end, once I find where is samrat, I will kill him and all the other vampires will die with his death, and his wife would have to suffer for eternity, without samrat.. She would too feel how is it to leave without a family.. How was my life!!. Soon I will pass that on to u Sanjana.

Sanjana is shown sleeping in coffin, partly decomposed.

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