Dewana dil Season 2 Part 2

Arman and tamana r doing shopping. They find earrings similar to sanju’s.

Arman: why r thinking about all this?? We both decided that we wouldnt think about that then why r u falling weak??
Tamana: I was weak for a moment. Don’t worry I m fine now!! We r here for our objective and soon would attain it.
They both leave the store.

At home, a party is going on, as they enter all dressed up. Tamana is wearing black ball gown. Arman in black formal shirt. Tanaya introduces them to a few guest. But party looks boring to them.

Arman: same as always!! Trapped in boring parties…

A girl comes next to him..

Girl: gin neat.. (Thinking arman as waiter she orders)

Maintaining the girl’s belief, arman serves her drink. The girl gulps the glass down.

Arman: WO!! Some one can drink here..
Girl:( naughtily)!! Of course !! But can’t get a company over here!! Pls repeat my drink.

Arman serves her again. She again gulps it down.

Arman: careful lady!! Alcohol is bad for health and at this rate u would finish whole bar till theparty ends..

The girl laughs and asks for refill.

Girl: (showing a gguy) that’s my husband!! Mr. Aryan Singh.. (The girl is a bit drunk now after a few more glasses) he is a perfectionist. He isa pperfect businessmen. A perfect son in law, a perfect son.. And I m his unperfect wife.. Sorry… My mistake!! Imperfect!! If he would have been here he would have noted that to me.. Being his wife, I m so much bound to responsibility!! I have to just as perfect as he is.. But no one cares for me..

She holds Arman’s collar.

Girl: do u think I m useless?? Am I not worth enough??

Aryan comes their..

Aryan: excuse me!! ( he tries to control girl) I told u to behave for once , but u have decided to insult me in front of everyone.. Thanks to u my reputation is ruined over here.

Arman: let it b dude.. She is just a bit drunk.. Don’t worry!!

Aryan: who asked for ur opinion!! Just do ur work!! And don’t interfere in our matter!! Stay in ur limits.

Aryans pulls the girl.
Aryan: anamika!! Get up..

But the girl is about to fall down, arman supports her. Aryan pushes him away from anamika.

Aryan: how dare u touch my wife!! Just mind ur own business!!(loudly)

Tanaya: any problem Mr. Singh??
Aryan: yes ur bartender is misbehaving with my wife..
Tanaya: but..

Arman signs her not to speak much!!

Aryan: see u tomorrow for the meeting.
Tanaya nods a yes..

On next day, Aryan is insulting his staff, to b perfect for ms. Tanaya. As she is about to give them a big contract. He is checking every arrangement himself. He finds arman in his office.

Aryan: what is this beggar doing over here?? Didn’t any one tell u that today is a big day for me!! And their will b no interview today..

Suddenly a men comes from behind.. Calling arman, sir.. Aryan is taken aback.

The man: Mr. Singh, he is our boss, Mr. Arman,cCEO of our company.. And sir he is

Arman: (cuts his sentence) Mr. Singh.. Who thinks himself as a perfectionist.. The meeting is over let’s leave..

Aryan: Mr. Arman. Pls wait.. Forgive my rudeness. Pls see our presentation at least.. U won’t b disappointed..

Arman: their is no need for it..
Aryan: pls sir!!

Arman: I give this contract to u!!
Aryan: pls sir!! Look at my presentation..
Arman: Mr. Singh!! Pls listen!! I give this contract to u..
Aryan gets happy..
Arman: may b this incident will make u realize that u can’t judge a book by its cover..
Aryan thanks arman and also keeps on asking for his forgiveness.

The blinds of aryan’s office close.

Inside his office was anamika… She smiles curtly

Anamika to herself: yes arman!! U can’t judge a book by its cover!!!

She laughs madly!! Aryan comes to his cabin and takes a glass of scotch that is in anamika’s hand..
Aryan: cheers to u my love!!

She smiles back..

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