Dewana dil Season 2 Part 1

It has been 70 yrs since that time. Time has flown away like wind. The gill mansion is shown locked up. A couple of cars comes to its gate. The mansion that had witnessed a long struggle of sanjana and samrat gill. Today is an abandoned site.

From the cars, a girl in her early twenties gets down. She has beautiful brown hair. And is dressed in white suite. Grace and elegance flows in her walk. She puts her sunglass down on the car, she has beautiful dark eyes, with a smile that could kill thousands, she smirks(notsmile) to some one sitting in the car. From the oother door, comes a man out, he is also of same age, not too fair, but can’t b called as well. He is wearing sunglasses too, he is wearing suit as well. The sunlight has lit his face brilliantly, his face though lack any expression, but his face looks absolutely perfect, as if it doesn’t need any expression for showing that he is handsome. He goes to the girl.

The guy: shall we??
Girl: I m nervous, but yes..

Saying this she opens the doors of gill mansion. For a moment the time has stopped for them. They look at the house and its condition. The house was abandoned around 60 yrs ago by gill’s when people started to doubt about samrat.(as he didn’t age) . but still the house is in same condition. She goes to the fire place, and pulls a clothe down. It has Sam and sanju’s portrait with arman and tamana of around 4 yrs of age. The girl touches her snowflake necklace, that she is wearing while looking at the portrait.

Girl: it looks so perfect!!
Guy coming besides her.
Guy: yes it is, indeed.
They both hug each other. Tamana in the portrait has same necklace as the girl. Sound of another car approaching comes.

Guy: they r here, I will help them unpack.
Girl nods a yes.
From the car Tanaya and varun comes out. The guy runs and hugs them.

Tanaya: hey!! Pumpkin!! So good to see u!!
Guy: thanks!! Tantan!!
Varun: come here buddy!!
The guy hugs varun and then helps them carry their luggage inside the house.

Varun: arman!!! Careful with the luggage!!
The guy is arman, samrat and sanjana’s son.
Arman: wat is so delicate in this??

Varun: nothing just a gift for princess..
Arman: no gift for me??
Varun: ain’t we gift to u!!
Arman: yes u r!!

As they come inside the house, tamana runs and hugs tanaya and varun.

Tamana : glad that u both came!! I was missing u both badly!! Again we have to start from beginning, I was anxious. I have lived my childhood here. I was worried if they come to know about us then.

Tanaya: honey!! Don’t worry so much!! U are tamana oberoi, just play ur part, it won’t b that difficult now!! U have done it many times.

Varun: yes we r doing this since 70 yrs..

Tanaya: so I repeat it to u again. I m Tanaya oberoi, ur aunt, and varun is my fiance. Ur r tamana and arman oberoi, who shifted with us, after ur parents died in a car crash. All fake paper trails r made. U can join or schools within a week.

Arman: school again!! That’s disgusting. Lets start with college.

Tanaya: no pumpkin, then we would have to shift very fast from here as well. Do u want that??

Arman nods a no.
Tamana: so tantan let’s go for shopping.

Tanaya: no dear, I have a party to plan. As we have gain our status in this city back. U go with arman and bring something good for me too.

Arman: yes !! Let’s go..

Arman and tamana leaves, while tanaya starts to unpack, and varun helps her.

Varun: I miss our time in this mansion!!
Tanaya: yes me too!! I miss Sam and sanju as well.
Varun: yes it doesn’t seem the same place without them.. Without sanju’s giggle in corridor, or sam’s smirks and jokes. It doesn’t seem our house.

Tanaya gets emotional as well.

Tanaya: I had asked them not to take such a decision. But they were so adamant. I look at those poor kids, they don’t even show their grief to us. Whole empire’s is on them now.

Varun: hey!! We are with them!! Right!! We will make it alright.

Tanaya: at least sanjana should have listened to me…

Varun: look soon we would find a way to bring them back with us.

Tanaya nods yes, and pulls a clothe on another painting of samrat and sanjana

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  1. So Happy… u r back with 2nd season. Nice episode dear. So Arman n tamanna also have same powers as their parents. But what happened to Sam n sanju,where r they?

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