Dewana dil Part 92 Finale

With this part I conclude my story. Thanks for those who read it. And I m really grateful for their support. But due to my recent circumstances I won’t b able to write it any further.

Sam comes home to gill mansion, he is all healthy and hearty, as Ross said it was for his better state. Sam’s urge for blood had gone and does for every vampire, all the vampires are flawless, with no weakness. Just like it was meant to b. Sam is searching for zoya, but she is not in the house. To his surprise, he finds a letter stating that she has fled. He rushes to the the airport to find about her whereabouts.

Varun is driving the car, they both reach airport, but their is no info about zoya boarding any plane. Sam is frustrated, as he might loose his true love to faith once again. He leaves from the airport, angry and frustrated, leaving varun back at the airport.

He is driving back, when he passes by the cliff, from where sanju had jumped. From where thestory began, he decides to sit their and rremember their time together for a while. He stops his car and walks to the cliff. To his surprise zoya is sitting by the cliff. Zoya didn’t remember any thing about the cliff, still she was their. As if the place was close to her heart, all emotional.

Sam: u here??
Zoya: u here?? (Pause for a minute, finding it difficult to say a thing)I couldn’t move forward from this place. Don’t know why it attracted me to itself, but I felt its my place..

Sam:(touching the nearby pine tree) it meant a lot to us. The very beginning of every thing, of us. This was the place.

Zoya and Sam look each other in eyes, and trying to find answers in each others eyes. But the only thing they both find is sorrow. The sorrow that had bonded them together. Zoya walks towards Sam.

Zoya: I thinks its really impossible to leave u. My each and every feelings are attached to u, then how can I stay away from the my heart?? Its like I live because ur heart beats.. (She keeps her hand on his heart)

Sam takes her in his embrace.

Sam: for now if u come in my life, I Want a promise,

Zoya confused and looks at him..

Sam: if u want to return back in my life, u can never leave from it.

With tears in her eyes zoya nods a yes. And hugs sam, with the sunset in the back ground.

Sam and zoya lived forever together, as master and his princess, to rule over the vampires, with Ross by their side to guide and advice them. Soon, Tanaya to came along. She married to varun and had her own happily everafter. ZZubi married to Ross. After millenniums Ross finally had some one to share his life with. Kahn still works for his werewolf pack. Now they don’t have painful transition, intact they can turn on their wish, with out any pain. All the curse on werewolf lifted. The curse on valley of queens lifted as well, with people having their salvation finally.

But wat about others, Pooja and vikram are in streets trying to find some work, being out casted by their family, they could hardly make their day. Sutton got married, to Dr. Robbins son. He is a doctor too.

And wat about our little prince and princess,
Arman and tamana ..
Well people that’s a different story, which would take some time to telll. But they too finally got their happy ending soon.

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  1. hii I read each episode but never comment firstly sorry for this. but this last is over awsm you r superb.. thank you for this beautiful story. but I will miss sanjana and samrat. they are so cute. will you start it’s second part?? it’ll be awsm..

    1. Arman and tamana will b new leads. And and focus will b on siblings trying to find their love. Yes I would come back soon. Thanks dear

  2. Superb dr. . . I lov ur story. . .sad to hear dat its ending. . .bt do cum bak with a new stry. . . 🙂

    1. Sure liya thanks for the support

  3. Superb episode dear. Will miss sam n sanju’s story. I thought it’ll reach 100th episode but it’s ok. Superb ending dear. Plz come back with new ff. Will miss u too. Luv u…tc….

    1. Yes.. Soon dewana dil, season 2 with arman as its lead.

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