Dewana dil Part 91

Ross comes to the gill mansion. Zoya looks at him as a stranger.. Ross is expecting a warm welcome from sanju. But

Ross: hey why r u looking at me like I m some stranger??
Zoya looks behind her as if Ross is talking to some one else.
Ross: yes I m talking to u only!!
zoya: yes wat do u need??
Ross: sanju!! Its me Ross
Zoya: ohh so u r Ross pls come fast. Sam is not at all good. We were expecting u.
Ross: are u fine?? U r looking at me like this??

zoya looks puzzled as to how to explain Ross that she doesn’t remember him!!but she welcomes him to come to sam’s room.

Sam is laying life less on his bed. Ross looks at him, Tanaya also comes their. She explains all the previous events that Ross was unaware off..

Ross: may b the poisoning has taken a toll on his health.

Tanaya: will he b alright??
Ross: yes he will!! He is a hybrid he is not bound to any one of kind. But his body looks like it is changing .. Soon the time will reveal itself. But I m staying here back. Till he doesn’timprove..

Tanaya: thanks rRoss.

Since sam has slept, zoya’s life in the house has been very difficult. Tanaya has been tryingto insert many wrong ththoughts in zoya’s mind. During day time, she harass her physically and during night time, mentally, by scary dreams.

Zoya has started to think that if she stays with Sam then Sam might b in danger. Zoya has decided to leave Sam and giving kids to him and leave for everyone’s good, once Sam becomes fine.

Ross: sanju I need to talk to u!!

Ross takes her aside.
Zoya: will he b alright!!
Ross: of course!! But I wanted to ask u, are u alright??
Zoya: yes I m fine, its Sam how is ill!

Ross: ur face tell me!! That u r not alright!!

Zoya: I m just worried about Sam!! He is suffering a lot!!

Ross: hey!! Sam has been suffering for ages, but now he will b fine forever. We all have beensusuffering because we didn’t come to ur rescue, and since then we all have been suffering. But we all are changing. Sam is too.. With in a few days he will b alright.

A few days later, Sam is all fine. He is going with Tanaya for some work, when he comes back. He finds the babies sleeping and zubi is also sleeping. With no sign of zoya.

He searches her everywhere but couldn’t find her anywhere. Tanaya is happy as her plan worked. Varun looks at her, and comes to know that she is behind all this!!

Varun: who could u do this to Sam?? He is ur brother after all??

Sam: wat do u mean??

Tanaya looks shocked at varun as he might say everything to Sam, and Sam might bring zoya back in his life.

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