Dewana dil Part 90

Zoya is sitting alone in the balcony, thinking about how to save Sam. Sam comes their, he looks very sick. He comes close to her and collapses down. she runs to him, to support him, but he pushes her aside.

Sam: u r responsible for this!!

She gets shocked and wakes up. Its Sam who has awoken her.

Sam: hey u slept for so long!!
Zoya looks very scared..
Sam: what happened to u!! Why r u looking at me like this?? As if u have seen a ghost!!

Zoya hugs Sam and cries hard.

Sam: hey wats the matter?? Why r so upset?? Just tell me.. What is it that is making u so restless??

Zoya:( while crying) I had a dream. U blamed..

She doesn’t continue her sentence..
Sam: I blamed.. Wat??
Zoya: nothing!!
Sam: did u watch me die??
Zoya: no.. (She hastily corrects him)
Sam: then I would definitely survive. If u had a dream where I would have died. Then that wat become reality. Net too had a vision like that. But the vision can only b partly true.

Zoya: so can my vision or dream, wat ever it was become true??

Sam: it can only b partly true!!
Zoya a bit tensed gets lost in thoughts..
Sam: that doesn’t mean that u should stop living today thinking wat is gonna happen tomorrow!!!
He taps zoya.
Zoya nods a yes and hugs him.
Tanaya laughs in her room.

Tanaya: now that I had given this doubtful seed in the zoya’s mind. Soon it will grow into tree and she herself would leave Sam..

Tanaya could insert dreams in someone’s mind, and she did it to zoya. So that she starts to doubt herself as a reason for Sam’s doom. Then it would lead to her leaving Sam, for sam’s good.

Zoya is playing with the babies, she again has a dream, where Sam is dying in front of her, blaming her for it.. And telling her that if she would have left him alone, then he might have survived this fate.

At the door, Tanaya is seen manipulating her dreams from far. Tanaya gets happy, looking at zoya very much worried about her dream.

Zoya to herself: I might lead to sam’s death, after all it was me because of whom he got shot, if she stays away from him might b he might survive this all.

Sam comes to talk to her. But zoya doesn’t respond to him well.

Sam: wats the matter with u?? Why r u behaving like this?? Why r u again doing this to me??

Zoya: I don’t want to talk right now!! I don’t wamt my life controlled by some man.. I need my space

Sam: hey!! When did I made u feel, that I was trying to control?? I respect u!! And

Zoya cuts his sentence.
Zoya: but u did go to extreme lengths to have me back. U just manipulated me, by having that attack on itself, so that u could controll my thinking!!

Sam: from where is all this coming in ur mind!! I love u and all I did was to make u realize that u do too..

Sam angrily leaves from the room. Zoya keeps crying as he leaves, and keeps on handling the babies, while crying.

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