Dewana dil Part 9


Sam and sanju are silent. Sam’s anger can b seen in his driving. Sanju sees Sam has scratches on forearm. She tries to find first aid. Sam ask wat she needs. She says first aid.

Sam thinks that she needs it for herself and tells her it beneath her seat. She tries to clean Sam wounds. Sam aggressively tries to say no. But looses control of car. Sam aggressively : don’t show off that u care. U saw me getting beaten up by those men.

Sanju: OK I did wrong so wat! I don’t know wat ur problem is for a second u are caring and next second u start or taunting. Now just shut up and let me do my work.

Sam tries to stop her. But touches on her arm which she had wounded. He says sorry. She bandages her. And then does that for herself.

At margeretville
They are given rooms by nurse. They tell that tomorrow will b their round. And inquiries about their injuries.

Nurse serves food to sanju. She thinks whether Dr. Samrat has eaten or not. And decides to check on him. She goes tip-e-toe to lobby and finds his room’s door open.

He is painting something with much passion. Sanju is impressed and thinks so Mr. Saddu knows something other than getting angry. And decides to see wat is he painting.

To her surprise its her canvas.

She decides not to enter and goes done and ask nurse to send food for samrat sir. And then follows nurse to samrat’s room. When they enter their is no paint no canvas and Sam is coming out of washroom.

He says thanks to nurse but says he is not hungry. But with stubborn sanju being their even Sam knew that he would have to finish his dinner. Sanju makes Sam eat like he is a baby. Sam laughs at the way sanju is taking care of him.

Next day as well sanju keeps on taking care of sam. And it is apparent from his behaviour that he likes it. And they have lunch together. Finally its night. As the day had gone well with no taunting of Sam, sanju decides to ask him about the canvas.

Sam: u were peeking into my room?( suddenly from jolly to angry mode)
Sanju: nothing like that I just came to invite u to dinner and saw that.
Sam: u want know what I was making! Wait!!

He comes with canvas it has sanju’s face but now he has spoiled it with red paint. But the face can b see.

Sam: I hate this face with the bottom of my heart. And whenever I see u I feel that for u.
She was my wife she betrayed me for other men. Left me sleeping so she could have more power, money and luxury. And for that I hate her. I hate her for making my life a living hell.

Saying this Sam breaks down on his knee in tears. Sanju pities at Sam and comes near to him and says its OK.
She tries to console him and he hugs her. After crying his heart out Sam sleeps in sanju’s lap. But not for long he has a nightmare and wakesup. Sanju ask wat was it?.
But he leaves from their in shock without answering.

When sanju returns to her bed she finds Sam’s letter telling her that this was the reason that he can’t stand with her. Her face gives him worst sort of pain.

A tear from sanju’s eye fall on the letter.

Its morning. Sam comes to bid good morning to nurse she says that madam left early. Sam curses himself for doing that to sanju. Who is not actually at fault.

He decides to catch her up. He drives hastily And finds a bus broken Down on road. On inquiry he finds out that sAnju was in the bus. He drives to find her walking on the road. He stops car in front of her.

And says I apologize to u for my mistake. I shouldn’t have said those things. And neither should have given that letter. I m so sorry.

Sanju with tears say I know how it feels like to b cheated. And want show my face to u ever again.

Suddenly someone attacks them. And take them in car.

Sanju finds herself awakened in a huge room on a comfy bed. She suddenly remembers sam. A guy around 6.2 ft tall brown complexion comes he is in his 30s with him is another man he is also muscular and fit in his late 40s. The men are Roos and Kahn respectively.

Sanju hears sam’s screams

People are torturing Sam. In order to escape Sanju put herself at risk so that they could escape from this danger

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  1. Sam sanju u both r awesome dr… such an intresting story

  2. nyc epi…
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  3. Awesome episode, wowwww loved it very much. ..keep it up buddyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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