Dewana dil Part 89

Sam wakes up in the morning. Zoya wipes her tears off, so that Sam couldn’t see that she was crying.

Sam: u didn’t sleep??
Zoya: no.. I woke up early.. How r u feeling now??
Sam nods, indicating that he is fine. He tries to get, but zoya stops him asking him to rest.

Sam: I m fine..
Zoya: (almost about to cry) pls for god sake just rest..
Sam: hey(he cups her face) don’t worry, I have survived many times, nothing will happen to me..
Sam: look I m resting OK.. Now is it OK??

He lays down in the bed. Zoya holds his hand and sits besides him.

Zoya: its good now.. (She laughs while crying simultaneously) wait I will bring breakfast for u!!

Sam laughs.
Zoya: why r u laughing??
Sam: nothing!!
Zoya: wat??
Sam: u will cook??
Zoya: yes .. I can ..
Sam: OK..

After a few minutes zoya comes back with juice and breakfast. Sam eats it, he pause for a second but then continues to eat.

Zoya: how is it??
Sam: its very good..
Zoya: let me taste it!!
Sam: no don’t.
Zoya takes a bit and spits it.

Zoya: Sam how r u eating this?? It is so salty..
Sam laughs.. Zoya throws spoon from his hand.
Sam: its okay..
Zoya: was I a horrible cook? Always??
Sam: (pulling her close in his both arms) not always. Just that when ever u used to cook small disaster would happen..
Zoya: I was bad wife!!I couldn’t cook for my husband!!
Sam: no the quality of food was not important. Ur love to cook for me matter. And I could eat it all.

Zoya laughs. They both smile at each other.
Sam goes to the kitchen.
Zoya: I asked u to rest.
Sam: its OK..
He takes spoon and makes zoya taste something that he was cooking.
Zoya: its yummm… U cook amazingly well.
Sam: chef samrat at or service…. (He bows down)

Suddenly sam hold his head, zoya supports him immediately.

Zoya: Sam r u alright?? I told u not to work!! Why don’t u listen!!
Sam runs to the washroom, zoya follows him. To her surprise Sam has vomited a lot of blood. Sam is about to faint down but zoya holds him.

Tanaya comes to their room and find Sam’s condition unstable.
Tanaya: sam, I will arrange blood for u!! Don’t worry..
She brings a blood bag for Sam. Sam drinks it but again vomits everything out.
Zoya: wat is happening to him??
Tanaya: I should ask u, wat u did to him??
Sam: Tanaya!!(aggressively)
He raises his hand on Tanaya. But zoya stops him.
Tanaya: how could u take her side and try to hit me?? I was always besides u!! Forever. And u pick her against me!! Sam!!

Sam: I m not picking anyone.. Its u who r doing this!! Its in ur mind..

Tanaya: for an outsider u r screaming on me!!
Sam: outsider!! She is my wife!! My children’s mother. She is not an outsider.

Tanaya: she doesn’t accept herself as ur wife, still u want to b with her. Still u r giving her all the rights of a wife!! Those rights that she doesn’t deserve at all..

Sam: Tanaya enough.. Its sanju for whom u saying all this!!

Tanaya: yes!! I know but u dont.. That the sanju u knew is dead,, and this(looking badly at zoya) is some one whom we don’t even know.

She leaves from their. While Sam breaks down as he is unable to make his own sister understand.

Zoya: Sam look at me!! I here!! Then why r u worrying!! We would bring Tanaya back.. She loves u very much.. Nothing else. And she would understand that or happiness lies with me.. And she would do something that would make u away from her. So trust ur relation with her.. She is just afraid that u might get hurt again. Because of me!! Like always!! But don’t worry about her..

Sam nods yes!! She helps him get up and make him lay down in his bed and sits besideshim. Zubi comes their with babies. Zoya takes tamana, Sam ask Zubi to give arman to him. But Zubi is reluctant looking at Sam’s health.

Zoya: its OK.. Give him.. His son..

Zubi gives arman to Sam. Sam plays with arman and tamana, looking at Sam happy, zoya also smiles. She signs zubi, to look at Sam, he is happy like nothing is happening at present. No health worries, no worries of Tanaya and his quarrel..

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  1. It was very nice …. when will ralph come yaar .. sams health is deterioting day by day …
    Its ralph or someone else …
    Luv u n TC ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Ross. Nef’s brother, who is aware about all this

  2. Nice episode dear.

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