Dewana dil Part 88

Everyone is sitting on the dinner table, Sam and zoya r sitting across the table. Beside Sam on one side Tanaya is sitting, on the other side varun is on the other side. Zubi is sitting besides varun. No one is making any eye contact to each other. Sam and zoya wants to avoid the awkwardness and hence are not talking in front of everyone. But varun and zubiccan’t stop laughing. They r constantly giggling irritating Tanaya.

Tanaya: why r u both giggling so much?? Is their any jokes over here. Pls share it with Us as well.

Tanaya angrily remarks them.

Sam: guys just stop laughing and eat ur food.
Zoya is embarrassed, she gets up from the table.

Zoya: I m not hungry, I m going to my room.

She leaves from the table, without making any eye contact with everyone. In the room, zoya is angry and confused. Sam comes their with food. Sam looks at the room, its a mess. He looks at zoya who is hurriedly running everywhere in the room, trying to make the room up. Sam picks up the clothes and starts helping her, without saying a word. Looking at Sam helping her, without asking her anything, zoya breaks down and sits on the bed.

Zoya: I m so confused. I love some one, but I m so so so much afraid and …

Sam puts finger on her lips.

Sam: u don’t need to explain me. U r new to us. But u will feel comfortable with everyone and their comments and giggles soon(he smirks)

Zoya: u make it sound so easy. How can u have so much patience?? I don’t recall u.. but still u are holding on to me.. And I m breaking up at every point. How could I b able to give any happiness to u!!

Sam hugs her.

Sam: hey!! Just don’t stress out. Take ur time. And have some food.

He makes her eat with his hand. After finishingthe food sSam gets up to leave, but zoya holds his hand and ask him stay back with her. Sam and zoya sits on bed, with Sam showing their marriage album and saying stories of each photos. Sam is talking to her when he sees that zoya has already slept. He covers her with a comforter . but when he is about to go, zoya grabs his hand in sleep. Samffeels a bit uncomfortable and tries to make her grip loose. But her grip is too tight and she would wake up. So he sleeps besides her.
At the middle of night, zoya hears Sam gasping, she gets up, to find Sam gasping in sleep. She tries to wake him up, but he doesn’t wake up.

Zoya: wat is happening to him?? (Shouts) Tanaya!! Varun!! Some body help!!

She starts to rub his hand and lifts him so that he could breath.she tries to wake him up.. But not of use.

Varun and Tanaya comes running to her room.
Tanaya: wat did u do to him?? Why was he in ur room??
Varun: stop it..

Varun rushes to Sam and tries to resuscitate him. After a few minutes Sam stabilizes.

Tanaya: tell me wat did u do to him??
Zoya is almost about to cry. Varun is trying to stop Tanaya but she is totally out of control and about to hit zoya. But Sam unconsciously calls for zoya.. Zoya runs to him

Zoya: yes Sam I m here.
Sam unconsciously calls out for her again and again. She lifts her head in her lap and pampers him. Looking at this Tanaya gets irritated. She feels that she won’t b able to keep zoya away from Sam. Sam is very much fixated on zoya and won’t leave her.

Zoya: varun when will Ross reach here?? Sam is deteriorating day by day. He needs to reach here asap.

Varun: I have been trying to reach him since u delivered, but I can’t get to him. But have left msgs for.

Zoya is worried for Sam. Ralph and varun leave to find any source to find Ross’s whereabouts. Tanaya stays back.
Varun: we need to find Ross, come on Tanaya.. Zoya is here with Sam.

Tanaya: my brother needs me here. I have to protect my brother from all evil.

She eyes to zoya. Varun is about to scold Tanaya, but zoya signs him to leave. She would handle Tanaya and Sam as well.

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  1. Nice episode dear but what’s happening to Sam.

  2. NICE update dear …..
    Sam will not die right … ??
    Y is tanaya behaving lyk a jerk

  3. With Ross coming back soon, the mysterywwill disclose

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