Dewana dil Part 87

Zoya is worried and lost. She is boiling milk for the babies. The milk overflows when Sam comes and switches the gas off.

Sam: werent u paying any attention??
Zoya: ahh.. Mmmm… Sorry Sam..
Sam: wat’s troubling u?? Tell me may b I can help u!!
Zoya: nothing.

She looks at the floor in order to avoid eye contact with Sam. Sam lifting up her face.

Sam: u r worried for me!! Right!!

Zoya hugs Sam and starts to cry. Sam is totally surprised at her reaction. He is confused but then gains the situation and hugs zoya back.

Sam: I m fine.. Nothing can happen to me. Till u r with me!! Just stop crying like this. Wat will our kids think that their father is making their mother cry. U would spoil my image in front of our kids.

Trying to lighten up the mood.

Sam: nothing will happen to me.. Dear!!
Zoya stops crying. Sam wipes her tears off from her face, holding her waist with the other hand. Sam swiftly plants a kiss on zoya’s cheeks.

Sam: sorry!! It was just a causal kiss. Don’t take it wrong. Pls..

Zoya: no sorry required!! I might not rememberu.. But still i want to do this.

Saying so she kisses him on lips. But Sam breaks the kiss off.

Sam: zoya for me u r my sanju!! But for u I m just father of ur kids and u don’t have to b in relationship with me for that sake. If I would have relationship then it would b with my sanju and no one else. Not even zoya.

Sam tries to leave from the kitchen. But zoya holds his hand and stops him.

Zoya: but wat if zoya loves Sam.. Would u still want zoya to remember u?? Or u will accept her??

Sam looks at her for a minute. The time seemsto have stopped bbetween them. A pin drop silence, with both of them looking into each others eyes. Zoya’s eyes filled with eagerness for sam’s reply. Sorrow fills in her eyes as Sam doesn’t reply for a minute. Thinking that Sam might only love sanju and not zoya. Sorrow from her eyes also fills Sam’s eyes.

Sam: ur memories were the only thing that kept me alive after u left me. Memories, no memories I don’t care. My memories r enough to remind us the good time that we spent together. For u had decorated my each moment, that made my memories very special. Our first dance, our first kiss, our first fight, our first patch up, our marriage, the day when I came to know that I m gonna b a father, the moment we had seen the babies, the moment u felt ur first kick. I can’t forget even a single second that I spent with u. Even if u don’t remember its completely OK!! I will make new memories with u.

Saying this Sam hugs zoya. And she too hugs him back.

Zubi:(enters the kitchen) wat is taking u so long to boil milk??

Sam and zoya awkwardly walks away without looking at zubi in the eyes. Zoya makes and excuse to go to the washroom and leaves. Sam too tries to leave.

Sam: I have to leave, Ralph is calling me!!

Zubi holds his hand and pushes him. Back.

Zubi: Ralph is not at home!! U both were hugging!! Wow!! That’s amazing!! Did u both patch up??

Sam:(stealing eyes from her) sort of..

Zubi: sort of!! Look at u!! U r blushing!!
Sam: zubi!! Kids must b needing u!! Let’s go..
Zubi: zoya will handle them!! U just tell me wat did she said?? Did u kiss her??

Sam: yes!!
Zubi: wow!!
Sam: actually no!! I stopped the kiss. She wanted to kiss me..
Zubi: wat?? Why would u do that?? Sam!!
Zubi: now u should kiss her. U made her look despo.. Now go..

Zubi pushes Sam to go behind zoya. Sam is blushing and shying like a new bride.

Zubi: she is ur wife. Just go.. For wat r u shying so much??

Sam: would she still want to kiss me??

Zubi: aaaahhhhggg Sam just go.. She definitely wants it. Badly..

Sam goes from their. Tanaya is shown listenimg to sam and zubi’s talk.

Tanaya to herself: I have accepted my niece and nephew, but I can’t let her b in our life. For she has been destined to b the reason for our misery. And now I won’t let any miseries reach Sam. So I have to remove this throne from his life forever.

Sam comes to the nursery, zoya puts tamana down into the cot.

Sam:(whispering) so did they sleep?? (Awkwardly)
Zoya:(too whispering) yes..
Sam comes to her.
Zoya: they look so peaceful while sleeping. I don’t remember my life before, wat used to give me peace!! Before!!

She gets lost in for a moment. Sam turns her and kisses her.

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