Dewana dil Part 86

Sam is trying work on laptop, across the table are some files. He has difficulty in working by one hand. He looks around but no one is around.

Zoya has gone to market, as Sam insisted her to go, so that he could work for a while. (Zoya is not allowing Sam to work). The kids are sleeping on bed. Varun took Tanaya out so that she won’t create a problem between them.

Sam strolls his chair across the table for the files. He looks at the babies who r soundly sleeping. And then resumes his work. He gets up from the chair while working on the files and starts to walk in the room. Sam has cough, but he doesn’t pay any attention to it and keeps doing his work. But the coughing doesn’t stop, so in order to not to disturb the babies, he goes out of the room, in the balconywith his ffiles. He is roaming around in the balcony, he feels a bit weakness and thinks to sit on the chair in the balcony. The coughing has worsened. Sam notices by then, that he is coughing blood. The files drops from his hand looking at the blood. He tries to come inside the room, for water, but he almost faints. Due to his coughing, arman wakes up. Sam is still having the attack of breathlessness. He is trying to reach for his phone to inform someone.

Sam tries to get up to reach for phone, but then looks at arman who is almost at the edge of the bed, arman is about to roll again. But Sam rushes to him and takes him up. Meanwhile, Sam faints down.

Tanaya and varun comes home. They find everyone gathered in Sam’s room. Tanaya hurriedly goes inside. Zoya is sitting beside Sam, who is sleeping.

Tanaya: wat happened to Sam??
Zoya: he fainted.
Tanaya: how could this happen??

Tanaya goes to the other side of Sam and sits besides him.

Tanaya: he was alright when I left. What happened??

Zoya: I don’t know (almost about to cry) when is came back, I would him unconscious by the side of bed and holding arman. Arman was crying so I rushed to upstairs. But..

Tanaya: how could u leave him alone with the babies?? U know he is not well!! Then how could u b so careless..

Varun: stop it tanu!!
Zoya: I know I shouldn’t have gone.
Sam: sanju… (He murmurs in sleep)
Zoya: yes I m here Sam!!

Tanaya stops her allegations hearing Sam murmuring. While varun is happy at zoya accepting herself as samrat’s Sanjana.

Tanaya: Sam r u alright?? Wat happened??
Sam is still delirious.

Sam: thank god sanju u came back. I was not feeling well.( he tries to cup her face but his is not able to raise his hand above a certain level, so zoya brings her face close to his hand, he cups her face) stay with me, dear!! I m fearful!! Right now!! (Saying this he again looses his consciousness)

Zoya: yes I will stay here only. Don’t worry about it.

Varun: wat has happened to Sam??
Tanaya: nothing like this ever happened to him before.

Zoya: some one must b knowing about his conditions!! We should ask some one.

Varun: yes!! I think we should talk to Ross for this matter, he must b knowing something about this!!

Tanaya: it all happened because of her.. If she would have accepted Sam before, he wouldn’t have attempted this attack on himself. And maybe its because of this injury only..

Zoya gets sad on being accused for sam’s condition.

Varun: stop it Tanaya. The thing to matter is wat has happened to Sam!! And why is he not healing like before??

Tanaya: OK call Ross and ask him to come here as soon as possible.
Tanaya leaves from their. Tanaya hasn’t looked at zoya or babies since they returned to the gill mansion. Varun remembers the time when Tanaya was eagerly waiting for the babies to come in to the world. And now she doesn’t even look at them. Tanaya is working In the living room, varun comes their with arman.

Varun: let’s go arman and his uncle varun will play together today.. He sits besides Tanaya and is playing with arman. Tanaya doesn’t even looks at arman and goes away and sits in the chair. Varun thinks what to do now??

Varun: arman u stay here. I will bring ur favourite toy for u!! Will u play with it??

Varun: Tanaya just take care of the baby I m coming in a minute.

Arman has recently learned to roll, and so when left alone on bed he always rolls on. Varun is looking at arman from distant, arman starts to roll, and with a single roll, he is about to fall down from the sofa. But Tanaya takes him in her arms.

Tanaya: varun!! Varun!!

Varun: yes tanu!!
Tanaya: how could u b so careless!! If arman would have fallen down then!!

She is pampering arman.

Tanaya curts at varun and leaves from their with arman.

Varun: u can’t stop loving ur family!! (He smiles)

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