Dewana dil Part 85

Sam is trying to have water, but due to weakness he is not able to hold the glass, the glass is about to fall from his hand but zoya holds it and supports Sam as well. She makes him lay down and gives him water.

Zoya: I thought u would fight and not give up like this!!

Sam: I would never give up on u.. I knew u would come back.
Zoya: it would have killed u Sam!!
Sam: I just gambled .. And look I won..
Zoya: u r mad!! For a second!!
(She pause for a minute)

Sam: for a second wat??
Zoya: nothing!!
Sam: for a second u thought that I would die??
Zoya puts her finger on Sam’s lips.. Asking him stop talking such things. They both have an eye lock.

Varun cokes inside the room. Zoya gets uncomfortable. She tries to move away from Sam.

Varun: I m sorry I didn’t knock!! Sorry Sam!! To steal ur moment!! (His smirks at Sam)
Sam eyes him not to make zoya uncomfortable.
Doctor also comes into the room with Tanaya.
Doctor: now u can leave for ur home!! So r u fine??

Sam: yes!! Much better!!
He looks at zoya.

They all arrive back at the gill mansion. Zoya is with Sam, she is sitting on front seat, while tanaya and Sam are at the back seat. Varun is driving the car. Tanaya is not letting zoya close to Sam, neither letting them to talk.

The car stops at porch, Sam opens the door, but before he steps his foot down, zoya supports him. And help him get out of the car. Tanaya also comes to support him, but Sam’s arm is around zoya’s shoulder, and his other arm is in sling. So she has to walk behind them inside the house.

Zoya makes Sam lay down in his bed and gives him water. He hears arman crying..

Sam: go he is crying!! He is new to everyone here.
Zoya: no zubi is with him!! I would b here with u!!
Sam: just b with him!! I m fine!! Or even better, bring both of them up here. I will feel good.
Zoya nods a yes. Tanaya is angry at sam, for forgiving zoya so easily. Zoya and zubi comes with Tamana and arman. Zubi is carrying tamana, tamana is very playful, while zoya is trying to pacify arman.

Sam: give him to me
Zoya: Sam u won’t b able to hold him!!
Sam: he is just a small baby, and my other arm is perfectly fine. Just give him to me.
Zoya gives arman to Sam willingly( she was not ready to share the kids to Sam till now). Within a few minutes arman stops crying. Samaand zoya r playing with the babies. Tanaya watches this angrily.

Varun pulling her out of the room.
Varun: why r u behaving like this?? Sam and sanju r finally together,,
Tanaya: its not Sam and sanju, it is Sam and zoya. And for wat she did I can’t forgive her this easily. She took our happiness and kept it to herself. She didn’t let us b a part of arman and tamana’s life, now I won’t let ..

Varun: u won’t wat??
Tanaya: stop it.. I don’t want to talk to u..

Tanaya leaves from their.
Varun to himself: I hope Tanaya doesn’t ruin sam’s happiness in her overprotectiveness.

In the lawn outside the house, zoya is sitting. Both the kids r playing in the lawn, zubi is also with her. Sam comes out of the house to them.

Zoya: Sam, wat r u doing over here?? U should b resting right now!!
Sam: I was getting bored in that room, and the kids were playing here, so I wanted to come over here.
Zoya nods and smiles at Sam. He takes tamana in his arms from zubi. Zubi leaves from their.
Sam: hi princess!! How r u?? Did u miss daddy??

Zoya: all love for princess only??
Sam: (smiles at zoya) nothing like that, its just that she responds to me more than arman.
Zoya: its nothing like that, arman also likes u. Didn’t u remember how he stopped crying with ur song!!

Sam:(smirks) they both used to love me talking. And I knew that before that!!
Zoya: how did u knew that??
Sam: when u were pregnant, and the babies used to kick u and u were very uncomfortable Iwould sing to u!! And u would b ffine in minutes!!

Sam gets lost in his past memories..zoya looks at the content on his face. She smiles, as Sam plays with both kids.

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  1. Awwe so cute happy family..
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  2. Superb update dear.

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