Dewana dil Part 84

Zoya comes into sam’s room and sits besides him. She has tears in her eyes and many questions in her mind. She carcass Sam’s face.

Zoya: Sam I know u could hear me.. And if u could hear me, I want to say that I like that Sam that fights for his happiness and not someone who escapes from his pain. Look I might not remember our time together!! But u do!! And for the sake of that time, if it was worth then, pls make me remember it!! Pls.. I also want to remember how was it to b in madly in love with u!! For the sake of that love and our children pls hear my this request!!

Zoya breaks into tears saying so. Varun places his hand on her shoulder.

Varun: Sam loves u very much, and he would hear ur request whatever his conditions may b!! I have hope that he will b fine, when he has u..

Varun and zoya hug each other while she criesfor sSam.

It is morning, doctor comes to check Sam. Sam is fine but still unconscious. Zoya is besides him throughout the night.

Doctor: he is out of danger, but just take care of him.

Tanaya comes into the room.
Tanaya: can we take him home doctor?? I don’t want to keep his life at stake. At our home he would b safe and my fiance is a doctor so if something is wrong he would handle it. And we could call u as well.

Doctor: I would recommend to keep him for a day for observation .

Tanaya: OK. But we want discharge tomorrow.

Tanaya and doctor leaves the cabin, discussing about the discharge. Tanaya doesn’t even looks at zoya. Zoya is disappointed, but then looks at Sam, and gets relief that he will b alright now. Zoya is taking care of sam, covering him with blanket and pampering him. Sam gains consciousness. Everyone is rejoiced at seeing him conscious.

Tanaya: why did u do this??

Sam: wat did I do??
Zoya: u think that I won’t b able to know about the shooter??
Sam is speechless.

Tanaya: Sam u need anyone!! U used to leave before everyone came into ur life.. And u should now too!! Just think wat would have happened to me, if something had happened to u!!

Tanaya’s anger is apparent in her words. She is not able to accept zoya back. Sam understands her anger. He hugs Tanaya.

Sam: I m sorry tantan.

Tanaya is in tears. Sam starts to cough, zoya takes the glass beside the bedside and takes some water to give it to Sam, but before she could give it to him, Tanaya takes the glass from her hand and makes Sam drink water by her own hands. Zoya is taken aback by tanaya’s behaviour.. Varun is also worried that tanaya’s overprotective behaviour might not let Sam and sanju unite.

Varun: Tanaya, I think we should let him rest for a while.

He takes Tanaya out of the room with him, though she is reluctant to go out of the room with him. Sam has difficulty in lying down back, zoya notices this and supports him to lay down.

Since the day sanju was declared dead, this was the first time, that Sam and sanju were so close to each other. Zoya is supporting Sam, while they have an eye lock. Zoya makes him sleep.

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  1. Y is tanaya behaving lyk dis wen she nos sams happiness lies in sanju

  2. Nice episode dear.Now Sam will help her to remember their love.

  3. Yes for sure lakshmi, he would. And zayn, Tanaya didn’t liked sanju before, though she accepted their relationship.

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