Dewana dil Part 83

Tanaya is worried in the waiting room. Varun brings coffee for her.

Tanaya: no I don’t want!!
Varun: u haven’t eaten anything, just have coffee!! Pls..
Tanaya takes the cup of coffee and both stands their. The nurses pushes another nurseout of the ot. Tanaya and varun draw their attention to it. It is zoya. She was disguised as a nurse.

Tanaya: wat r u doing here?? Why r u trying to complicate things more?? U don’t remember us, nor u care for us now.. So I gave a little thing to do. To protect the babies but u risked everything… For wat?? Huh??(she pushes zoya) so that u could hurt my brother again!!

Varun: calm down Tanaya.. Its a hospital. And Sam is serious and u r!! Just leave this. (He turns to zoya) where r the kids??

Zubi comes their with the kids..

Zoya: do u think I would risk exposure of my babies!!especially when their father is under attack. Never!!!

Zoya takes tamana in her arms. Doctor comes their,

Doctor: we have taken the bullet out but he is not improving.. Instead he is deteriorating veryfast. He is uunder observation. But we can’t say anything.

Zoya: varun can u take care of the babies!! I have something to take care!!

Tanaya is angry at zoya leaving their.

Zoya is driving her car, when she remembers how she disguised as nurse just to see Sam. She reaches the spot where Sam was shot. She starts to track down the person who shot Sam. She follows his track to a five star hotel. She sneaks into his room, she hears that person is in bathroom, with a bag full of money on his bed. She hides behind the curtains waiting for the person to come out. The man comes out and keeps the bag of money aside, zoya punches him as he turns .

Zoya: who gave u this order?? Why did u shot Sam??

The guys face starts to bleed.

Guy: it was Samrat gill. He gave me the gun and bullet and asked to shot him. For that he gave me money.. I asked him why is he doing this?? He might die.. But he said he is already dead, when some one looks at him like a stranger.

Zoya is shocked at this revelation. She rushes back to the hospital.

Zoya: Sam himself did this!!
Tanaya: why would he do this to himself??
Zoya: I don’t know!!
Tanaya: how could u b so sure that he did this by himself?? Do u know that last time he got shot, we almost had lost him!! He would do something like this that would meant his death.

Varun comes their,

Varun: Sam is deteriorating according to me, he wouldn’t last for more than this night.
Varun is so serious that his expression sends a chill in zoya’s spine.

Zoya to herself: why would Sam do this to himself?? Sam couldn’t do this, wat m I thinking!! Sam tried to b with me and babies and he really tried very hard for my acceptance… Then!!

Tanaya: may b Sam doesn’t want to live. He lost everything, his love his babies, whom he loved more than any one could love any one. He would have been broken when sanju stayed adamant on not coming back to gill mansion ever and have a relationship with Sam.

Tanaya is talking to varun but zoya hears this. She feels guilty as Sam took such a big step just because of her.

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  1. Hi dear
    Todays update was an emotional one
    I think sam did dis inteionaly so to make zoya realize her luv for him…
    But varun can make zoya understand as they were frndz naa …
    I thnk zoya will realise her luv for sam n again zoya n sam wil be together
    Zoya will change her name back to sanjana or she cont.. as zoya only ??
    I feel sanjana is a much better name den zoya
    And THANKS FOR THE UPDATE i was missing ur update
    U n ur ff have become a part of my lyf
    Wen ever i read ur ff i just dont read i feel i am in the story
    Take care n lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Thanks zayn for such a great compliment

  2. Oh Sam himself did this to him ,he loves her so much that he don’t want live really sad but I hope he’ll be fine. Nice episode dear.

  3. Thanks zayn and lakshmi. Updating the next part

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