Dewana dil Part 82

On the next morning, zoya is ready with her luggage to leave from the gill mansion. Sam and Tanaya comes to the hall, where zoya is standing. Sam is also ready to leave for hospital.

Tanaya: look sanjana pls stay!!!
Zoya: no I can’t take it.. Ur brother keeps on compelling me to like him though I don’t like him.

Sam: (subtly) should I leave u some where??

Tanaya: (surprised) what r u doing?? Why would u leave her?? This is her home and she should stay here.

Sam: yes that’s wat I mean tantan. This is her home. And if she doesn’t want to stay in her home, I won’t keep her against her wish. Whether that means to drop her by my self.

Tanaya : I won’t let her go. I won’t let my niece and nephew from their house. I cant let her leave.

Sam: tantan, just wait. Look tantan, love doesn’t go away no matter how much a person tries to hide it.

Sam looks at zoya. But zoya curts at him.

Sam: she would return now with her wish and even in my life, I want force her now.
Zoya leaves…

Zoya: thank u everyone for ur hospitality.
Sam: OK I would drop u..

Sam is driving zoya to her house, zubi is sitting at the back seat, zoya is on front seat. As Sam is driving, zoya watches him. But Sam doesn’t turn to her even once. Sam is abnormally cool and calm. This calmness of Sam is stirring zoya’s peace. Sam always asked her to b with him. But now he is not even looking at her. She reads his mind. It has firm belief that she would b back to him. Zoya is confused at how could Sam b so sure that she would return to him.

Zoya gets down the car and looks behind at Sam..

Zoya: good bye.
Sam: I can’t say that, (he smirks) because it would b a good bye. Because I don’t want to..

Zoya keeps looking at sam’s car leaving, while he drives away from her house. Zoya is trying to sort her house. But still lost at the thought of Sam and his behaviour. She is putting everything wrong, zubi ask her to relax, looking at her being disturbed.

She switches on the TV. And watches the news, a news flashes that famous business tycoon had an assassination attempt on him. Showing Sam’s photo. It showed that Sam was shot at his way to the hospital, and he was shifted to the hospital. Hearing this news zoya gets shocked and starts to cry. Zubi comes running to zoya asking wat happened. SHe looks at the news and gets shocked.

Zoya tries calling at the gill mansion, but no one picks up. She calls Tanaya. She picks up but she is crying vigorously. Zoya ask her about Sam but she keeps on crying. Varun takes tanaya’s phone.

Varun: zoya Sam is at hospital. He is serious.

Zoya: but how could the bullet hurt him??
Varun: may b some one knew how to hurt him. It was a bone bullet.
Zoya: I m coming to the hospital.
Varun: hey!! Don’t !!
Zoya(shocked): why??
Varun: if Sam is attacked, the attacker might b aware about u. And might attack u too.
Zoya: I don’t care I m coming.
Varun: if u leave babies alone, then he might harm them too. Our first priority is ur and babies safety. Pls..
Zoya: keeps the phone down.

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  1. omg !!! again a new villain disgusting but who it may be today’s epii ws awesome yr
    so excited to read next prt plzz update soon

  2. Nice episode dear n who attacked Sam.

  3. It was nice
    I love sams confidence dat zoya will come to him ………
    I feel zoya will realise her feelings in next update . 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Take care n lots of love ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. Thanks usha, zayn, lakshmi and shreya..

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