Dewana dil Part 81

Sam takes zoya and kids with zubi to the gill mansion. Zoya is much disturbed at the recentevent. Zubi is trying to console hher. As they reach Gill mansion, Sam opens the door, zoya gets down car. She is still lost a bit.

Sam: I will make or room ready. And also nursery ready.

Zoya: nods a yes.
Sam goes inside. But before zoya could cross the porch, Tanaya comes with Pooja thali.

Tanaya: u r coming for 1st time with babies. It would wade off the bad eye on the babies and also on you.

Zoya nods a yes. Tanaya does their Aarti and invites them in. As she enters the house, Sam comes and ask her to relax in guest room, and ask her to give babies to him. But she is reluctant to give babies to him. Zubi ask Sam to show nursery and she would take babies to the nursery. Sam shows the way to the nursery. Zubi and zoya enters the room. The room, filled with toys and two baby cots. Coloured in pink.
Zubi: its adorable. Such a beautiful room.
Zoya keeps both the sleeping babies in cot. Sam shows her guest room and ask her to relax.

At dinner time, Sam prepare sanju’s favourite food for her. Zoya comes at the dinner table, which Sam is arranging. She looks at the Palak paneer and pani puri that Sam has made. Zoya looks at Sam’s excitement. She curts.

Zoya: wat is this?? Why is all veg?? Where is non veg?? Do u save money by cutting over food?? I won’t eat all this.

She walks to her room and leaves the food at the table. Zubi goes behind her. Sam and Tanaya gets sad.

At late night, Sam hears noise in the kitchen, he goes to check, to find zoya eating pani puri and Palak paneer. She finishes everything, andgoes to find water . Sam places glass of water on front of her. Zoya gets annoyed and shocked on looking at Sam.

Sam: sanju always sneaked to eat, whenever is was angry with me. Water!!

Zoya: I was hungry. And so ate it. Or else it was really bad food.

Sam: OK(he smirks)
Zoya: why r u smiling like this??
Sam: nothing!!
Zoya: don’t expect anything from me. Its food everyone’s basic need. Nothing else ..

Sam: zoya u don’t need to give an explanation to me!! I understand

Zoya: (angrily) its zoya!!

Sam: yes I said zoya!! What else did u hear??
Zoya: nothing!!
Sam: did u hear sanju??
Zoya angrily leaves from the kitchen, while Sam eats the Palak paneer and smiles.

Zoya angrily walking to her room, when she bypasses sam’s room, the door is partly open, she pushes the door open. She finds her and Sam’s photos and goes to towards the balcony. She finds her rose plant and the roses on it. Sam comes from behind.

Sam: sanju’s roses. She loved it very much. I know u don’t believe that I loved sanju. But that’s doesn’t change the truth. My room has her so many memories, ur memories… (He comes closer to zoya) every corner of this house has witnessed our love. And this is our room,( he holds her by her arms) u always used to like hanging out her in the balcony. I can’t believe that u can’t remember any of that moments, their would b something u remember, just try to remember..

Zoya: u r hurting me.. And I don’t remember u at all. Just leave me. .

She pushes Sam away and leaves from his room. Sam sobs as he couldn’t make zoya remember their love.

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  1. Nice episode dear,so she came back to their house with their babies.. Wow. Hope she will remember her past soon.

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