Dewana dil Part 80

tanaya doing dishes happily, varun comes from behind and hugs her.

Varun: u look happy!! That means Sam is doing great for having sanju back!!

Tanaya nods a yes.

Varun: don’t worry everything will b fine. Sam loves her too much to let her go.

Tanaya: sanju always stood for Sam, but I was always against their relation. Now she doesn’t remember her love.

Varun: don’t trust them. Trust their love. They would b together.

At zoya’s house. Some one enters into a room.It is sSam. The feathery white curtain r flowing in wind. He pushes the curtain aside and enters into the room. Tamana is playing with her soft toy. He carefully lifts her. The door opens, Sam panics but it is zubi.

Zubi: r u mad?? Why did u enter?? If zoya finds this out, !!!

Sam: shhhh!! Just stop bragging. She won’t know.

Zubi: (coming close to the Tanana and pampers her head) they both like know ur voice.

Sam: yes, I guess. Whenever sanjana used to have discomfort, due to babies, I would sing to her. And the babies movement would ease down. She always said to me that our babies listen to me more than her.

Tears comes in his eyes, zubi ask him to b patient, as he would have his family back.

Next day, zoya is at departmental store doing shopping for regular thingings. She is trying to get something from the top shelf. She is angry on zubi as she kept on talking about Sam. She is cursing her. She is murmuring but can’t reach the thing.

Some one takes the pack and brings it down.

Zoya: thank u!! (Faces the person but its Sam) her face looses a relief expression, to disgust.

Sam: u could take it from a stranger, but not me??

Zoya: I don’t need it.
And tries to leave from their. Sam pulls her hand and pulls her close. And starts to dance with out music. But though their is no music zoya keeps up with Sam’s feet and lost in his eyes.

Sam: do u really think that our heart were not one, after seeing our coordination??
Zoya remembers that she is dancing in a departmental store with Sam. She pushes him.

Sam: no matter how much u push me away. When I(he places his hand on cheeks) do this, don’t u feel relief??

Zoya lost at Sam’s touch, but then goes away remembering that its Sam.
Sam: u remember my touch, and not me??
Zoya: just stop stalking me.

Zoya’s phone rings but she switches off her phone. Within a few minutes Sam’s phone starts to ring. Its zubi. Zubi says that the kitchen caught fire and the babies r still inside.Zoya over hears this phone. And panics.

Sam:(hugs her) hey!! JJust pull ur self together. We need to leave right now!! Nothing will happen to them.

Sam and zoya sit in the car. Sam on the way calls fire fighters to reach zoya’s house. Zoya is panicked. On reaching home, the fire fighter doesn’t allow zoya to get into the house. Zoya is almost broken down. She is quarrelling with fire fighters to let her b inside.

Sam comes from burning house, carrying both babies. Zoya runs and takes both babies and starts to cry. Sam hugs her.

Sam: don’t worry they both r fine.

Sam is still carrying arman, zoya hugs sam as well. As they embrace their babies.

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  2. it ws such a awww !! epi yr soo much of fmly love and sam is really ready to go any heights to get his fmly back loved it

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  4. Awwwwww sam is best husband n father !!!!!!!!! He takes care of sanju n their kids … its so adorable :-* :-* :[email protected]

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