Dewana dil Part 8


Sanjana is screaming and has anxiety attack. Sam looks at her.
Sam: sanjana, its OK I m their. Nothing will happen to u I promise.. ( with care)
Sanjana: grasping for air

Sam looking at sanjana like that shouts for help. Sanjana collapses. But Sam holds her.

Sam: its ok. I won’t let any harm come to u. Don’t worry.
Saying so he hugs sanjana and closes her eyes with his other hand.
With Sam taking care of sanjana for a few minutes in lift. People repairs the lift and lift comes up.

Sanjana is in shock sweating and grasping in Sam’s arm. And Sam hugging her as tightly as possible.
Seeing this Sutton makes a jealous face. Krisha comes forward and takes sanjana with her.
Krisha: are u alright sanju?
Sam:she got anxiety attack take her to her room. Be with her today. She was scared much. ( in considerate manner )
At sanjana’s room
Krisha : sanjana u should sleep.
Sanjana: trying yar.

Next day
Dr. Robbins: team 1 has to go to health center in outskirts of city.
Sam: sure sir, I got ur msg last night had inform my juniors about it.

Sanjana and krisha are a bit late. And comes running.
Dr.Robbins : I think u r informed about tomorrow’s plan??

Krisha : yes sir.
Sanjana puzzled ask krisha by gesture.

As Dr. Robbins leaves.
Sam: 3 minutes late u are Dr. Sanjana.
Krisha : sir it was my mistake, she had nightmare so I allowed her to sleep. Might b she was still frightened about yesterday.

Sam: ( with apparent care visible in his eyes tries to hide eyes from everyone) OK let’s begin our work, shall we??

During work Sam behaves like previous day. Sanjana after arranging case paper says goes to say thanks to Sam.
Sanjana: Dr. Samrat I wanted to thank u for yesterday

Sam: (gives a side peek) for what? I would do that for anyone
Don’t think that acting as damsel in distress would work for me.
Many girls did try this on me before u did.
And for or information they all failed. And if u try that u will too.

Sam goes. Sanjana in her mind what does he think of himself and mimics Sam. Patients laugh at her Mimicking Sam.

She says saddu no.1.
At night
Dr. Samrat’s msg flashes on sanjana’s phone.
Tomorrow 8:00oclock sharp at garden. Not a minute more.

Sanjana makes faces saying saddu. And mimics sam’s way of saying not a minute more.

It mornings Chelsey’s room.
She slips in her bathroom. And starts crying. Girls take her to hospital. Dr says its a fracture complete rest for 1 month.

Sutton gets angry as now sanjana and Sam will go alone.

Due to morning accident, sanjana is a bit late she is hurrying and reaches at garden sees sam’s violet BMW. She is checking her bags and walking hastily.
As soon as she comes close Sam races his car off.
Surprising Sanjana. In her mind she says’ what the hell! What does he think of himself!’

She calls him saying how could hehe leave her. She would complain Dr. Robbins.

Sam: u were not punctual so.. Complain that too.
Sanjana says but
Sam: time is money, didn’t earned this much money that fast.
Now stay their and do all the work.
Dr.Robbins can b very angry with residents who don’t do their work. If I were u I would worry.

Sanjana hits bags and get hurt and funnily hops with her hurt leg, cursing Mr. Saddu

Sam is at a diner and gas station. The bus arrives and sanjana gets down the bus. Sam is angry seeing her stubbornness. She also sees Sam and shows her smartness and puts collars.

A biker gang comes and try to tease Sanjana. Sam is looking at these from his table at a corner.
Comes and ask

Sam: wat’s problem? Leave her alone dude
Biker dude1: due u have problem with us having fun. And keeps hand on sam’s shoulder to scare off him
Sam: I think I Didn’t make it clear leave her alone I said.
Bikerdude 2: sweet heart do u know this guy?
Sanjana being angry on Sam denies.
Bikerdude 1: than too u are so desperate for her. And laughs
His gangs laugh as well.
Sam: ( with full confidence) leave her alone
Biker dude 1: or what?
And pushes Sam

They start beating Sam ruthlessly. Sanjana watches from counter. A guy bring a baseball bat to hit Sam.
Sanjana stops him. But he hits her instead. On her arm.
And sanjana falls down. And hits her head.

Sam goes all crazy seeing her hurt and hits to goons. Till sanjana intervene and ask to stop.

Sam: get in the car( ordering tone and heavily breathing)
Sanjana: no,I won….
Before she. Completes her sentence Sam dumps her luggage in car and pushes her in front seat.

At health center
Sanju sneaks to see sam painting her canvas passionately. She smiles and thinks so this is the reason. He is acting like difficult to get, to attract me. Fine. And she says famous bolly wood line” jitne bhi tu karle sitam haas haas ke saahe he him”( no matter how much u would act of harassing, I will accept it a smile on my face)

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  1. Plz yaar upd d next, it’s awesome

  2. Wow dr, . . Superb, bt y is sam thnking dat sanju is tryng to gt close to him, . . To trap him. . .?

    1. Next part has a valid reason for that. Hope u enjoy it.

  3. I hope u All like a bit supernatural drama.

  4. Oh what a dialogue dr… awesome

  5. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. . eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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