Dewana dil Part 79

Sam is smirking while sitting in his room. He remembers how he had done the same thing for sanju before.

Zoya on the next day is going in a mall with babies. Zubi calls Sam informing about their whereabout. Arman is crying and zoya is struggling to keep him calm.

Some one starts to sing hearing whom arman stops crying. Zoya goes to the singer and puts her hand on his back, he turns out to b Sam, with his guitar.

Me rahu ya na rahu
Tu mujme kahi baki rehna..

Zoya gets shocked, but tamana happily claps looking at sam.

Muhje nind aye Jo akhri
Tum khawabo me ate rehna.

He goes towards tamana, whom Zubi is holding.

Bas itna he tumse kehna..

He taps on tamana’s nose, she laughs happily at Sam. Zoya pulls zubi’s hand to get out of the mall.

Sam remembers their time together.

Me rahu ya na rahu
Tu muj me baki rehna.

He stops zoya from leaving.

Kisi roz barish aye,
Samaj lena bundo me hu
Subha DUP ki Jo sataye
Samaj Lena kirno me hu

A fb of both of them enjoying rain at their house in woods, tears fills in his eyes he wipesit off hhiding it from everyone.

Kuch kahu ya na kahu
Tum mujko sada sunte rehna..

Bas itna he tumse kehna.

Zoya leaves with zubi and babies from the mall.

Hawa oo me lipta hua me
Guzarja unga tumko chu k
Agar man ho to ROK Lena

Zoya steps stops and she looks back at Sam. Sam gives an emotional look to her. For a second its like sanju is looking at Sam.

Theher jaunga in labo pe
Me dikhu ya na dikhu
Tum mujko mehsus karna

Bas itna he tumse kehna..

Zoya turns angrily and leaves. Thinking why she felt weak at Sam. Zoya is sitting in her house in an arm chair. Thinking about Sam and how tamana was happy on seeing Sam and how arman stopped crying at his song. Zubi comes their, ask that if he doesn’t care about that men, then why r u getting affected by him. Zoya says that she is not affected by him. But her children are.. And she didn’t like that.

Zubi: (whispers) I thought the mother was more affected by the children.. From wat I saw..

Zoya: wat did u say??

Zubi: no I was saying that why would u b affected by him..

Zoya angrily leaves from their. Zubi thinks that sanju did surface in zoya today. Someday my arman and Tamana would b with both of their parents. Soon their family will b complete. She happily prays for zoya and Sam’s union.

Sam comes back to his house.

Tanaya: so did u see the kids??
Sam: nods..

Tanaya: Sam I too want to see the kids. Pls.. Sam.
Sam:(putting his hand on her head) soon tan tan. Soon sanju will bring our kids back to our house..

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