Dewana dil Part 78

Zubi ask Sam that does he have any plan?? How is he gonna make zoya believe that he loves her and she too loves him.

Sam: me and sanju have tried to separated and even many people tried to separate us, but they never succeeded, now time is against us but we would beat this time as well.

Sam smirks and thinks kitne bhi tu karle sitam haas Haas ke sahenge hum (a line that sanju said once for Sam).

Sam comes home.
Tanaya: so did u met that lady?? Did she say that she would help u?? And did u see babies?? Who are they??

Sam: armaan and tamana are fine.

Tanaya: arman and tamana , wow!! Nice names!! How they look??

Sam shows his phone, which has Arman’s andtamana’s ppictures in it. Tanaya gets emotional seeing them, she hugs Sam.

Tanaya: we have to bring all of them back. We can’t let them b away from their family. Their place is here at gill mansion.

Sam: do u think I would let them stay away from me. No matter how much sanju tries.. Ohh sorry! Zoya tries I would bring my sanju and my babies back.

Tanaya: sanju is a hybrid as well. So now u would b together forever.

Sam: yes!! I was always afraid that I wouldnt age or die, while sanju would, but now she would just like me, and with me forever.

Zoya is roaming in the city, when a men stops her in her way. He starts the music, a few people also starts to dance. Zoya gets surprised. They all finish their dance and give a card to her. Zoya is very happy for being treated specially. She opens the card.

Love u. Sam. For my beloved sanju.

Zoya gets angry and tears the card down and throws it away. She looks up far away on the terrace, and angrily curts on Sam. Sam laughs at her anger.

Zoya comes angrily at the house. Zubi looks at her and ask wat happened? Zoya tells her about the whole incident and goes to freshen up. Zubi immediately calls Sam.

Zubi: I think ur plan worked. I know my zoya. She doesn’t get angry for the people whom she doesn’t love. Their is some love in her for u, but she doesn’t remember her. But soon she would remember u.

Sam: that’s good to hear that she is affected from everything.

Sam puts the phone down, Tanaya seeing him smiling.

Tanaya: so u did some thing today!! Keep it on!! And from or smiles it looks that it did work.

Zoya comes out of the washroom complainingabout sSam’s gesture. Zubi smirks as she prepares food for zoya.

Credit to: rrekha vAghelA


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..