Dewana dil Part 76

Zoya comes to the city and looks above. she is seeing for the perfect place to target, sam and everyone are having a party at the terrace of a building.zoya comes at the terrace of a building, she assembles her gun, and is targetting some one. In the middle of the party, sam is meeting everyone. zoya fires, it hits the person. tanaya on seeing this, scream sam(may b the person who was shot is sam!!)

zoya starts to put his gun back, she notices some one standing at her back.

sam: i think u r mistaken!!
zoya: (shocked looking at sam alright)u over here??

zoya gets back.
zoya: i shot u. (she looks at the party and finds that the person she shot was a decoy.) u survived..
zoya attacks sam again. but sam holds her both hands and turns her. He locks her so that she couldnt hit him. zoya though pushes to the wall and frees herself from sam’s clutches. zoya tries to punch sam, but sam dodges her.

sam: if u could tell me the reason of ur hatred, i might help u.
zoya: a person like u can’t help anyone, u only can hate.(she keeps throwing punches on sam, but he dodges her)
sam:so much anger, just tell me the reason of it, don’t i deserve to know this??
zoya looking at sam trying to trap her to talk, she escape from the terrace, and runs away. sam looks at her escaping. and then thinks that she took my bait, now she would lead me to herself.

zoya reaches a house, another lady is waiting for her at the door.

lady: u r late, zoya. u know..
zoya: i know, zubi, dont worry i will take care of everything.

zoya goes inside the house, zubi is about to turn, sam holds her neck.

sam: who r u all??
sam tries to read zubi’s mind butcan’t read her thoughts, as he is blocked out from her mind. just like he was blocked from sanju’s.
he looks inside the house, from the window, and finds zoya with an infant. she is plalying with a little boy.she then goes to the baby cot, and puts the baby down, and takes another baby, and calms the other baby down. sam is confused at wat he is seeing??

Is this sanju?? then why she is proving herself as zoya?? are these babies his? but how can they b his babies, his babies were born dead. he puts down zubi, confused at wat he is seeing. zubi is about to warn zoya. but sam compulsion makes her forget her entire meeting with sam.

sam comes home, and starts arranging for the links. he thinks that if zoya is sanju than, he should confront her.

next day. zoya is working to know about sam’s positions. a msg blinks in her phone.

u should b more careful, about zubi!!

zoya thinks who is this now?? sam comes thier

sam: u r not careful, and now my people r all over the place, and u know that when u reach home back, u might find pieces of ur loved ones, for wat u kept on doing to me!!
Zoya: how dare u to harm my babies?? i would kill u.( she grabs his collar)
sam: dearie, if i were u i wouldn’t do this.. for now ur loved ones life r under my control.
zoya: pls leave my babies, and i won’t come to u.. i know u want me away..
sam: all i want is truth..

zoya: i woke up in a closed box, i was claustrophobic, so opened it. before that i didnt remember anything. their were another two boxes in the same room, but a bit smaller, so opened it, i found two babies, i was afraid, and so took the two babies with me and escaped from their. later i CAME to know that i was married to samrat gill.. u… but i found u romancing with pooja, and that sutton. It was apparent from ur behaviour that u were behind whatever happened to me and the babies. and u ever cared about sanju..

sam: wat r u saying?? i didnt care for sanju?
zoya: yes.. u were preparing for ur engagement, not long after ..
sam: nothing happened to my sanju, because u r my sanju..( he holds her) can’t u see my love for u in my eyes, i love u, and never loved any one else. and watever happened nothing was my fault..

zoya: u killed sanju, i m zoya( making his hands away from her) i was confused, who was ‘i’?? but i got more and more confused about myself looking at u,, wat did i found in u!!

sam: u used to love me, why r u saying all this?? look at me.. i m sam.. ur sam.. and now u r saying that our babies r alive.. we could b again a family..

zoya: they r my babies.. and u have no rights on them. i know ur men r not at my house. so now i m gonna go.. and u can do watever u want to do..

zoya had read sam’s mind. and came to know that he was lying to her. she leaves from their, sam standing their with tears in his eyes.

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  1. Wooooooooww yaa , finally sanju is back !!!!!!!!!
    Its really intresting how sam will prove sanju his love ………..

  2. Zayn, Sam might b able to prove his love to sanju, but the main thing is that he proves that sanju used to love him.

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