Dewana dil Part 75


The attacker stops for a minute, but then leaves with superspeed, sam still standing their, tanaya comes behind him and ask him to come inside.
sam: did u see that!!it was sanju!!
tanaya: no sam, that camt be sanju, why would sanju ever attack u?? she wont hurt u sam, and this attacker wants to hurt u, its just lucky for u that he doesnt know how to kill u..
sam confused stands their, as he cant reason against tanaya’s logic, afterall, it was true, Sanju would never harm sam. So wat changed now?? Is she really sanju?? if is then why is trying to attack on sam. many questions arising in SAm’s mind.

varun in the room, ask sam why r u getting so tensed, u kmow that u miss sanju very much,and might b taht’s why u are imagining her in that attacker. Dont worry, u would b fine..
sam still confused at wat he had seen in a few days. he has started counting on others, that he definitely had not seen sanju.sam comes to the balcony remembering about beautiful moments with sanju. He goes close to the rose bushes that sanju used to love very much, but behind him is some one standing. sam turns behind,and gets shocked seeing the attacker, the attacker removes her mask, its sanju. or some one with same face as sanju.
the attacker: who r u?? and y u wanted to find me..?? wat do u want from me??
sam: i want to ask u the same thing, who r u?? (taking a pause for a minute waiting for answers from the girl) pls tell me?? ur this face is like a torment for me. pls tell me who r u??

the attacker: i m zoya!! but why u r affected by me??

sam: (comes close to zoya and holds her ) tell m that u r my sanju.. pls.. tell me..

zoya: leave me.. dont u get it i m not some sanju, i m zoya..u r hurting me( saying so she pushes him away from herself)
she flees from the balcony before sam could recover from her push. sam is still in tears and a bit disappointed as the attacker named herself zoya.

at some other place, zoya is shown, marking sam’s photo again.
zoya: for wat u have done to me, i cant forgive u, for now i m ready, and now is ur time to pay back wat u took from me.. beware samrat gill zoya sheikh is coming ur way.

Varun: zoya is right now the top most assassin in the world. she had murdered many drug lords, and even mafia people. she is on the top most wanted list of interpol, but the thing is their is no record of her before a year. its like, she suddenly erupted from somewhere, above this i didnt acquire any information about her.

sam: wat about her photo??
Varun: their a photo of zoya sheikh, when she was saved from a fire in which her parents died, but she was just 4 yrs at that time, the record says that the girl went into the system, and later emerged a few months ago, with the assassination of italian minister, it is supposed that he was one favouring the italian drug mafia. and since that day, she became obsession for many.

tanaya: why?? obsession??

Varun: because she killed, him, in front of 1000 vip guest, but she was not identified, by any single of them, their was no sign of her entry or exit in any camera, and practically she killed him in a blind spot in the middle of that party( no cctv captured the event) it is said that no weapon was found nearby, but she killed him witha dagger made from dry ice, which evaporated soon. no finger print, no proof. she is a perfect killing machine, killing around, 180 people. and all in this way..

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  1. nice…where is sanju and babies body plz bring them

  2. Hw cum she has our sanju’s face? So sanju n babies r realy dead? Bt wer is der body. . . So many mysteries. . .

  3. wat abt sanju and her babies

  4. Zoya is only sanju …. i waiting for ur story ..

    After Every 2 sec my hand automatically goes to my phone to check for ur updatE
    i was missing you …..
    Yeah am missing you so much , a day without is like a year without rain !!!!!!!

  5. Nice n wr is sanju.

  6. Thank u Liya, lakshmi, usha, zayn and Sara. Sorry for delay. I was diagnosed with dengue so was a little late in doing updates

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