Dewana dil Part 74

Tanaya: I really hope that Sam does not get engaged to Sutton. It’s not feeling right.

Varun: don’t worry, I m their with u, (he comes from behind and hugs her)

Tanaya nods a yes and gets back at the preparation of engagement. Varun ask for sam, but tTanaya says that she has not seen him since morning.
Varun comes near river, Sam is sitting on a rock.

Varun: thinking about sanju??
Sam: in fact some one has stole my attention from my pain!! I was thinking about shooter, who could it b, my all enemy are put an end. Then who is this supernatural assassins.

Sam is shows him two bullets that he had in his hand, that he had pulled out of his wounds.
Sam: someone wants to kill me, but I don’t know is it!!

Somewhere else the assassin is shown marking Sam’s photo and has his engagementccard stuck the board.

At the engagement party, sam is a excited, he wants to catch the assassin. While tanaya and varun’s mood is off. Sam is looking at the security of the event, while trying to read minds of all the guest, to know about the assassin.

Sutton’s comes their and her her father ask sam to come forward for engagement. Sam is about make Sutton wear the ring, but again the assassin fires, sam hears the sound of bullet breaking the glass and ducks the bullet, the bullet hits varun’s leg creating a flesh wound. Sam turns to find the assassin escaping from a far roof top.

The engagement is with held and varun is taken to the hospital.

Sam: that means the assassin took my bait.
Tanaya: wat bait??
Sam: I had a locator send with each card. The guy is like us so might hear a transmitter, so I got it designed in such a way that it makes two sounds one of high frequency and one of low which one is loud. So basically I masked a transmitter.

Tanaya: then how will u track it back??
Sam: just like I track everyone!!
Tanaya: so u r gonna track every card, that would take days.
Sam: not days (shows all the cards that were taken back at the reception) just one card is missing, its of Mr. Malhotra. So shall we go and ask him about his card.

Tanaya and Sam are at Mr. Malhotra’s house.

Mrs. Malhotra opens the door and invites them in.

Sam: Mr. Malhotra and u didn’t came for engagement??
Tanaya:yes we thought if the card didn’t reach u or wat!!
Mrs. Malhotra: oh sorry Tanaya dear!! We didn’t got the card..

Sam: oh!! Their must b some mistake then!! Sorry to bother u!! (He leaves surprising Mrs. Malhotra)

Tanaya: (coming out after biding bye to her. )
So now wat?? Ur last hope is gone.

Sam: (smirks) do u think me that dumb that I thought Mr. Malhotra would try this. I just got here to pick the scene about who took the card from their mail box. (He shows someone had tried to open mail box by screw driver)

He starts to follow it through the city and reach a basement . their they find Sam’s pic marked, and also his engagement card. Tanaya is going through all the stuff, Sam starts exploring the entire building for other signs. Sam comes to a store and is looking at the things, when he notice someone behind him. He hold his hand, while the assassin is trying to attack Sam. Sam and the assassinstarts a fight, but Sam is loosing to him. Hearing all this Tanaya comes running to the store room. But her foot steps noise distract the assassin and he looses his focus of a second, enough for Sam to punch him and scrap off his mask. The door of the store room opens a bit.

To sam’s surprise, long brown, wavy hair fall as he removes the mask, before the assassin turns and she is sanju, with glowing blue eyes and turned in to a beast. Before Sam could recover from this moment, looking at the opening door, she kicks Sam on his chest, so that Sam hits the door and she jumps from the window of the store room.

Tanaya comes inside after Sam moves from the door away.

Tanaya: who was it?? Are u alright (looking at the blood coming from his his lips)

Sam: its a she. And its sanju.

Tanaya: wats this nonsense?? U must have hit or head pretty hard!!

Tanaya takes him home back. While sam turns back to look back at the storeroom, where he pulled the mask off from sanju’s face.

Sam is thinking to himself: how can this b? I m sure I saw sanju, but she laid death for 3 days in front of my eyes. And she could b converted to a vampire due to her resistance to it. But her face was same as sanju!! And even if she is not sanju, she is a hybrid!! And infact more powerful than me!! I thought I was the only hybrid alive then how come this happened.

Sam calls Ross for help. Ross says that he was not educated properly in being a witch and so does not know about this. And finds it strange that another hybrid existed without anyone’s notice. Such a thing attracts attention in a day, (remembering Sam going out of control till he didn’t know that sanju was alive when Gina had killed them both) so she must b a very ancient hybrid.

Sam thinks that he needs to know more about this other hybrid, at night in the sleep, Sam watches the assassin standing, and he wakes up. Sam thinks that loosing sanju has taken a toll on him and he might b imagining things. He goes to the kitchen to drink water, but their he again finds the assassin hiding in the dark, Sam manages to save himself till everyone comes, but her fighting skills r not of any match, she manages to run get out of the house and is about to run. When Sam shouts.

Sam: hey!! U can kill me if that’s what u want but pls first answer me who r u??

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