Dewana dil Part 73

Rahul: how could u stoop so low?? I thought u at least loved jiya, being ur own daughter, but u r incapable of love.
Pooja: whatever, just leave, I found some one more better then u!!(with attitude)
Sam:(comes from behind) really Pooja!! U found some one??(Pooja looks at Sam) who?? Pray tell us too.(Pooja gets confused) do u really think that I would marry some one like u leaving Sutton’s offer. She is giving me her fathers business and a good business deal, do uthink iI would let that go?? I had a promise made which I had to fulfil, (looking towards rahul) now u know the truth of ur wife!! I m not gonna come to the court tomorrow!! U can either take back k ur case or get the guilty punished. The ball is in ur court!!

Pooja: Sam but u said u want me!!

Sam: I would rather die!! (Looking at her curtly) I called u and then I called rahul and told him that I was the reporter to whom Pooja is gonna meet.
An fb is of Sam taking to rahul.
Rahul: no she is going to meet a reporter!
Sam: I would keep the back door open. U can see for urself, who is the real culprit.

Sam hangs up the phone. Rahul comes from backdoor, Sam ask him to hide in kitchen, so that he could see wat happens.

Sam: so now Mrs Pooja pls have the pleasure of taking ur precious self out of my property instantly(he starts the sentence politely and then his tone gets loudly slowly)

Rahul leaves from their, after him Pooja runs asking him to forgive her. Sam closes the door and removes the sling throwing it away, showing his arm alright.

Sam: 2 gone one more to go.

Next day, at Sutton’s house, Sam comes. He ask Sutton’s father for her hand. Initially he gets shocked but Sutton convince him to agree as vikram has loved her ex fiancée always and just engegd to him to get his revenge. Sutton’s father gets angry and shouts vikram!! Vikram comes running!!

Sutton’s father: is this true?? That u engaged Sutton so that u can have power to have revenge from gill’s ??

Vikram: no its nothing like that, sir!!Sutton is lying!!

Sutton’s father: don’t u dare take my daughter name from ur backstabbing ugly mouth.

Vikram recalls pooja’s phone telling him that Sutton is gonna marry Sam and break engagement with u.

Vikram: I know she wants that Sam and so she is accusing me!!

Sam: I knew that u would put all blames on Sutton so I brought this.

He brings out the file. Sutton’s father reads it. It contains the proof of all the crimes that vikram committed against sanju.

Sutton’s father: vikram u should leave from my property(angrily)
Sutton: no father, he has to b given to police for using ur power, and if this proof are presented in court, u will b accused for attempted murder.

Sutton’s father nods a yes!! Sutton calls the police, vikram tries to run from their, but Sam catches him. Police arrest him, for attempted murder on sanju, and plotting against gill’s. Sam ask Sutton’s father to arrange for the engagement, Sutton gets excited.

Sam informs about his engagement to Tanaya,

Tanaya: but u don’t love her!!
Sam: look I asked her to marry me!! And I would fulfil my word. Sanju’s place in my heart couldn’t b taken by anyone else. But right now I need to do this. Everyone is doubting about my age, so I have to show my death in couple of years, but for that many years I have to take care of Sutton. Then I would leap frog..


She thinks that at least she got a couple of years more with Sam.

Just as she is about to put her phone down, a bullet hits sam, its again in the heart. But he heals again, andlooks towards the direction of the bullet coming, he runs towrds him, but before he could reach to that point the shooter elope. Tanaya also reaches their in few minutes with varun.

Tanaya: r u alright?
Sam: i m alright, but confused. Some one supernatural is trying to kill me with normal bullet.
Tanaya: u saw him??
Sam: yes, but not his face. He shoot me from across the lake( the distance across the lake was around 1020 meters) impossible shoot for anyone human, then who is it??

Holding the bullet that hit him in his hand.Tanaya also looks at the bullet confused

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  1. OMG . . . who is trying to kill sam??????
    And y,????????
    This getting so intresting ….
    So much of suspense and thrill
    Waiting for ur next update

  2. Thanks zayn. And devi..

    1. I shld thank you for such fabulous story
      So , THANK YOU 🙂 🙂 😀

      1. I should thank u for appreciating my work

  3. Superb episode rekha but who is trying to kill Sam.

    1. Have disclosed in the next part.

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