Dewana dil Part 72


Sam is talking someone on the phone.

Sam: make it look as real as possible. As soon as I get out of the house.

He enters Sutton’s house. Sutton has invited him for dinner. She is dressed just like sanju used to dress. Sutton tells Sam that she didn’t knew that vikram was a cheat or else she would never had engaged to him. But now her father is forcing her to marry him. Sam but till i know ur father, if he gets something much better like samrat gill in place of vikram,he would say a no?? Sutton gets excited.

Sutton: really Sam would u really do this for me??
Sam: of course dear!! I know how desperate r u to get ride of vikram. And I could get ride of him for u.

She hugs him. Sam smirks at her back.

Sutton: u have to ask my parents for this??
Sam: sure!! Would do it tomorrow.
Sam thinks that vikram thought that he had a foot hold due to Sutton now he will take that foot hold from him. Vikram would b helpless as Pooja would have her problems to deal and no one will help vikram.

Sam is at the porch, Sutton is their to good bye him, he kisses on her cheeks, just a bullet hits Sam. Right at the heart. But his heart his backs and he collapses.

Sam gains consciousness at the hospital, with Sutton by his side. She has been with him since last night.
Sam: thanks for taking care of me.

Sutton: u were lucky the bullet missed ur heart.

As Sutton leaves, Sam calls someone.

Sam: I told u that bullet should just touch my arm and it should b flesh wound, u missed, and thank god I got saved from or bullet. For wat do u take money?? U r totally unprofessional.

The guy on the other side: sire but I didn’t fire on u. Before I could fire u were already hit, I could take a risk of lady getting hurt so I was waiting for u to step aside. And when u were shot I panicked and left from their.

Sam cuts the call. If he is telling the truth then who is this new person that wants to kill me, without any knowledge of how to kill me.

Sam calls Pooja and informs her about an assassination attempt on himself. And ask her to come by at gill mansion as no one is at home to take his care. Pooja lies to rahul telling that it was some reporters phone and she has to go to meet her and she would comeback tomorrow morning.

At gill mansion, Pooja enters, she finds the whole house empty and goes to Sam rooms and finds it looked.

Sam: wat were u looking for??(standing just behind her, scaring Pooja off, I don’t want those thinks in my life so I locked it and threw the key in river!!

Pooja: oh!! God Sam u scared me!! So now u don’t even want to remember her??

Sam: can we talk something else?(Sam smirks, jhe is wearing a black suite)

Pooja: its weird, u were so obsessed about her and now u don’t wanna talk about her??
Sam: Pooja, I obsess with living things and notdead one.
He holds her hair and smells it. He ask her to have dinner wwith him.

Sam: do u know I would really love some one who could eat meat, rather than a vegetarian!!(smirks towards her)

Pooja: non veg makes u naughty, Sam!!
She rubs her feet on his leg. Sam comes close to her.

Sam: I think we should wait till we finish our dinner here!!(after a moment of pause) do u know Sutton?? Vikram’s fiance??

Pooja:(her face loose the smile) yes heard about her?? Wat??

Sam: she wants to marry me!! And leave vikram of course!! But I have found much fascinating creature than her, who would fight for me, so I would turn her down, but u know what problems I m going through. I was engaged to Sutton, I m sorry.. Almost engaged to Sutton before Sanjana. So she expects to revive that old spark, but new sparks get ignited during that time..

He flirts with Pooja.

Pooja: wats the catch??
Sam: no catch!!
Pooja checks his pocket for phone recording but finds his phone dead. She switches on a gadget to find hidden cameras in the room bit doesn’t find any camera. Instead Sam has turned the CCTV cameras off, since she came.

Pooja: u really want this??(getting emotional)
Sam: yes!!
Pooja: I was after ur money, but after some time I started to like u a lot..
Sam: but their is a problem!! U r married to rahul!!
Pooja:(tries to come closer) he is going to divorce me any ways!!
Sam: u can’t have ur eye on Any other men!
Pooja: (still coming closer) who wants anyone else, when they have one of the richest man and the most handsome business tycoon.

Sam: still their is one more problem!! I can’t adopt jiya!! See my family won’t allow it.. Because if I adopt her, she would have the property and the property can b transferred to a gill only, so may b our child.

Pooja: I will loose jiya and give sole custody to rahul!!

Sam: good!! I knew u would solve all this problems in a minute. I love u Pooja.. Sanju had told me that u pushed the boat, so I was counting on u that u would give up jiya!!

Pooja: for some like u , I would give up 100 jiya(she kisses him on his cheeks) I never wanted to have her, it was my patents and thatrahuls pressure on me. So i gave birth to her.
Sam gets up, Pooja feels that Sam was acting, but he puts his hand towards her asking for her hand!! Pooja excitedly take his hand.

Sam:(he is about to kiss her) but u know that I m hurt and shows the sling of his hand. Pooja smirks and goes into a room. And comes dressed s*xy. She starts to dance on ‘ye raat tham jaye'(murder2) and starts to seduce Sam. Sam takes her to a room and closes the door. He ask her to sit on the bed and he goes to the wash room.

As he comes out of wash room, Sam acts of having pain in hand. Pooja runs to him and supports him to the bed. Sam ask her to bring his medicine from the drawers, she brings it, Sam takes it and says sorry to Pooja as he has to sleep for now.. Pooja asks him to take care and leaves smiling. As she comes out of the room, she finds rahul standing in front of her.

Rahul slaps Pooja hard.

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  1. Sam was really superb n nice episode.

  2. Thanks devi and lakshmi

  3. vow !!! it ws an terrific epi yr tit for tat for dat creepy pooja enjoyed to d core plzz update next asap

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