Dewana dil Part 71


A week has been passed since the day of funeral, sanju’s family has returned back, except ketki, rahul, jiya, balraj and Pooja. But they r not staying at the gill’s mansion. Sam is busy finding the bodies and with him he has got all of his men on the same work. The court case is still running on the sanju’s at sam’s request as he wants to prove her innocent. While Tanaya could stay anymore at gill mansion, for it haunted her with memories, she has shifted to varun’s house. She asked Sam to do the same, but Sam said that no matter how much far he goes from everything , the pain will b still their till the day he dies.

Sam decided to first do the funeral and also prove sanju innocent and then would leapfrog.

Sam comes to the hospital, vikram is admitted for his few ribs had broken and his tibia was graveled. Sutton is talking care of him. ThoughsaSam is in a lot of pain, it is like he has worn a mask that he didn’t feel any pain for loss of his family towards the world. He is looking as care free and detached as he was before sanju came in his life. He goes to vikram’s room and asks about his health. He also flirts with Sutton. Vikram gets angry at Sam not being in any pain.

Sutton is cutting apple for vikram, but Sam take a slice from her plate and smirks towards her. Sutton shys and smiles back to Sam. Vikram finds a spark in sutton’s eye. Sutton don’t like vikram, and doesn’t want to get married to him. She always wanted Sam, and now Sam was showing interest in her, how could she not reciprocate his behaviour. She even forgot Thatcher injured fiance was still in the room. Vikram gets jealous at this incident and tries to scold Sutton, but she throws the plate down of Apple and goes out of the room.

At jiya’s clinic, Sam comes with a bouquet, he gives the flowers to Pooja, and while she holds the flower be touches her hand. Rahul watches this.

Rahul: don’t think that bringing flower everyday for my daughter, I would take my case back.

Sam: chill rahul!! Sanju is dead, so r my children. I m just here to enjoy with some interesting company ( looking towards Pooja, Pooja shys) I m just fulfilling my last promise to sanju, or else I would have dropped the case, feelings r for alive, not for dead!! Don’t u agree??
Rahul is speechless at sam’ssam’s behaviour. Ketki and balraj r confused at his behaviour, but Pooja comes to him.

Pooja: he is right!! Should he lock himself up in room and keep on crying!! Sanju did this to my child and she paid the price, its gods decision. (She puts her hand on Sam’s shoulder) Sam didn’t do anything in it, then why r we punishing him!!

The name of sanju brings his all anger for Pooja back, but he hides it somehow under that skin mask that he had pulled on. He hugs Pooja and leaves.

Sam, at gill mansion, has assembled a noble meeting. All nobles r their.

Sam: for ur betrayal r nothing new to me!! I want to give a chance to u to accept ur guilt.

Some of the noble ask him as to how could he accuse them!! They won’t stoop so Down for power and would betray him.

Sam:(loudly) for those who think that master wouldnt come to know about their involvement in this betray they r wrong, all of u would pay. For betraying or master I take back my essence from u all.

The nobles get angry and leave from the room while Tanaya and those loyal resident of gill mansion stay with Sam in the room. As soon as the nobles leave the room they bad mouth about samrat.

Tanaya: u know they r bad mouthing about u!!

Sam: (takes a deep breathe and closes his eyes and relaxes on his seat) for today they don’t know that those who would move out of the room and away from me today, they would loose my essence in them, and as this happens they would age suddenly to their actual age which would have been today, if I hadn’t saved them. Being so old none of the noble would survivve. That’s their punishment for betraying me.

Night has fallen, all of them are still the meeting hall. The nobles one by one starts getting old, to their shock, and starts to die. Just in a Matter of time all off them die.

Tanaya thinks that Sam is turning into horrible person, he took revenge from all of them who r responsible for today.

Ralph: u shouldnt think like that for or brother, they all got wat they deserved. Nobles would never have left their quest for more power. And he is calm and considerate though he lost her. That shows he is doing everything with very much thinking. Dont worry, he would turn normal, once all the guilty for his pain r punished.

Tanaya nods a yes and hugs him, they both look at Sam still sitting at his seat with his eyes closed. And laughing.. Tanaya also finds msgs for Sutton on Sam’s phone. She thinks that Sam is playing a dangerous game.

Ralph: with nobles out of the picture now, no one can hurt us. Let him have his peace with revenge.

Sam to himself: u all took everything from me!! My family, now I will take everything from u. Orfamily, uur pride, ur confidence. I would break u all, like u all broke me!! For death is an easier punishment, for the crimes that u committed. Beware all those guilty of sanju, Sam is coming to take his revenge from u all.

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  1. For a mysterious shooter has target on Sam, who is he?? And why he wants Sam dead?? Soon will disclose it in next episode

  2. Todays epi is terribly sad 🙁
    I am really missing sanju
    How sam is able to manage , i cant understand ……. so much of pain and everything…….
    Pls bring sanju back to lyf by some mystery after all she was a witch ,,, how can she die so easily
    Pls end dis sad part ASAP ………

    1. Soon will disclose that zayn

  3. Extremely fabulous…

  4. Extremely fabulous…I hope u remember me the person who requested u to not stop writing thanks yaar

  5. great episode continue lyk this
    enjoying the episodes
    desperately waiting fr next part
    plz post ASAP plzzzzzzzzzz//….

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