Dewana dil Part 70


Varun reach to the hospital, and finds Tanaya with Ralph, she is hurt on her head.

Tanaya: we have to stop samrat! He is out of control, last time when Timmy died, he killed half of the London, we had to cover it up saying that fire killed them. But this time he lost something that couldnt b replaced.

She looks towards lifeless bodies of sanju, and the kids.
Varun: don’t worry we would find him. But to control him we would need something.

Tanaya: last time he at least recognized me. But today he was not able to recognize me. Before he creates a hell in the middle of the city we have to stop him. And I know where he will go first.

At the hospital, where jiya is kept, Pooja and rahul are in the room. They watch news that sanju was shifted to hospital for labour pains, Pooja cries and does drama asking to save her daughter. Rahul ask her to keep calm and jiya will b fine as no one can harm her now, he has taken detaile for protection. They both sleep on the stool. Pooja gets up to drink water at night,she finds someone standing near jiya, she goes near to the operson, its dark and so she can’t see the person’s face. She ask who is it?? Hearing her, rahul wakes up and ask wat is it?

The person turns his face towards them. In thedark only the bright blue eyes r seen. seeing which, pooja in fright, looses voice and even rahul is in fear. A moment of pin drop silence, in this silence, the person grunts can bheard.

Its sSam, but it is hard to recognize him in such fully converted state. He holds pooja’s neck and lifts the her in the mid air, rahul runs out of the room seeing this. Sam is about to throw Pooja on wall, but the detaile and Tanaya with varun rush to help Pooja and firesat sSam. Those bullets of detaile don’t affect sam, but those of Tanaya gun affects him, he growls load and runs out breaking the window.. All r shocked, with the Pooja coughing on the floor, it like she had seen her riper. Tanaya in mind thinks sorry for Sam, as he lost everything and his sister had to shoot him and give him pain.

Varun: Tanaya, samrat ran away but we have to find him again before he hurts anyone.

Tanaya nods a yes. Rahul thanks Tanaya for saving his family, but Tanaya doesn’t reply and leave from the hospital. She tries to use her mind connection to samrat to extract his location, she finds him walking towards their hospital. Where Sam and sanju used to work. Tanaya says to varun that samrat is delusional, due to the bone bullet, but he is still in the same state so they have to reach hospital.

At hospital, vikram is looking at the news, and says to the sister that bad things happens to bad people, indicating sanju. Sam is listening this hiding, he pulls the bone bullet out of him. And waits for vikram to come towards him. He is totally in beast forn. Vikram not knowingly walks towards the dark corner where Sam is hiding, he searches for lights on the wall, but finds it furry, the two blue eyes opens giving a lightening of fright to vikram, he throws vikramacross the room, tTanaya and varun ask the sister with whom vikram was talking abouthhis whereabouts.. But they hear him screaming and run towards the sound. He is about to bite off vikram’s head when Tanaya with Sam’s daughter comes in front of him. Sam leaves vikram, who is unconscious. He holds the child’s body and growls and reduce back to his human form. Tanaya and varun support him.

The news of sanju’s death and the kids death and reach nobles, they now know that they lost their leverage that they once had on Sam. Tanaya ask them to handle the press and no news leaks of sanju’s death should b their. Sam is grieving in his room, while the familywith Tanaya and varun are planning for the funeral of the three.

Sam: I can’t believe that this room won’t b hear her sound!! Their is her fragrance in this room and I don’t want it to ever fade.

Tanaya: do u really want to do this??

Sam: yes!! After their funeral I want would like to leapfrog. May b walking up after a few centuries would reduce some pain. But before that I want to look at them.

Tanaya nods a yes and brings him to the basement, where 3 closed casket r present, he moves towards a liitle casket and opens it, to find it empty.

Sam: wat joke is this?? Where is the baby??
Tanaya: he is inside it!!
Tanaya comes running to check it. But finds it empty, they have a thought that may b someone stole the baby’s body to have its DNA. So he runs to the other small casket and opens it and finds it empty too. He goes to check sanju’s casket but to his surprise its empty..

Tanaya: I could understand making out that the kids body was stolen, but sanju’s!!

The top view shows three empty casket with Sam and Tanaya standing at the center of them!

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  1. Very sad yaar,sanju n their babies died. Everyone should pay for their deeds.

    1. Definitely.. No one will b left.. For Sam is all out of mercy!!

  2. Sam is back with revenge vendetta.. Soon..

  3. Nice .its sad yaar sanju death with babies

  4. Pls dont kill sanju with out her her there is nothing
    U luv sanju n sams luv story …….

  5. Their is no funeral done of sanju. A white witch’s progeny can’t end.

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