Dewana dil Part 69


While Sam and sanju r discussing the recent event in the living room, door man Richard comes running.
Richard: sire, their is media and police at the door, with rahul sire..

Sam and sanju r confused but they get up to look at wats the matter!! As soon as they come to the porch the media starts asking question

Reporter1: Mrs gill is it right the accusation that r put on u??
Reporter2: how can u do this when soon u r going to have a baby??

As the reports storm sanju with their question, police and Sam protect her,
Officer: Mrs gill u r arrested for attempt of murder of jiya

Sam is shocked.
Sam: officer their must b some misunderstanding!!
Officer: the child’s father filed the case.
Reporters swarm Sam, as sanju gets arrested.
Reporter3: so Mr. Gill will this arrest u to a divorce??
Rahul: for all I want is justice for my child!!

The reporters turn to rahul, Sam is shocked. He tries to convince the officer to b gentle with sanju, looking at her current state. The officers drives her.

Rahul: for I want to address everyone, to pray for my child jiya, who was drowned in freezing water by sanjana gill. And ask justice for my child, by not allowing bail to Sanjana and getting her punished sevevely.

Sam eyes glow bright red, hearing all this, Tanaya goes to get the car, while Ralph protects sam from reporters.

Rahul: the gill’s r rich and will have bail before the police reaches their prestinct. But US show us that ur judicial system will favour poor as much as it would to the rich.. Gill’s would play medical bail card, but pls for safety of my child pls deny it..

Tanaya comes with car, Ralph and Sam leave for the prestinct. As they reach the prestinct tanaya has already called lawyer their. Lawyer says that the judge would have granted them bail, but Raul went to the media first and has appealed for safety of jiya that sanjana madam is kept in lockup. Sanju breaks down hearing rahul’s interview on television.

Sam: ( supporting her) sanju, don’t, it will all pass. U know me na!! I will put an end to everything.

The officer push Sam out of the interrogation room. And slams door on Sam’s face. Sam ask lawyer to do anything and get bail, he doesn’t want to leave his pregnant wife in this mess.
The lawyer leaves.

At some where the nobles r enjoying as they made rahul as a sensation to bring down Sam.Sam is sstanding across the prestinct. But the officer have asked him to stay away or their will b more difficulty in getting bail and hewill make of sure of it. Sam reads the oofficers mind and comes to know that he was a friend of vikram and would go to any length to harass him and sanju.

Tanaya: Sam, I think all our enemies have united at the worst possible timing.
Sam: indeed!! But (looking at the window of prestinct) if I loose anyone, I will make sure that no remains to celebrate over my loss.

His eyes glow bright red saying so.

At the prestinct, the officer is trying at gain a statement of guilty from sanju,

Officer: u r telling lies, why would a mother do that to her own child!!(shouting at sanju)

Sanju: trust me officer.. (For a moment pauses) u need to call my husband( holding her belly)

Officer: OK another drama queen.. Look lady say that u r guilty and sign this.
He throws paper a d pen towards her.

Sanju: (screaming) pls call a doctor!!

Officer: just shut up!! And stop ur drama!!

Sanju’s water breaks in the interrogation room and the officer realizes that if something happens to sanju or her child, he and his job would b in jeopardy. So he calls for an ambulance. As the they drag the stretcher, Sam runs their to find sanju is in labour and they r getting her to the hospital. Before they could have a word, she is put in the ambulance and the door is shut.

Sam is driving the car, Tanaya and Ralph r with him.

Sam: I never imagined that my babies would b born in such a condition.
Tanaya: everything is gonna b alright.

At the hospital, sanju is taken to the delivery room. But later so shifted to operation theatre for some complications. Sam companies her to the ot. Sanju is delirious, and the doctors r doing a c-section.

Sanju: take care of the kids while I m away!!(while she is inebriated)

Sam: just relax baby, everything is gonna b fine!!

Sanju: take care!!
Sam looks towards the doctors, they r having a child in their arms, but the baby is not crying, they go forward to take second baby, while struggling to thrive the first.
Sam: baby!! I won’t let anything happen to u!! Just stay with me!!

He sees second baby is also not crying, he thinks what will happen if sanju comes to know that both of their children were still born. As the doctors r busy with the children, the anaesthetist, shows the doctors that the patients pulse r dropping, they move Sam away from sanju, while Sam screams for sanju!!

Sam is waiting with Tanaya and Ralph in the waiting room. The doctor comes in half and hour.
Doctor: we r sorry, sanju had lost a lot of blood, and we could save her!!

Tanaya: wat about her daughters??

Doctor: she delivered a baby boy and a baby girl but they both r still born. I m sorry. May b it happened due to stress. Because her pregnancy was progressing well.

Sam without a word , gets up and enters the ot. He goes to sanju and finds the doctors sewing her back. He looks towards the two life less child, and remembers his moments with sanju,while she was pregnant. he goes to the babies and lifts on of them, holding his child Sam howls, a howl that could b heard all over the hospital, tanaya and Ralph sense it and runs towards ot. All the doctors run out from the ot being scared of Sam. As Tanaya enters sam throws her and Ralph away, he is converted into hybrid. He is about to attack Tanaya when he looks at his reflection and runs away from her.

Ralph helps Tanaya to get up and says that they will have to erase today’s episode from the minds of those doctors,

Tanaya: with looking at his state, I think we would have to erase many people’s memory..

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  1. How can they do like with sanju yaar that to a pregnent lady

  2. Oh so sad yaar.what happens to them now.

  3. Is sanju dead?????

  4. oh gosh it ws such a sad epii yr how can dat stupid ppl go soo low but
    really excited to see wht will sam do next to save his fmly

  5. Sam soon unleash hell on everyone.

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