Dewana dil Part 68


Sanju ask Sam to calm down, Pooja and ketki r shocked at sam, giving back answers to them. Sam takes sanju and leaves for a walk.

Tanaya: come on guys!! Show is over!!
Ayesha smirks as Pooja was insulted. Ketki and Pooja r very angry. Vandana is asking them to forgive Sam, and says that may b Sam was drunk. When Sam a d sanju return from walk, pooja, rahul, ketki, and balraj with Aryan and his wife r standing outside the house. They all look very angry, Vandana is asking them to stay but they r not talking to her. Vandana on seeing Sam ask him apologize or they will leave the house. She holds and pulls Sam to say sorry. Sam looks at their luggage and takes luggage from pooja’s hand. Vandana and Pooja and rest everyone gets happy that Sam is asking them not to go.

Sam: Pooja!! Why r u standing here at the front door with ur luggage?? Do u wanna call a cab or should I sent a car to drop u all at the airport!!(very subtly)

Ayesha standing their burst into laughter, hurting pooja’s ego even more. Sanju comes and apologizes on Sam’s behalf and ask them to stay some more days, looking at vandana’s face. Vandana gets happy, Pooja and ketki thinks that they can’t show any tantrum right now as Sam has shown doors to them, if they do any more drama, sam would pack them like their luggage and parcel them back to India. So Pooja hugs sanju and agrees to stay back.

She goes to the washroom and calls vikram, she ask him that she wants to take revenge for today’s insult. Vikram ask her to meet him at the hospital.

At hospital

Vikram: Pooja I met someone, who could help us. Meet her she is Gina.. Sam’s pa. For many years.

Pooja: wat will she do??
Gina: I know Sam’s weakness!! I just want someone inside the gill mansion with me, and with u by my side Sam won’t stand a chance. Sam has four pillars in his life, which makes him from ordinary Sam to extra ordinary.
1. His beautiful wife.
2. His loyal sister
3. His faithful servant Ralph
4. His most trusted friend varun.
Definitely the last three r hard to hurt but sanjana, she is the most vulnerable and closest to his heart, I cant imagine the pain that Sam will have.

Gina thinks in her mind to use vikram and pooja’s revenge for her benefit. And then they would b blamed.Gina ask them to do something big, not play small games.

Next day as they all planned, Pooja with jiya comes to their lake. Pooja ask to sit in the boat with jiya’s basket. As sanju steps in the boat, she pulls a plug at the bottom of the boat, and acts to put thinks in the boat. Sanju doesn’t have any idea that water is filling in the boat as she is on the other end. Pooja waste some time and then ask sanju to hold jiya and she would step in the boat, but as sanju holds jiya. , Pooja pushes the boat in lake away from The deck.
Sanju is confused and holding jiya, while Pooja waves to her. She finds the boat is filling rapidly with water and with that much weight it would sink in 2 minutes, Pooja knew that sanju doesn’t know swimming.

Pooja: good bye jiyu!! Good bye sanju!!

As she sees that the is entirely filled with water, she starts to scream for help. Even if some listen to her and comes to help them, by the time they arrive sanju and jiyu would sink. Ralph is hunting in the jungle and hears pooja’s scream, he runs towards the lake but is stopped by Gina in between. Sam is doing some work on his laptop, when he hears some screaming, normally that would b inaudible to human ears.

He rush to his balcony to find sanju indrowing. He jumps down the balcony, and runs with his fullspeed and dives in lake, the water of the lake is very cold, due to the winter. He saves jiyu and sanju and brings them back to house. Ralph comes back to the house and says that he killed Gina when she attacked him. Sanju is fine, but due to cold water jiyu is hypothermic. Sanju is unconscious.

Sam rubs jiya, but ask him to not to touch his daughter, as they r responsible for this. And they r killer for his both child. Pooja is acting to care for jiyu. While ketki is asking rahul to calm down as it was gods decision to take jiya away from them.

Sam: let me try!! Jiya will b fine!!
Rahul: u and or wife should not b allowed near any children. As with u no child can survive, u r inauspicious. Look at how many accidents ur wife is having !!! Don’t u get it u don’t have a child in ur fate.

Sam takes jiya and keeps her near the heater and gives cpr to her, with in half and hour, though rahul and everyone is screaming at him, jiya starts to cry, Tanaya has called ambulance and they shift jiya to hospital. Pooja gets shocked as jiya cries, as she thought that she got ride of her.

Rahul, along with whole family moves to the hospital. While Sam and sanju and Tanaya stays back. Sam ask varun to watch over jiya.

At evening when sanju gains consciousness, she finds Sam at the balcony. She goes to him and cups his face and ask.

Sanju: wat is it that u r worried about??
Sam: nothing!! I m not worried about anything( tries to steal his eyes)
Sanju:Sam, I don’t need or mind reading abilities to tell u that u r worried!! Now tell me wat is it??

Sam: do u think I don’t have a child in my fate.
Sanju: why r u saying this?? Did anyone say something to u??
Sam: its nothing like that(Sam thinks not to tell sanju about how rahul insulted him) its just that such an incident has happened with me before, and since u got pregnant such accidents r happening with u too.

Sanju recalls the event and then pause a bit.

Sanju: but today was no accident!!
Sam: I know gina did this, Ralph got her, but she was my mistake, after all
Sanju: no Sam, it was Pooja who did this intentionally, now I remember it. She pushed me and jiyu with the boat.

Sam: but jiya is her own daughter!!

At hospital, Pooja is shown thinking that jiya survived some how, if Sam would not have come then her two problems would b finished today and she would have been a free bird. But now if sanju says everything to Sam, that she did all this intentionally, then??

She starts to cry loud, asking god to save her daughter, with whole family, asking her to have faith in god and jiya will b fine.
Pooja: Sam and sanju hates me, so they tried to kill my daughter, I don’t want anything from them, but pls ask them to just leave my daughter for me..they tried to kill my daughter. Sanju took jiyu from my hands and then pulled a plug at the bottom of the boat, she just acted to drown , but wanted to kill my daughter..

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  1. voww but it ws an awesome epii
    pathetic pooja !!
    hw can she behave soo cheap
    just teach her a good lesson nd bring her truth in front of everyone

  2. omg! how can pooja do like dis? sanju shld teach a lesson to pooja
    waiting for next epi!

  3. How could she kill her own daughter ,she is really mad. It’s good Sam saved her on time.

  4. Plzzz reveal pooja real face infront of samju family

  5. I hate pooja she tried to kill her own child disgusting plzzzz bring her true face to all I must say dat I like ur ff very much dat I don’t see here’s stupid serials plzzzx update soon will be waiting by the way r u from Kerala plzzzxz cmnt

    1. No I m from rajasthan

  6. Ya sure would reveal pooja’s intention to the family soon.

  7. Thanks lakshmi, hayathi and aditi

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