Dewana dil Part 67


Sam is making breakfast for sanju, Pooja comes to the kitchen, for baby’s milk. Sam looks at her not being able to manage her daughter, he ask her to play with jiya(her daughter while he boils milk for her. She agrees and sits on the dining table with jiya. Sam comes to her give the milk bottle, Pooja holds it in a way that she could touch Sam’s hand.

Pooja: look jiyu Sam brought milk for u!!
Acts to play with jiya. Sam jerks of her hand. Rahul is watching this from far. Sam goes back to the kitchen. At dinner, Tanaya has arranged non veg meal for the family. Sanju’s family eat non veg except sanju, who is in her room, as she is disgusted by mere smell of it.

Pooja sits at sanju’s chair across the table against Sam, and stares him, Tanaya also feels it weird the way Pooja stares at Sam.
Tanaya:(whispers) beware Sam, that mad horse is racing for u!!
Sam:(smirks) let her!! She always tried to have something that she could never have.

Next day when Sam comes to kitchen to cook breakfast, Pooja is already their, and has cooked breakfast.
Pooja: (putting her both hands on Sam’s chest) a thank u gift from me..

Sam jerks her off, and holds her neck against the wall,

Sam: its useless to tell u anything, u r like a scorpion, do u know when a Scorpio gets old and tired of its all tricks, he starts to sting himself, till the point he dies. Don’t sting urself so much that same fate occurs to u..
He comes close to her face and says
Sam: still their is time, get on right track, or else, I m a mad bull, and u have no idea wat a mad bull can do!!

He leaves her and goes from their, rahul vlwatches this from far. At the evening time, when Sam is taking sanju for a walk, rahul comes in front of him and they get hit .

Sam: sorry!!
Rahul: (angrily pushes him) sorry !! Sorry for wat?? Sorry for still having an eye on my wife.
Sam: wat!!( feeling disgusted)
Pooja and family comes, hearing rahul shouting
Rahul: I know u r trying to lure my wife, showing ur property, bank balance and estate. U want her!! But she is married to me and is mother of a daughter.

Sanju: rahul u must b mistaken, Sam is not like that.

Rahul: so u want to tell my Pooja is like that??
Family comes towards them. Rahul almost comes close to sanju, but Sam comes in between them.

Sam: look u were talking to me!!
Rahul: yes I m talking about u, to u,, and I want answers why u want mywife??
Pooja runs to rahul and asks him to calm down.
Pooja: just calm down rahul!! And its not all Sam’s fault, may b he hasn’t forgotten about our fling!!

Sam: wait a minute!! Fling!! Pooja, stop fantasizing about me.. And I never had any feelings for u, ever, not even if u were the last women on this earth, I would die like a bachelor rather then to b with u.. And rahul!! Really!! U really think I have an eye on Pooja, well we both know that from whose side the insecurity r, then y blame the wrong guy, but rahul I dont blame u(looking at Pooja who is feeling insulted), may b u placed u fate in wrong person, and now r trying to blame their faults on other.

Ketki:(shouting) don’t talk about my daughter this way, she is as pure as gangaji.. U r polluting her, by saying so..

Sam: auntyji, ur daughter is definitely ganga, but ganga after kolkatta, (he smirks, listening this Tanaya smirks to)

Ketki: u r making fun of us. Of ur elder. We won’t stay a minute in this house.

Sam: good to know that.. Because some people r thinking that they r the head of this house and I m their guest..

Sam to tanaya: tantan I just remembered that this is our house.

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  1. What ketki feels pooja is like ganga shame on her yaar. Sam u r awesome

  2. WOW. . . I always wantd to c pooja gettng so badly insultd by sam n sanju, especialy infrnt f her family. But i hope it does affect sanju anyways badly. Updt nxt part soon. . . Keep smilng 😀 😀

  3. it is awesome. ..

  4. awesome! finally sam blasted dem!
    i wonder how sanju was quite!

  5. rekha vaghela

    Thanks sara, hayathi and liya

  6. Awesome episode yaar. Very nice to see pooja n her mom like that.

  7. Nice story

  8. rekha vaghela

    Thanks zayn and lakshmi

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