Dewana dil Part 66


Sam looks at sanju’s car all messed up, tanaya pulls him back saying at they need to reach the hospital. Sam Ralph and Tanaya reach the hospital, the staff is busy attending the patients, Tanaya ask at the reception for sanju,but receptist gives a vague answer, to check at the general ward and morgue, a lot of people are bugging rreceptist. Sam is all confused, though being a doctor he is well aware of life and death but presently he is all lost at the death scene around him. Tanaya comes running, and ask Sam to come with him. While going towards the general ward, a relative of some patients is talking with others that they brought a pregnant lady to the hospital, from accident site, but she was declared dead.

The word pregnant and dead hit, Tanaya and Sam like atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Still pulling themselves together, they go to the general ward, Sam is looking restless at the patients, a lady moves, and Tanaya could see sanju’s face.

Tanaya: look their she is!!
Sam turns and thanks god, they to her. Sam quickly looks at her charts. One of the sister ask him that is he a doctor that he is checking the charts, Sam politely replies yes, the nurse allows him to check.

Sam: she has no apparent wounds on her body, but we need to discharge her, soon.

At sanju’s gynec clinic

Doctor: Sam, sanju is very lucky to survive a pile up like this, its like god has been watching over ur child. I have checked her. Their is nothing to worry.

Sam: thanks doctors.

He comes to sanju and carcass her face. He tries tracking the event, and comes to know that a mysterious call her to drive the question was who was it?? His first doubt was some noble, but they won’t come directly like this to attack sanju, as they know Sam could easily track back the events, and then he would not leave them. So it was some one who doesnt know about Sam. At the hospital Pooja is consoling Vandana, Sam looks at her, but she steals eyes from him. Sam hears her thoughts that she is sad that her planned failed and sanju survived. Sam aggressively walks towards Pooja, she too gets scared, but Tanaya stops him in middle.

Sam: u know wat she did, still u r stopping me??
Tanaya: don’t behave mad, Sam. How will u prove that she was behind this?? U cant say everyone that u and me read her mind!!

Sam: so do u want to leave her!!

Tanaya: of course not, love my niece, and for wat she tried to do, she will pay!! Just give me some time.. U go and b with sanju.

Sam leaves angrily. Tanaya looks at Pooja, Pooja is steals her eyes again. A call comes on Pooja, she goes aside to answer it. She says that the plan failed, and she Survived. Tanaya hears this conversation and this that she has to put an end to this problem, of Pooja and vikram forever. Varun comes from behind and taps her.

Varun: wat r u thinking??
Tanaya: just something that I m best at..

An fb is shown how tanaya took revenge from merchant and his family. She hugs varun.
Tanaya: people often forget, that though the tigers r not hunting, doesn’t mean that they would never hunt.

Varun: wat r u saying?? I didn’t understood a word.

Tanaya: nothing!! I m happy that babies r fine.
Varun: me too.

He kisses her on flher forehead. Tanaya smiles.

Next day sanju is diacharged and brought back to home. Tanaya calls Sam, after sanju sleeps, Sam , Ralph and Tanaya leave. Everyone feels strange, as Sam left sanju alone after such a big incident. With ketki and pooja creating issues that Sam has second thoughts, and is double faced. Ross goes to sanju’s room and locks it so that their noise could reach her.

Sam reaches dungeons, he finds vikram has a mask on his face and tied to a chair. Tanaya hits him like her punching bag, Sam comes to know that he was behind the accident. He too beats him. When he falls unconscious they leave him. And throw him in front of Sutton’s house.

Sam: OK he got punished, but what about his partner in this crime?

Tanaya: we have much bigger problem then that, Gina was spotted by my people. She is back, and seeing her time of return, I suspect that she is Upto some thing.

Sam: so wat do u suggest??
Tanaya: we should lay low till the babies arrive, and then we would eliminate all the threats!!
Sam: u mean, nobles too!!
Tanaya: yes!! They would keep on creating a problem for u!! And the babies!!
Sam: just leave them!!

Sam notices tanaya’s bright red glowing eyes ( indicating that she is loosing herself to her anger)

Sam: just calm down tantan, u really dong wanna go to that dark side again. Dear, their is nothing in revenge.

Tanaya gets angry on Sam, and realise that she was gonna hit Sam.

Sam: Its all gonna b alright, I m their with u, varun is their, sanju and our babies will comes soon.

He comes close to Tanaya and hugs her. She calms down. As they reach their house, they find it like Indian fish market, ketki and pooja has created issue, as Vandana didn’t listen to them , before marrying sanju to Sam.

Sam: (angrily throws a vase at Pooja, which misses Pooja) stop all this ruckus!!

Pooja: u threw that vase towards me, I could have been hit by it, or even my mom could be.

The vase passed right in middle of them.

Sam: believe me Pooja, I missed.

Saying he leaves from their, Tanaya runs behind him. Pooja and entire family confused and scared as the vase could have hit her on her face.

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