Dewana dil Part 65

Ayesha comes to sanju’s room, while sam is massaging her feet. Seeing ayesha, she ask Sam to get up, but he insist on continuing his working.

Ayesha: wat happened Jiju??
Sam: nothing she got swelling in her feet.
Ayesha: OK.. Jiju!! U know that I have been to america for the first time. And I wanted to see around.. Will arrange a tour of city for me??

Sam: ayesha why just u!! I m going to take all of u for city tour.. Now Ross is here I can leave sanju on his responsibility.

Sanju: of course!! I will b fine u all enjoy the tour.
Ayesha hugs sanju and thanks her and leave.
Sam takes all of them for the city ride the next day. But while coming home he brings raspberry ice cream for sanju. A few days pass like that, Sam entertaining his in laws, around his property and the city, sanju’s 8 month has started.

They come home from a regular checkup. Sam informs that the babies r gonna b delivered at 12th of April and doctor is gonna do an elective c-section. Sanju goes for a shower, Pooja hates this, as rahul no more takes care of her. She thinks its because she gave birth to a daughter. But rahul hates her for using him for her purpose.

Pooja sneaks into sanju room and pour some oil near bathroom door. Sanju comes out of the bathroom but does not slip. At the dinner time, when all r gathered someone comes shouting, its vikram. He is drunk. Sam and other push him out before he could reach to sanju. Pooja remembers him as sanju’s ex fiance and thinks to use him to have her revenge.

On next day at hospital, Pooja arrives and meets vikram, they both shake hands and Pooja leaves, while Sam is out for work, an unknown caller calls sanju, informing her that Sam is gonna b attacked and he is at hospital, sanju tries Sam’s phone but his phone is silentand he is doing meeting with some ddoctors. She looks around in the house but all have gone for their work, only her family is present, she rushes to garage and drives off. While driving, a trailer’s wood logs detach and r a massive pile up occurs on the road.

Sam reaches home, and finds sanju missing, he tracks the car to the pileup, the inspector ask him to check at the hospital for any wounded or dead. Sam gets shocked!!

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  1. Pooja is really disgusting .what happened to sanju now.

  2. Plzzzzzzzzz don’t kill my sanju and her babies I don’t want to see pooja win plzzzzzzzzzz don’t kill them

  3. Oh god what will happend now

  4. Pls end this psycho pooja character

  5. Vikram and Pooja have joined hands. But Sam and Tanaya could read minds, if they come to know that they r responsible for sanju’s condition, they would make their life hell.

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