Dewana dil Part 64


Sam has tears in his eyes as he finishes his story. He looks up but sanju has fallen asleep. He kisses her tummy and then her fore head. He covers her up by blanket and sleeps beside her, recalling Nef’s face, when he stabbed her. He thinks he tortured nef that much still she came to him as sanju.

In the morning a lot of rustle is their in gill mansion. Its Tanaya ordering the party planner and her assistant.

Sanju: (still sleepy) tanaya wat r u doing?? And who r they??

Tanaya: (excitedly) they r party planner, (seeing sanju clueless) for ur baby shower!!duh!!

Sam smirks. Sanju beats him not to laugh at her. She complains Tanaya that she doesn’t want a grand baby shower, as she is very tired most of the days. But tanaya insist on keeping it, as this is special for her and Sam. Finally sanju has to give in. Sam signs tanaya. They go aside.

Tanaya: wat?
Sam: did u invite her family??
Tanaya: yes!! Why??
Sam: u should not have. U know last time wat happened!!
Tanaya: hey nothing will happen!! Chill!! Its over home ground!! (Acts like hitting a ball with bat)
Sam: OK I trust u. Just handle it well.
Tanaya: Sam!! Actually her mom, ketki aunty, vatsal, balraj and her dad are arriving today, Pooja, with her daughter and husband will b coming tomorrow with ayesha, and Aryan and his wife, her elder brother and his wife can’t come.

Sam:(sighs) Pooja again..
Tanaya: yes that again. (Seeing sanju coming towards them avoids taking pooja’s name)

At noon, Vandana and ketki come and scream sanju!! Sanju is sitting with her back towards them, Sam is sitting on a chair, he immediatelygets uup to help sanju get up. She has a bit difficulty due to her tummy. Vandana and ketki hugs her and congratulate her, they r a bit off towards Tanaya, for her last encounterwwith her. They greet Sam as well, though Sam doesn’t like it, for that smile on sanju’s face to prevail, he reciprocate their reaction of being excited. Its first time that Vandana and her dad are at sanju’s house. Sam gives them a tour around his house, as sanju is unable to walk much. After coming back, Sam helps sanju to get up to get back to her bed.

Ketki: its good that or husband takes care like this.. I used to work till 8 th month during Pooja.

Sam: I think we have planned the baby well.. Unlike the previous generation that sanju could relax, and will join work after she thinks that baby could stay without her. (Making a sharp comment)

Tanaya: OK Sam u take sanju, I have to talk about the rituals to aunties. (Trying to disturb the tension situation between Sam and ketki)

Ketki seems to sabotage the baby shower plans of Tanaya. And is even going against vandana’s will. But Tanaya thinks that it would b better if they go along for a few time.

Sanju is relaxing in her bed. When ketki and Vandana sneaks in.
Vandana: I m so excited to see my grandson face!!
Sanju: who told u its grandson??

Ketki: common sanju, Sam has allowed to keep this pregnancy and s*x determination is done in US, so it has to b a boy.

Sanju:(shocked) Sam would never do that. And its twin girl for ur knowledge. And Sam always wanted it to b a girl rather than a boy.

Vandana: so its twin girl??

Sanju: sorry mom to disappoint u. But yes they r girls and I like it, whether u like it or not, now pls leave. I have headche.
Sanju is disappointed at her mother and aunt’s thinking. Sam enters her room.

Sam: r u alright?? I heard them!!don’t worry these are our girls, and they would never require anyone’s approval. Ever..

Sanju hugs him saying I love u..

Next day Pooja arrives with her daughter and husband. Pooja instigate ketki and Vandana against Sam and sanju, saying that they r showing off their riches by planning such an extravagant baby shower. Ross arrives with Kahn and congratulates sanju. Ross has brought lots of gift for his sister, which dismays Pooja, as she had made a cut on shopping for sanju, back in India. So that she could spoil her baby shower. Over and above ross, Kahn has also brought gifts, Sam ask them to wait for the rituals next day and give the gifts during rituals. They both agree and stay.

Apparently, sanju doesnt even have to take water by her self, someone in the house is always present to help her. Even Ross and Kahn also work to let sanju rest as much as possible.

Ross and sanju r laughing at her rooms balcony, when sanju holds her tummy,

Ross: (worriedly) is everything alright,?? Wait I will call Sam!!

Sanju: no its all OK,, its just baby is kicking,

She puts Ross hand on her tummy, he too gets*xcited ffeeling the baby kicking. Pooja is watching all this and gets jealous. She thinks that everyone is taking care of her like she is somewhere’s Queen
On the next day, Sam comes to his room, sanju is sitting on her dressing stool and Sofia(a vampire stylist) is doing her makeup. She turns to look at Sam.

Sam: ohh!! God u look so pretty!!
Sanju: (throws pillow at him) I m looking weird with this big tummy,
Sam coming close to her, Sofia moves aside, Sam bends and hugs her from behind. Saying that she is his love, carrying his love with her, can anyone b prettier to him than her?? Sanju smiles shying.

Ketki rushes into their room making an uncomfortable moment. Ketki tells sanju that once she is givem aarti thal, she is not supposed to sit down or any where on the stool.
A pundit brings Aarti thal for sanju. She gets up with Sam’s help and takes the thal. Ketki ask her to come to the hall, for ritual. On their way, Pooja comes and stops her, saying that her chunri is not going well with her dress and her marriage chunri would match, asking Tanaya to find that chunri.

Tanaya and Sam gets angry as sanju will get tired and her health might get deteriorated. Ketki and Pooja tries to stall the time. But Sam ask them to step aside as the chunri was made by a designer and it was out of their fashion sense to comment on it.

Sanju comes and does tilak of ross, varun, vatsal and Aryan and they give her gifts, she then does balraj and her father’s tilak and they all give her gifts. Later the men stand out and female comes one by one and gives their gift and wishes for the baby in sanju’s ears. Tanaya is standing just beside sanju, supporting her, as her legs have started to show swelling. Pooja and ketki r stalling the event. Pooja’s turn comes to say something in sanju’s ears, she says that her importance got reduced by 1 daughter, she is gonna bore two ,what will hhappen to her importance then!!

Tanaya also hears this, due to her super hearing, she gets angry at her, but decides to stay calm. After all the ladies r finished, Tanaya takes down bad eye from sanju, and finally sanju sits down. Its almost 4 hours that she stood continuously. Sam comes and puts her feet on the table and massage them. Poojagets mmuch more jealous looking at Sam taking care of sanju like this.

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