Dewana dil Part 63 ( origin of story)


The life like a commoner is really difficult for nef. She has never worked at palace. Samr does work all day and then cooks food to. She helps him cleaning. Even Tanaya helps her. But they could hardly meet the 2 ends.

Once while carrying water, nef stops at a jewelry store, it has beautiful anklet. But as the shop keeper sees her touching it, he ask them to go. Tanaya and nef run away. The shop keeper complains the guards of the theft. For which Tanaya and nef get searched but soldiers don’t find anything. Samr watches this. Its an insult to the princess to b searched like that for a theft. At night samr is cooking food and nef is helping him, he ask her to bring the cereals that he bought today from his bag, she searches his bah for cereal but finds the anklet for which she was insulted. Samr bows down..

Samr: shall I princess??
Nef smilingly puts her feet forward, samrmakes her wear the anklet.

Nef: do u smell something??
Samr sniffs and realize that the left their food on the fire. They rush, samr tries to take off the pot from the chula and gets his hands burnt, nef takes his hands and pamper them and heals them.( she is a white witch like her mother)

A celebration is going on in the city for the gods. Samr and Tanaya r enjoying it. Nef is helping the ladies to prepare food for gods which they would put into the bone fire. Ladies r making fun of nef as she can’t cook. But still she is helping them.

They give the food to men to put it into the bone fire. But as samr’s hand touches her, she gets a vision. A vision in which, ruk murders the entire city to find her, with last stabbing a men, when the man turns to nef, it is samr, ruk comes close to nef, and nef could see them standing over thousands of corpses.

Samr: wat happened nef??
Nef: nothing.
Samr gets suspicious. At night when samr and Tanaya falls sleep after eating the food mixed with herbs that would make them sleep, nef sneaks out of their house in cloak and leaves.

She arrives the palace. Ruk greets her for returning to him. Nef ask him to marry her, and she was never ready for a commoner life. Ruk announces the wedding. After the whole day is passed, samr and Tanaya wake up.and find nef missing. They try to find her, but nef’s friends ask her to b at the engagement of the king, with the princess. Tanaya runs to samr and informs him of this fact that nef is going to marry ruk. Samr is heart broken, at first but then thinks that he risked his life for nef, and with him even tanaya’s, still no matter wat all they did to keep her safe, she ran away to ruk. He thinks that a betrayer like nef deserves to die.

At the palace,

Munmun: r u sure princess?? The majdaiwould kill u after u kill the king!!

NEF: I have no choice, I have to do it myself. He is threat to everyone, including samr and Tanaya.

Munmun: I think u should wait for prince rus to come with his army!!

Nef: no.. Munmun that would too late.. And..

Nef stumbles a few step, saying this. Munmun runs to help her. Munmun checks her and finds that nef is with a child. This news breaks nef.

Nef: I can’t kill ruk.. I have to marry him. Iwill make it look as it is his child. I ccan’t let any harm come to this child. Its my and samr’s child. (Getting emotional)

Munmun: sure princess, so shall we prepare for wedding.

Nef: yes. (Sadly)
Someone is seen spying on them.

Samr comes to nef chamber with a dagger. But some one captures him, its ruk.

In ruk’s room.

Ruk: u must b shocked as why I let u live?? Don’t use ur little brain. I hate nef as much as u hate her. I know she has married to u, but now she is here in my arms. She was always like this, samr, like her mother. So I want u to do wat u came her to do, but not like this, but in the wedding. I want her to look u into ur eyes when u kill her. She must not die in sleep. She should not b given that luxury.. Wat do u think?? Will u do my work?? If u do this, u will get u life back..

Samr: I will. For my hate for her is much above everything.

Samr leaves. Ruk talks to his informer

Ruk: now samr will kill his love, and his child. And nef would b left heartbroken, I want to see that look on her face when he daggers her.

Ruk smirks.

At weding, samr is disguised as a majdai, ruk and nef are watching dance. As dance finishes nef and ruk walk to the priestess. While they r walking, nef notices samr walking next to ruk, she finds something fishy. And thinks that may b samr is her to murder ruk. But if he gets successful he would have to die. So before samr could dagger her she tries to kill ruk. But the majdai protect him, samr stabs her with his dagger, to nef’s surprise. She falls on the floor but is still conscious.

Ruk: look nef, wat u love did to u!! And u left me for him.

Ruk stabs samr in the back. With a scream, samr falls down. And dies. He iswearing the ring that was made for ayab by the witches. It was given to samr by nef. Nef cries.

Ruk says that he knew that she was planning to murder him. But he turned everything against her. And then tells her how he manipulated samr to stab her.nef gets angry on ruk for doing this to her, and removes samr’s dagger from her stomach and throws at ruk. The dagger hits him in neck and he falls down. And so does she.

A few days later she wakes up in her room,

Munmun: (crying) it all gone..
Nef is also in tears.
Munmun: the baby is dead and so is his father,the ccouncilman have taken over the kingdom, and removed u from the throne. They also denied samr’s final rite and threw his body in the desert. And u have been given alakai.. For marrying a non royal, and killing the last king.

Nef closes her eyes and tears fall from her eyes. The councilman visit her.

Councilman: so now u r all right. We r here to inform u that u have to suffer an alakai. And majdai grabs her to the cell. They also take munmun and other maids with them.

Alakai was a curse given to black soul. For which the person was kept alive,
1. The person was ropes from all luxuries of life.
2. Person was defamed in front of the people that knew them( in this case her whole kingdom)
3. Person would b held at a post in public and public would beat them for their bad deed.
4. The body that thy were so proud once is skinned or burnt keeping them alive.
5. The food and water which wear basic necessity r denied to them.
6.the necessity of afterlife, their eyes , tongue and ears r fed to jackals.
7. Deined of proper final rites. And left in a pit to die.

This would last for seven days. After her death, Prince rus came with his army and got the kingdom back. And performed her final rites.
Somewhere far away, samr wakes up again.

For putting a white witch to such an agony, those people and those majdai, who should have supported her, suffered the same way that she had suffered for 7 days. But for them it was all eternity. Showing majdai going painful conversion in to a wolf

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