Dewana dil Part 62 ( origin of story)


Nef is sitting at the garden. All the majdai and munmun accompanying her. With them is samr. He keeps on looking at through the veil. Both were friends during childhood, but right now the scene is so that samr can’t introduce himself to the princess. Nor the princess couldforget her pprotocol and talk to him.

Finally nef decides to meet samr. She sends an order to samr via munmun, asking him to meet her by spice market at night.

Samr is waiting at the spice market for nef, but does not find her. Suddenly the entertainment at the market starts a few ladies starts to dance, and try to get money from merchants. A lady also comes to samr, but he declines that he doesn’t have money and is waiting for someone.

Lady: who said I want money??
Signs to follow her, she has an amazing swag. And her silky smooth skin is magnificent. Samr follows her to pond, a very lonely place, supposed to b haunted by dead.

Samr: lady.. I think we r at wrong place.. And we shouldn’t b here.

Lady: wat happened majdai soldier?? Afraid of ghost??

Samr: its nothing like that.

The lady unveils herself, its nef.
Nef hugs samr, compared to her, his body is dirty and sweaty. Samr hugs her back.

Samr: princess !! U should b outside without guards!! Some one might attack u.

Nef: samr, I m feeling more protected here then those palace walls. (She reminisc the old king trying to molest her)

Samr: princess nothing will happen to u, I would protect u with my life.

Nef: I know samr, u would. But I need a friend more than a protector.

Samr: princess I will b whatever u want.. Just say that word.

Nef: u call me princess and still will b my friend?? U should stop calling me that!! After all I m princess for namesake only.

Samr: princess, I must not forget my place, and so calling u by u name is not a good thing for me. Calling u princess, makes me feel that u r the moon and the moon itself is right now descended to the earth to met me.

Nef : so if I was not a princess won’t u b my friend?? I m ur friend because I m daughter of ayab and anak??

Samr: no my lady.. I didn’t mean that in any word. But I m a commoner, fighting my way to keep myself and my step sister alive. So I should b in touch to ground even if I have ur previous friendship.

Nef: ur big words irritate me.

Samr: so wats it that a princess had to come to met a commoner??

Nef: just a little girl gave me this, to give it to u.

Its a wooden figure that samr had given to princess nef while they were playing .

Samr: u had it for this many years.

Nef: it was a symbol that I still have some one.

Samr: u also have kahn-um. He is very loyal to u. And ur brother rus.

Nef: both have been exiled. And have never returned to save me or my people.

Samr: if u despise so much the life in castle why don’t u elope??

Nef: its not that easy. Ruk is mad he would make people suffer for my action and I won’t b doing it.

Samr: so u would stay in this hell forever??

Nef: till ruk doesn’t die! Yes!!

Samr hugs nef, and she hugs him back, she finds his rough arm more comfortable that the silk linens of her bed.

Samr and nef keep on meeting like this. Soon they started to have feelings for each other. But samr knew that it was impossible for him to have nef. And nef couldn’t marry a commoner according to the law. More over ruk won’t allow their union. Ruk had military power and would remove samr from the kingdom if he got to know.

To the twist and tangles of the life, nef( being awhite wwitch) has a prophecy that samr would die at ruks hands. Making it impossible for her to let samr close to her. But samr started to pressurize her to run away with him, when ruk inebriated states tries to enter her room.

Samr: u know I don’t like him touching u like that?? Princess he is wounding ur respect and I can’t stand an dwatch.

Nef: (angrily) that’s y u hit him?? Why don’t u understand, I have been smitten to him. Whether I like or not..

Samr: don’t tell me this nef!! U r just mine and no one else.. (Holding her by her arms)

Nef: what did u called me??

Samr: nef..
Nef: yes.. Samr I m urs. I m urs samr.

She hugs him. Someone sees them in each others embrace. Ruk is shown angry, he is sitting at a celebration and constantly seeing nef. He is drunk. He gets up, and announces that soon he would marry the princess nef.. And today princess nef would dance to entertain the news. Samr gets shocked as it is an insult to nef. To dance in front of the battalion, in front whom she was always in a veil.

Nef: my lord, I cant dance in front of battalion. Its against my honour. I would arrange a dance and entertainment for u all.

Ruk: no need nef, I want u too dance..

Nef: sorry.. I can’t..

She stands up to leave the celebration. But ruk holds her hand and throws her on the floor.

Ruk: u can b in the arms of majdai but not dance in front of men. U r just like ur mom, the moment she got widowed she was in arms of my father.

Nef slaps him. Ruks gets angry and gets samr arrested.

Nef: ruk pls leave him. It was my mistake. He was just following my orders.

Ruk: the problem is he touched u my love.. And now he will pay the price. He will see u dancing in front of many men without or veil. Wat the need of this veil, when u don’t have any respect.

Saying so he pulls down her veil. Making her embarrassed in front of soldiers. All elder soldier find it sad, as their princess is insulted like this. But the young soldier are enjoying ruks anger on nef.

Ruk starts to beat samr. And tells nef that he would keep on beating samr till she starts to dance. And as her frets stop, samr’s beating would resume. With the first punch lands on samr she starts to dance. An hour pass she is still dancing nonstop. She is tired.

Ruk: common princess u have to b pure beforeu marry me. Today i will remove ur thoughts of other men.

Saying so he throws his gems at the floor. She stops, but Sam R’s beating starts, so she resumes her dancing though her bleeds as she steps on it. Ruk throws more and more gems on the floor. Samr is asking nef to stop dancing. But she continue till the point she falls dowm unconscious.

She wakes up in her room, with munmun taking care of her. Their are a lot of soldiers onher rroom, so that she doesn’t run away. Ruk comes to her chamber. Tries to touch her. But she doesn’t let him touch herself.

Ruk: u won’t allow me to touch u, but u could b in that ordinary soldiers arms. Well!! Whether u want it or not. I will keep u with me always. Even if I have to burn this whole kingdom down.

Saying so he leaves. Munmun informs her thatkha-sab a general loyal to her has left, to send msg to her brother rus to help her. And ruk got samr and his sister in jail. Ruk tries to molest nef in front of samr, but nef leaves as she couldn’t take it the way he is torturing samr.

The letter from rus comes, asking her to leave the palace for a year, and he would win back the kingdom after this year. As he is already on a war with some king.

Munmun has made all plans for nef’s run way. But nef declines as she knows that if she runs away ruk would keep samr and his innocent sister Tanaya.

With help of a few loyal guards she plans her escape with that of samr and tanaya. They reach the same place where they used to met. Samr hugs her.

Samr: thank god u r OK..
Nef: not for long.. U have to run away with Tanaya. I want u to b safe.
Samr: no I m not leaving u alone. In this mess.
Nef: why don’t u understand??
Samr: why don’t u understand, I can’t go..

Finally, samr and nef r shown getting married at tribal village by their priest.

Samr: princess I know u r used to diamonds and ruby and fine linens, I can’t provide u all that, but I won’t let any unhappiness reach u until I m their with u.
Nef smiles. They starts to leave as commoner in the some other city. With samr working as a labourer for a blacksmith and nef fetching water for rich people.

While walking thrrough the streets, net watches at the flowers being taken for the palace, she likes the flowers, but right now they don’t have money for such luxury. Samr gets a flower for her.

Nef: I don’t want it..
Samr: u like it the most..
Nef: we don’t have money to waste on this things.
Samr: I know I can’t give u a diamond crown but..
Saying so he brings out a crown made up of the same flower and puts it on her head.

Samr: perfect … My princess.

Saying so he bows down. Nef hugs him.

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