Dewana dil Part 61 ( origin of story)


Sam is talking to sanju’s tummy, telling their story to their daughters.

Once upon a time their was kingdom, where magic was forbidden. And those found doing itwere put execution. The kking had only one son, prince ayab. He was a very kind at heart. But one day the prince got fatally wounded at a war. The king tried every doctor to heal his only son but he didn’t got any luck. He finally decided to get help from the same magic that he had banned previous. He ordered his soldiers to find a witch who could heal his son. But a normal witch magic would have adverse reaction. So one of them instructed to find a white witch, who r rare of their kind and their magic would heal prince without any adversity on him. But for the time being they made prince a ring that would bring back him to life, if he dies before they could find a white witch.

A slave merchant comes to the king with an offer of his one of the slave being great at healing even the most mortal wound. The king keeps that slave, and the slave true to her masters words heals the prince. The prince being grateful names her anak. But anak as other slaves was bound. A few days later the god gave permission to the great king to move forward to his after life. And ayab was the crowned king next. Anak had special place in his eyes.

She was like no other women in his land. A wheatish complexion, with eyes so black that even the night seemed to b grey. And lips so red that even the roses got its redness from it. Ayab married her. And made her queen anak. He always protected the fact that anak was a white witch.

Queen anak bore him a son, rus-ank(Ross) and then a baby princess neferti( sanju). Rus was over ambitious, while nef was a sensitive. Ayab always favoured his little princess more over his son. Maybe it was because she was born after a very longtime after rus. Or they had almost lost her at the time of her birth, or may b it was the priestess prediction that the girl will change the fate of the kingdom for ever.

At 15 yes of age, rus due to his ambitious nature led to attack a tribe but his battalion got ambushed and he ran back. Ayab exiled him for disobeying him and removed him from the throne line. At that time net was just 4 yr old. Nef found solace in arms of her nanny, munmun and yolka. Yolka had a son , he was of same age as princess and would often come to the palace with his mother and play with the princess. His name was samr(Sam)

But yolka died in a plague and samr’s entry to princess chamber stopped. Years passed and nef turned 12 when her father died in war against a warlord. Their were rumors of warlord’s terror. The council turn to the now widowed queen to save them.

Queen anak marries the old warlord making him king. With him came his 13 th son ruk-ah-mun. Ruk had an ambition to become a king, though he was as ruthless as his father and soalways troubled nef, as she was considered real princess by the people.

As the time went, nef did grew in beauty and grace, she had her mothers beauty and her fathers heart, and was loved by all. Samr got a job after his father’s death, to support his step mother and little Tanaya, of just 6 yrs.

The old king and ruks eye were always on nef, for she had out grown all limits of beauty known to them. One night the old king tries force himself on nef, samr tries to intervene but the king orders him to stay aside. Samr runs to the queen and ask her to help the princess. In a quarrel between them, the king murders the queen. But it is shown as an accident to others. Samr finds it his duty to protect his childhood friend and mets munmun. They device a plan, to make son and father against each other, but hardly did they knew that by doing so they would only increase nef’s trouble. Ruk had all the military in his control as well as majdai, when he hearsthat his ffather tried to molest nef, he made a plan to assassinate his own father andget hhimself crowned as king and then marry nef.

At a celebration, a fire starts out and with in a few minutes it takes all the place, ruk is movedto a safe place but nef gets trapped inside. Samr jumps into the fire and saves nef. But ungrateful ruk doesn’t take Sam R’s action into consideration. Samr is badly burnt while saving nef. When nef comes to know this she sneaks out of the palace on her horse to the slum where the soldier samr lived. And gives money and medicine for him.

A few days later when samr is back to the palace he gets promoted to a majdai, with posting near nef’s room. He comes to thanks the princess during the proceeding, but nef finds something familiar. Munmun points out that the soldier is samr, son of yolka.

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