Dewana dil Part 6


Mohobat aapse

Sanjana is getting ready for her work. Her senior are in a mood of her ragging and ask her to keep pediatrics patients in place. Even sanjana’s objections that its not her work she has to do it.
Most of the patients and are their for long time and like any child don’t like doctors.

As soon as sanjana enters the ward bucket of water falls on her.
And the children start laughing. Warden says its time for play they all go out in lawn and sanjana goes to change. When she comes back she fall in mud and her dress and face gets dirty. ( she laughs on her clumsiness)
A cute girl offers her pipe to wash herself and when she replies yes she sprays water on her.
Kids and sanjana have fun by playing in water.

Sam is passing he see sanjana and comes in front of flow. His sky blue shirt becomes transparent. Showing his masculine body. Sanjana gets worried that who he might. All the kids run way saying Frankenstein has come seeing him.
Sanjana covers her mouth and runs away too.

Krisha ( sanjana’s neighbouring room mate) gossips do u know some one spoiled trustees clothes this morning. Sanjana listening while passing.
She curses herself for her stupidity. She has all sort of dream, where she is kicked out of the hospital by Sam and asking sanjana in a funnymanner aab tera kya hoga Sanjana!!

She decides to apologize to Sam. But she does not know anything so she invites krisha for breakfast in canteen.

Krisha introduces Sam aka samrat gill while eating her sandwich and coffee.

Samrat gill. Trustee of new york’s most reputed hospital. He owns half of the ships in the oceans. He is the king of the transport business. And most of the girl want to b his gf. He has one best friend varun Gandhi( guy in blue suit) son of Indian ambassador and his father is also a CEO in MNC.
Samrat is a doctor by profession and hence take interest in hospital work.

Sanjana curses herself she is such an idiot what will she do.
Its 11 o’clock and the duties are assigned to everyone.

She decides to meet samrat and apologize. She knocks at his cabin no reply is their. She decides to check in the cabin herself. She seeing a model and touches it but due to a chain reaction a clock on the door falls she thinks before anyone comes she would fix it.

And gets a chair to fix it. But couldn’t reach so takes doors’ support as soon as she hangs clock the door opens and she falls. She closes her eyes.

She peeks a bit to see that samrat has actuallycaught her. In shock sanjana stammers and can’t explain anything. And just runs away.

At night
Who does this on their 1st day spoil trustees clothes, break trustees clock and than fall on them. Krisha ask wat ??? So u were that girl!! U are gone girl. Samrat won’t leave u for this.

But than in a teasing manner krisha ask how was my Sammy holding u?? Did u feel his biceps ?? Or his muscle?? How was my Sammy just tell me!! Pls.

Sanjana says just shut up, I think u have a crush on him.

Krisha: of course everyone has a crush on him.

Sanjana gets up goes to sleep. The ball room is shown again but this time sanjana kisses the guy and she just wakes up. She thinks whyis she sstill thinking about the guy.

Sanjana and samrat are not getting along that well their superior assign them together. Telling even trustees has to maintain the discipline. And follow their this order.
Sanjana and samrat’s sweet nok joks in canteen and lift occurs

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