Dewana dil Part 59


Sam and sanju r at the hospital. Their is a small treat for all the passing student. Chelsey, sutton and krisha also completed their course. Varun and Dr. Robins are hosting the treat. Sam and vikram r also invited. All sister congratulate sanju, sanju is smiling and very happy. Sam is just besides her holding her by her waist. Occasionally kissing her on the neck and cheek , when people compliment and congratulate them. Vikram leaves the party after having a fight with Sutton. Dr. Robins ask them to complete there one month duty left and have a bright future ahead. Sutton is also getting jealous as who perfectly sanju’s life has turned out.

A few days later.

Sam is waiting for sanju at dinner, he looks at the clock, its 9:30pm. He takes the phone and calls her.
The no. Is switched off currently keeps on playing. The door bell rings, Sam runs to open for sanju, he finds a Richard, informing him that some body left a packet at the gate. They examine it and open it to find a tablet in it. As he tries to switch it on, a live fed is shown.

Sanju is shown trapped in a huge room sort of construction, and water is falling from above. The room is about a knee length already filled with water.
Tanaya: wat should we do?? It looks like some tank.
Sam: 1st of all find sanju. Then will take care of who ever did this.

He calls the sisters how inform him that sanju had left before an hour. Sanju is screaming for help on the camera, the cold water is making her body numb. She doesn’t know that Sam is watching all this at the other end. Sam starts to beast track sanju from hospital. He finds her car pushed down the road. From her car, he finds the car of the people who kindnapped her, by beast sense. He follows their scent to the mineral water factory. Their r many such tankers in the factory and within one of the tanker is sanju.

By this much time the water has reached till her mouth. She is trying to breathe, but not much air is left. Sam ask everyone to open the water tankers. Tanaya and other starts to open it. The tanker of sanju runs out of the air and she goes under water. Sam panics and starts to run to open the lids of the tanker. Finally he sees light coming from in the tanker, so they have probably opened sanju’s tanker but which one is it.

He ask them to go inside and search for sanju in last opened tankers. Ralph comes out with sanju. She is unconscious. Sam and tanaya help him to bring sanju out. It has been a few minutes since she ran out of air. Sam is worried. He is shaking. Tanaya ask him to step aside if he is not sure. Sam replies that he onlytrust sanju and babies ssafety are in his hands only. He starts to give mouth to mouth to her. He continue it for around 4-5 minutes and she starts to breath. She opens her eyes, giving relief to sam. Sam sits down and crys and have finally lie down besides sanju.

Sanju also takes rest for a minute. Tanaya helps her to get up. Sam also gets up and then lift her in his arms. And carry her to his car. She is all wet and chilled. Sam switches on thehheater. His clothes r also wet and so she would feel even more cold if he hugs her. They arrive home and sanju falls asleep.

At the middle of night, sanju Is screaming to let her go.. Sam tries to wake her up, but its futile. She has high fever. And so she might b hallucinating in fever. Sam thinks this is not good for baby. He brings an injection and gives it her. Tanaya also sits worried beside sanju, as she keeps on screaming.

Tanaya: I think today’s incident had a very bad effect on her. She probably got afraid and so got fever.
Sam: may b its because of cold water.
.Tanaya: Sam wat r u hiding I know that look on ur face??
Sam: she said to me while sleeping, that she was very much worried for the babies and this was the worst fearful experience of her. I also think that she is afraid, but then this fever would b psychiatric fever. And to deal it, it would b difficult. I hope that its just due to cold water And nothing much.
Tanaya: do u think this might b PTSD?
Sam: hey!! Don’t say that word. She is in condition that we can’t even give her any medication for it. I know she is going to b fine.

Sam thinks that I m also afraid that she might b suffering from PTSD. And its drugs can’t b given in pregnancy, let’s hope its not so.
Tanaya: OK just take care of her.

Sam nods a yes and carcass her face.

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  1. Who dared to kidnap sanju? Der r lots f enemies nah. . . Like vikram, the eldrs, gina, nw jealous sutton n evn her cousin puja. . . Hu can dat myt b?

  2. Soon will disclose.. Sam won’t sit quite after an attempt on sanju’s life.

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