Dewana dil Part 57


At pooja’s baby shower vandana is doing all the rituals. Sanju is standing behind. Suddenly sanju feels a bit dizzy, she thinks may b its due to the crowd. And tries to leave the function. But her elder sister in law, dharmi thinks that sanju is not able to see Pooja happy and so is running from the function. She also signs this to her aunt, who forcibly pulls sanju back to function from outside, though she keeps on saying that she is not feeling well. Tanaya sees her sweating and goes towards her.

Tanaya: r u alright??

Sanju takes Tanaya support to stand. She is gasping too. Tanaya supports her to bring her out of the crowd, but her aunty pulls her back, it is finally Tanaya gets angry and ask them to leave sanju. She pulls sanju out, outside the men are sitting, Sam and varun watch Tanaya bring sanju.

Sam: wat happened to her??
Tanaya: I don’t know… Just start the car and switch on the ac. Fast.
Sam: we should leave for our rooms. Now.

Sam drives back to cambay. Within a few minutes sanju recovers, but still has weakness.
Sam: how r u feeling?? (Pampering her cheeks he asks)
Sanju: better..
Sam: wat happened??
Sanju: may b the crowd, lead to this.
Sam smirks and ask her to rest. Tanaya is a bit tensed. She had created a scene with sanju’s aunt.
Sam: u did good tantan. Then why tensed??
Tanaya: my action would spoil her relationship with her family.
Sam: they r not good enough to b called relatives.
A call comes on sanju, its of Aryan.

Aryan: sanju u left?? We all r going for movie.
Sanju: I m not feeling well, u all go..
Aryan: ohh!! Wat happened??
Sanju: no nothing big, just crowd and heat got me. Just a bit dizziness.
Aryan: hey u should come for movie, u well likeit. And ttheatre now a days have ac. Come on pls come back.
Sanju: Aryan but..
Aryan: pls come back.. U came after a long time since ur wedding, pls come for movie.
Sanju: OK..
Aryan: OK I will book tickets for u and jiju as well.
Sanju: fine.

Sanju and Sam enter balraj’s house, everyone is ready for movie. Just on seeing sanju ketki drops the tea kettle.
Ketki: I have just one daughter and u made an issue at her baby shower.
Vandana and Pooja r also standing their. Pooja is asking ketki to calm down.
Ketki: u r so jealous of her that u didn’t stayed for ur sister’s baby shower.
Vandana: u should have stayed, it was just for one hour!!
Sanju: but mom I said I was not well.
Vandana: not well!! I saw with my own eyes u were perfectly fine and eating ice cream their and suddenly u started to feel ill and now u r well again..
Aunties: we tried to stop u but or sister in law created a scene at pooja’s in laws house. She didnt even respected us. She doesn’t know ourvvalues but u know. Still u left..

Ketki is crying and creating a drama.
Vandana: u created a bad impression of mine in front of pooja’s in laws, u questioned my upbringing.

Sanju and Sam r still at the door step.and standing their in shock.

Sanju: mom, were is all this going I don’t understand!!
Vandana: stop it sanju. Pooja treated me like her mother and asked me do all her rituals because I might not get chance with u. But u didn’t respect my special moment. U couldn’t stand beside ur mother and sister in their happiness.

Vandana also starts to cry. Pooja walks towards Vandana but she slips and fall down. Everybody gets worried. Sam and sanju rushes to help her. Sam carries her to his car. And then drives his car. All the other follow them.

Doctors says that they did good by bringing her fast, her water had broken. And they have to deliver the baby prematurely. A tension is present in the waiting area. Vandana is supporting ketki and is not talking to sanju. All other sitting on other side if the sofa, and Sam and sanju on the other side. Pooja’s mother in law is gossiping that they had got the baby’s s*x determined and it was a baby boy. She also says that Pooja wanted to have the 1st baby boy of their family, as her brother has only a daughter. She is boosting that soon she would have her grand son. Sam feels disgusted at their petty thoughts. The doctor comes and informs them that poojs gave birth to a girl child. And she is kept in incubator. Pooja’s mother in law, ketki and all r shocked. With apparent face that they didn’t like the arrival of the girl.
Her mother in law starts drama that her bahu got bad eye from a childless women and look wat happened. And ketki also starts to cry. They ask her to leave. As it is their belief that if a childless women’s shadow falls on baby then it dies. And the child is already in incubator. The most hurtful thing is that, its Vandana who is saying all this to sanju.

Sam: sanjana gill, we r leaving from here at once!! ( angrily)
Sanju: Sam but
Sam: u can see urself getting insulted but I can’t , we r leaving.
Sanju: Sam
Sam: ( in lower tone just so that only sanju could hear) pls at least for babies sake. Let’s go.
Sanju leaves with Sam. Tanaya comes to the hospital bearing gifts for the infant and mother. She apologizes to aunties for her rudeness. Vandana is not talking to her. But she says still comes to Vandana and hugs her for saying a good bye. While leaving she changes her tone from apologetic to ‘go to hell’ she wears her sun glasses and turn. All expected her to leave but then why she turned.

In the room r ketki, Vandana and Pooja. She says actually I don’t feel sorry for any of my behaviour. And from ur behavior I don’t think my brother would ever let any one of u come near a radius of 100 km near sanju. And don’t worry about my brother or his bride, gills r soon gonna b blessed with twins in 7 months. Though Sam would b against it but I would send u their pictures. Saying this she leaves in attitude from their. Vandana realizes that sanju wanted to talk something important with her, but she was busy in the shopping and didn’t hear her out. She regrets her words of calling her own daughter a childless. Ketki and pooja’s face r pale like life has been sucked out of them. Sanju was pregnant since she came to their house, and they didn’t know it.

Vandana goes to cambay to meet sanju. But as she knocks Sam comes out and closes the door behind him.

Sam: do u missed anything?? Was anything left to say!!
Vandana: son!! I didn’t know that she was with child.
Sam: wat sort of love is this that changed with her being pregnant?? For one moment she was inauspicious to u. And ruined or moment and now u come running as she is with a child. Listen well, I love my babies very much, but my love for sanju never changed, I loved her even before she was pregnant, I love her even now. But don’t cross my path, especially now, sanju has been hurt by u all. And I want no more discussion about that topic with her anymore, I don’t want ur stupidity to take a toll on her and my babies life. For right now I m all out of forgiveness. So pls(he folds his hands) leave. I will send the tickets for her baby shower after wards. Till then it would b better none of u call her.

Back to US
Sanju and Sam are going for their next sonography. It almost 3 months.
Doctor: congratulations they r girls.
Sam: yes!! I won..
He kisses her on her forehead. They both smile looking at their babies.

Varun and Tanaya anxiously waiting in the living room See them coming
Tanaya: so!! Wat is it?? Pink or blue??
Sam: (smirkingly) its definitely all pink.
Tanaya comes and hugs sanju. Varun congratulates them.

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