Dewana dil Part 56


Sanju thinks of calling Sam, but his phone is switched off. So she puts her phone down and goes to sleep. Next day pooja’s younger brother, aaryan’s in laws r coming to sanju’s house for dinner. Sanju’s mom is preparing food for nearly 25 people. And sanju is helping her. Pooja comes in the kitchen to drink water. And acts to faint in the kitchen due to the heat. Sanju’s mom and other carry her to ac. Pooja keeps her head in sanju’s mothers lap so that she could not cook food.

Vandana: pls take care if the roti I left the gas on!!
Sanju: OK

She gets it that Pooja did it desperately to harsh her. But she any ways goes down and does the roti. Now the think is sanju has got intolerant to the oily smell and masala since she got pregnant. She vomits due to their smell. And her mother had made the masala. Also sanju is not used to the heat, and making food in India’s heat it tough. She some how manages to cook. But she is too nauseated to eat any thing. So she skips the lunch. Sam calls her on her phone, but nobody allows them to talk and they pass the phone to each other. All of the family talks to Sam except for sanju.

Next few days pass like this. Sam and sanju hardly got any time to talk to each other. Today sanju is at pooja’s house tomorrow is aaryan’s haldi. She ask sanju to get copper dishes from the cupboard, she says that she would have taken it out her self if she was not pregnant. Pooja is avoiding all the work, saying she is pregnant. They have made sanju, wash all the linens, and scrub the walls and cleaning the kitchen..

Sanju bring a big stool and get on it but the cupboard is still high. So Pooja suggests to keep a box on it and then reach. Sanju is a tired but still gets down the stool and brings a box. She again tries and reaches the cupboard. She is having difficulty in balancing, but Pooja is saying that she is holding the box tight and get on her tip-e-toe and get the materials. Sanju does so, but as she lifts material, Pooja kicks the stool below and box and stool fall along with it sanju falls. Everyone comes running to the kitchen to see wat had happened. But they see Sam standing their with sanju in his arms. Sanju has closed her eyes tight in the fear of falling down. She peaks to find she is in Sam’s arm.

Sam is angry like hell hounds. Vandana and ketki goes to welcome him. But he rudely take sanju just like that to the terrace and locks the way to the terrace.
Sanju: Sam!!
Sam: not a word!! Sanju!! (He screams) did I sent here u for all this. If I hadn’t come early to surprise u. Then??. Do u know wat could have happened today?? Pooja deliberately kicked the stool and I saw her. It felt like I should snap her neck. But then realized that she is pregnant.
Sanju: but they all don’t know about baby, just calm down. We r here for a few days and will leave after her baby shower. So just adjust for few days!! Pls honey!!

She touches his face. He feels her hand with his face and says that he missed her very much. Sanju says she too missed him. Sam comes close and hugs her. And kisses on her forehead. He says that we won’t stay here. We would stay at cambay and will b here only for the functions, that’s my deal!! Sanju says accepted.

They both come down. Ketki and vandana heard Sam screaming. So they avoid talking tosSam, thinking that he might starts to scream at them.

At aaryan’s wedding, vandana ask sanju to bring all the Pooja material, before she could finish, Sam intervenes,

Sam: where is Pooja material?? I will have it!!
Sam carries all the heavy sits, its time to give shogun flowers to Aryan, and do his Pooja ( which only married sister can do) but ketki askpPooja to do it. As sanju is still childless and if she does the Pooja, aryan’s wife may remain childless. Everyone ask sanju to do Aryan’s pooja . but Pooja and ketki does Aryan’s Pooja. Sam feels bad as sanju is neglected by her own family saying that she is childless. Sam ask her to leave with him, as their is no self respect if she attends this wedding. But sanju asks him stay. At every ritual this keeps on repeating. And even people r talking bad. They see Sam sad, and think that he is sad because his wife is childless.
Sanju says Sam about the politician case on her father.

Sam ask ketki for a reception card as he wantsto iinvite some one. Ketki happily gives him.

At reception on the next day of the wedding. Sanju is neglected like before, when the state cm arrives to the venue. Everyone gets happy. Ketki starts to boost in front of all relative, about rahul and her sons success that even cm of the state came. The cm bless the coupleaand and gets down the stage. Sanju and Sam r standing aside. Sam signs cm and the cm comes to him. And the cm gives lot of respect to Sam and sanju, they also eat together. The relative starts to talk that it was samrat who invited the cm and not ketki’s jamai or her sons. She feels embarrassed.

Sanju signs vatsal and makes him meet the cm. He also calls sanju’s father and introduces him to the cm. Also tells the cm, that if he has any foot hold in India its his father in law. The cm understand and just before leaving ask her father to directly call him if their is any problems..

Sanju looks at Sam suspiciously.

Sam: (smiling while drinking his drink) wat??
Sanju: I can’t tell wat is going on in ur mind, but I know that the cm was not a fool to come to this wedding reception!! Wat did u do??
Sam: look I have a way of handling thinks ( boosting him self) and these r just some small tricks.
Sanju: just tell me.

Sam smiles and leave. But sanju checks his suites pocket. She finds his check book. And finds by impression that he gave a party fund of 20 million dollars to the cm. Sanju gets angry looking at the amount.

As Sam comes back with rasmalai, for sanju. Sanju cheeks r angry red.

Sam: wats the matter??
Sanju: 20 million dollars!!
Really Sam!!
Sam: wat r u talking about??
Sanju shows him his check book and impression of last check.
Sanju: why??
Sam: just a small investment.
Sanju smiles, and says its really difficult to understand u. As everyone starts to dance. Sanju misses their dance. Sam looks at that sad face and leaves. With in a minute he is at the musicians stage. He sings dilbar mere kab tak muje ese hi tarsao ge(satte pe satta) and dances very carefully sanju. Everyone at the reception gets envious of sanju. That even though she failed to give him a child, he still takes such a good care of her.

At pooja’s baby shower, sanju is again outcasted considering her to b inauspicious. Tanaya comes their with varun to surprise sanju. To everyone’s surprise, even they don’t allow sanju to work. As sanju can’t take part in any rituals she is asked to take care of other works like decoration and food. While everyone enjoys the function. But tanaya has taken care of food and Sam and varun are doing all the heavy work. Sanju is sitting on the chair in kitchen and talking to Tanaya.

Pooja: sanju!! Shame shame!! Ur sister in law is working at my house ( rahuls house) and u r not even helping her. And just sitting here doing gossips.

Tanaya: actually I don’t need any one’s help. And sanju has no experience to work. We don’teven allow her to work at our house. I ddon’t know why she was cleaning all ur houses. ( quite rudely)

Pooja: sanju!! U complain about us to ur in laws!!

Varun: ohh !! No dear!! (He is carrying a gas cylinder on his shoulder) she didn’t ..
But we have our own sources.
Sam also comes carrying the flower basket.
Sam: OK Pooja so do u need anything??
Pooja: no..
Sam: then why r u roaming here!! Don’t uhahave any other work?? Let people work.

Pooja wants to answer Sam but it would create a trouble for her, as she had tried to malign Sam’s name before. So she stamps her feet and runs out of the kitchen.

Sam: good for u..(loudly)

Tanaya and varun give high five to ea h other and laughs with Sam.

Sanju:( giggling) OK guys that was too much.. Just finish this and lets go home.
Sam comes close to her and brings out raspberry ice cream. Which brings a big smile on sanju’s face.

Sanju: raspberry ice cream for me??
Sam: ( ttauntingly ) no for Pooja.. Wait I will give it to her.
Sanju pulls the cup and starts eating.
Sam: aaawww!! ( keeping his hand on her belly) I know my baby princesses love raspberry ice cream.

Sanju eyes him as their is a crowd in the house. They both smile, while sanju enjoys her ice creams

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  1. Nice but how can her own family can treat her like that.

  2. Awesome yaar I really like or ff my breaths stopped wen that devil pooja push the box think god Sam came there and one more doubt y didn’t they tell their family dat she is pregnant plzzzz cmnt the reason anybody or u itself

    1. Actually, she didn’t got the time. I mentioned it that she came home and didnt found her mom. But her mom was too busy for baby shower shopping and marriage. Even and even after Sam came, all they did was to call sanju for work. Sam would disclose the news soon in his style, just after all this pooja’s drama end.

  3. my husband’s name is samrat gill. And he is not a beast but the character Sam is inspired a lot from him. I too call him Sam.

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