Dewana dil Part 55


Sam gets ready, and shouts sanju we will b late!! Sanju runs swiftly to the dressing table, with anxious look, Sam makes out, her anxiety,as she is hhurriedly trying to get ready, but messing things around, she screams Sam!! Did u see my clutch?? Sam just behind her pulls the clutch which she is already holding. She realise that it is too obvious for anyone to know that she is anxious. Sam makes her sit on bed and puts his hand on her shoulder and massage her swiftly.
Sam: look its just a simple sonography.. And I m with u, nothing bad could happen!! So just relax.

She leans on his hand while Sam watches how perfect couple they look in the dressing rooms Mirror. She gets up. Let’s go.

They walk into doctors cabin. The doctor ask sanju to head for examination room.

Doctor to Sam: its now 8 weeks, I wanted to do the sonography to know whether the child is alright, she has been through a lot. So its better to foresee the condition of fetus.

Sam gets a stroke of pulse while reading the mind of doctor. Doctor is thinking that might b sanju had gone into a missed abortion( abortion has happened but they r unaware of it).

Doctor and Sam enters and doctor starts the sonography.

Doctor: OK here is the fetus( looking at the screen) appears healthy..

Sam and sanju gets a relief and hold their hands tight.

Doctor: a- oh!!

Sam: wat a-oh!!is their a problem?? (He also starts checking for any anomaly in the sonography. )

Sanju also gets tensed and starts to check the screen.

Doctor: I found double heart sound. (She moves the probe) their their, there is another fetus.

Sam gets shocked and sanju as well.

Sam:another fetus??
Doctor: yes u have twins..
Sanju: a twin!! Really.

Sam and sanju gets excited and kiss eachother. Their for the first time they are seeing their little ones on the screen. And Sam is all in tears. Doctor says that both fetus r fineaand even or health is improving fast. That good. Mr. Gill is taking good care of urs. Sanju shys.

Doctor and Sam leave the examination room, the doctor ask sanju to relax for a while and come after she feels fine.
Doctor: Mr. Gill I think as a doctor u know that having a twin, makes this high risk pregnancy, so I would like u to take even more care. I know she is improving fast, and it. Couldn’t b with out ur support. But I want u to handle her more carefully.
Sam nods a yes, sanju comes and doctors writes a prescription for her regular medicine and they take a leave.

At gill mansion, tanaya, Ralph and varun are waiting anxiously, they r looking at the door every minute. Sanju and Sam comes their, sanju has raspberry flavoured ice cream. Seeing this

Tanaya: thank god everything is fine!! Couldn’t u both come first back home and then have the ice cream.

Sam: sorry tantan, madam would not come home without ice cream. ( signing towards sanju)

Varun: so wat did doctor say? Give me the sonography..

Sam: everything is more than alright. ( he smiles looking at sanju, she doesnt look him in the eye, but smiles).
Tanaya finds it curious.

Tanaya: pls don’t create suspense. Now!! Pls tell me.

Sam: tantan
Tanaya: yes Sam
Sam: u r going to b aunt to twins (speaks all of it in single breathe)

Tanaya: wait wat?? Did I hear right!! Twin!!( for a moment she process)

And just starts to scream so loud that everyone has to close their ear to protect themselves from the high pitched shreks. She just jumps on the couch. Varuns hugs Sam and sanju and congratulate them. Ralph too congratulate them.

Tanaya: I have to do shopping for my nephews!! I have to make a room for them

Varun: tTanaya it could b ur niece.

Sam: it would b two beautiful daughters.
Tanaya: say it sanju, wat would u like baby boys or girls?? I have to shop for them.
Sanju: no shopping did u forget!!. But any ways I want baby boys.

Sanju and Tanaya hug each other. Sam and varun also smiles. Sanju’s mobile ring, she keeps the ice cream cup down. And goes aside to pick up. Sam and varun show r seeing the fetus in the sonography and making Tanaya also understand.

As sanju turns to them, sanju is bit off. Sam ask whose phone it was?? Sanju says it was mom, she ask me to come to India , as soon as possible, their is issue between my mom and ketki aunty.

Sam: but u can’t travel right now.
Sanju: I know!! Mom sounded stressed. I have to…
Sam: OK we will go tomorrow.
Varun: but wat about ur LA conference. U know that we need those funds right now.
Tanaya: and also u have to deal with veronica!!
Sam gets confused, as he wants to go with sanju but their r many work pending.

Sanju: look I would go tomorrow, u shall join me afterwards. But be their by the marriage and baby shower. OK#!
Sam: (kissing her forehead) u r the best. But u have to promise that u would take care of urself. Promise??
Sanju: promise!!
Sam hugs her.
Sam has been insisting sanju to take their jet. And he would come by commercial flight. But she insist on taking a commercial flight.

Sanju and Sam leaves for the airport. Sam is going to LA with varun, who is waiting for him at the airport. Sanju is leaving for India.

Sam: don’t forget to take ur medicine on time.
Sanju: OK
Sam: eat food properly and don’t b a cry baby!!
Sanju: OK
Sam: and don’t do heavy work.
Sanju: OK (she smiles)
Sam: and don’t lift anything
Sanju: OK, anything else, mommy!!
Sam: u r making fun of me!!
Sanju: u got that now??
Sam: just take care of urself.
Sanju: yes I will( by kissing on his cheeks)
Sam: I don’t want to leave u alone for even a moment.
Sanju: its OK, I won’t b alone. Mom, vatsal and dad will b their with me.
Sam: not like that!! U know wat I mean!!
Sanju: ohh!! Actually u don’t want to b alone..
Sam: yeah a bit. But don’t worry after this trip. I won’t leave u alone ever.
Sanju: OK..
He kisses her forehead.

As she leaves for her flight, he takes a bow and kisses her hand and bid a bye. Varun smiles seeing the Victorian manners of Sam.

Sanju arrives at her home. Her mom is not present and the whole house is a mess. She ask vatsal about mothers whereabout. He lousily watching the television replies that she is out for shopping with Pooja. She takes water her self and drinks it. She calls her mom. Her mom instruct her to make food for everyone as Pooja and her husband r coming for dinner.

Looking at the mess, sanju decides to start it with cleaning of the house. She has headache due to jet lag. But she cooks the dinner. Pooja and rahul comes with ketki and balraj. They all sit to have dinner. They all relish the food. And admire how good sanju has become in her housing skill, looking at the clean house. Pooja boost that rahul don’t even allow to get water for her self since the day she got pregnant. Sanju nods that its good. Pooja keeps on boosting about how rahul don’t leave her even for a minute, (indirectly taunting that Sam didn’t came with sanju). And also how the baby brought them close( taunting that sanju is still childless). Sanju smiles and doesn’t payany hide to her talk. BBut she gets shocked when even her mother agrees to every thing that Pooja says.

At night, her mother chants about how good and kind Pooja is. She also tells her that she asked rahul to stop the case on ur father, which was done by a politician. Sanju was unaware of all this, being in new York she was far away from her families sorrow. She had no idea that a politician had filed a case on her further regarding some lack in legal work. She calls to thank Pooja for helping her family out. Pooja acts to b very kind and all, but then as soon as she keeps her phone down , Pooja says to rahul that sanju was calling to thank us for helping her dad. But she doesn’t know that we had told that politician to do the case in first place. They both laugh. The focus shifts to sanju how still had not disconnected the phone and hears their this conversation, as to how Pooja in the name of favour, has made sanju look a bad daughter in her families eyes and now sanju’s place has been taken over by her.

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  1. Awesome episode but how can sanju’s family think about her like that and y they called her then.

    1. Its pooja’s plan to show her new status after she married to rahul.

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