Dewana dil Part 54


Its morning Sam, varun and tanaya still awake. The doctor comes, and says congratulations the baby is safe. But u have to take more care now. Especially for a few days.
Sam hugs varuns. And immediately wiping of his tears, says yes to the doctor. He runs to the sanju, she is awake, she smiles to him. Sam kisses her forehead.
Sam: thank God, u and my princess r so naughty, u almost gave me a heart attack.
Sanju: (smiles) who told u that its princess?? Itcould b baby prince as well??
Sam: (smiles) no iits my princess.
Sam comes close to sanju and rest his forehead on her forehead and both closes their eye.

Sanju is sitting in her bed. Sam says thank god, u got discharge, I want to throw a party for the baby!!

Sanju: no!! No party!! We wouldnt disclose any news to anyone, before 3 months.

Sam: but why??(disappointed)
Tanaya: I think she is right, nobles and others would target her.
Sam: I don’t care about them, I would handle them.. But I want to throw a party for my princess.
Sanju: my mom said that it jinx the baby. Do u want it??
Sam: no..
Sanju: so party before the baby comes, no shopping for baby, before he comes. OK ??
Sam: OK..
Sanju eyes varun.
Varun: OK..

Its night 2 o’clock sanju gets up and walks to the fridge and starts to find some thing. Sam comes their.
Sam: wat r u doing here?? I said that u should tell me if u need any thing.. Then??
Sanju: I wanted to eat raspberry ice cream!!
Sam: (comes to the fridge) its not present. Why don’t u sit at the table and I would make some for u??

Sanju jumps to the platform and sits their.
Sanju: no I will sit here.
Sam: sanju!! Don’t jump like that.. Baby..
Sanju: u r making me feel like that I m some old lady of 100+. U don’t let me walk even in the room, I got really bored today.

Sam: but we came home at afternoon.

Sanju: yes. But let me move around. U also r a doctor and u also know.

Sam: OK but I will shift our room down, so that u could move around. And u don’t have to climb down the stairs every time u need any thing, OK??

Sanju: OK, but till the delivery. I love our bed room.

Sam hugs sanju anvdgives her the icecream. Sanju gets excited and eats the ice cream. Sam smiles seeing her face. Later Sam carries sanju to his room.

Sanju: so my hulk got another opportunity to lift me!!
Sam: u like so much!! To call me hulk!! Don’t u??
Sanju: yes. (She kisses his cheeks)

Next day Sam is getting ready for the hospital. He sees sanju coming running from washroom and getting ready as well. He looks at her surprised.

Sam: where r u going??
Sanju: to the work..
Sam: no way!! Hospital work is very stressful.. U stay home. I will apply for or leave. And its just 3 months left for u exam! So stay home and read.
Sanju: Sam I would take care!! And its not must to read. Pls let me go the hospital. Pls!! (She joins her hand)
Sam: OK yes but u wont lift anything heavy, u would take lift and not stairs even if u have to go just for 1 st floor..
Sanju: OK..

The hospital is renovated at the places of the bomb blast. Sam gives a speech of condolences. Sanju is working, but Sam is constantly watching her. Even varun is working as informer to Sam. Vikram comes to sanju while she is working.

Vikram: good to see u fine sanju!!
Sanju: don’t call me that!! For u I m Dr. Gill. And let’s stick to that name. (Says this without looking at him)

Vikram: I don’t know wat magic have u done on that poor Sam, he couldn’t see anything else except u!!

Sanju: Dr. Vikram if u want to talk me about some work then its OK.. Else leave..

Vikram: u r so lucky, u got two best friend!! When. Sam is out of town, u have varun!! And when he is in town , u have him!!

He touches her shoulder in a bad way. Sanju looks at his hand. But he shamelessly continues to do it.

Sam comes their:, Dr. Vikram don’t u have any work??

Sam ask sanju to come to his cabin. But vikram is looking at sanju as they r going. He thinks something. At which Sam turns, and punches vikram, his tooth falls out. Sanju is shocked that how did Sam got so angry!! And runs to stops Sam. Before Sam is about to hit again. She hold his hand and ask him to leave vikram.

At his cabin, Sam and sanju r sitting.
Varun :(comes running) wat did he do now??

Sam: he thought something very bad for sanju??
Sanju: u should have kept calm but!!
Sam:(angrily gets up) OK I can’t keep calm, No one can if some says something like that for ur wife.
Sanju: yes!! They would hit if he would have said, he just thought.
Sam: if some one thinks then I would kill him for that!! That’s difference between other men and me.

He sees sanju like his most priced possession.
Sanju ask him to calm down. Varun also asks him to calm down.

Sam: if he won’t b in his limits, I would have him thrown of the cliff, or he will b my next meal..
He leaves after completing the sentence.

Sanju is worried that vikram and Sam should not come face to face. Or Sam would definitely do wat he said.

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