Dewana dil Part 53


Sam is sitting besides sanju in the hospital. He keeps his hand on her belly.
Sam: hii princess!! I think I made a bad first impression on u.. ( in a bit crying sort of voice) but u know I was unaware about u. (A tear falls from his eyes) I know u r scared a bit, but or daddy here is more scared than any one.. Afterall its ur strong mother who handles me.( he laughs but is still in tears). God!! I didn’t know that this day would ever come in my life. (He sighs for a while and comes close) but if u still stick with me, I won’t give u any chance of complains. Ur mother says that I have a way with my words and I act to b unachievable, right now just b like ur mommy and stick with me no matter wat!! Pls baby if anything happens to u, I won’t b able to live. U r samrat gill’s child and if it would have been in my power I would do anything to make u safe. But god!! I feel so useless, even after having so much power lurking in my veins, I m scared!! Scared that u would leave me!! And this fear is eating me up!! Just don’t leave daddy baby pls!!

Sanju starts to cough. Sam tries to comfort her, but she starts to cough soot and blood. Sam calls the nurse. But then finds the oxygen mask and assembles it To help sanju breathe.Within few minutes sanju’s cconditions normalizes. Sam feels a bit scared because if sanju starts to struggle with her own life, it would b pretty difficult to save the baby. He watches from the room, Tanaya and varun r sitting at the waiting area still worried. Sam tries to feel babies heart beat, the warmth that a baby’s breath has. Varun taps on his shoulder from behind he offers him coffee, but Sam declines.

Varun: wat r u watching?? Dude u don’t need to put urself through this.

Sam: no actually its quite comforting to see all these babies breathe. I wish I could to feel wat is the warmth of holding ur infant in ur own arms. The feeling of those little fingers holding ur finger tight.
He gets lost saying this. Varun feels sad at sam. As he also knows that how much this child would mean for him. And if anything happens to it, Sam would b snapped and their would b no bringing him back.

Varun: so how is sanju??
Sam: still looking at the babies, she is still asleep. Any thing can b said in the morning only. Doctor told me that I did good by giving her medicine before bring her to the hospital. As their is chance for baby’s survival. If she hadn’t had the medicine it would have been inevitable.. ( Sam freeze for a moment)

Varun: everything will b fine. She is a fighter. Sanju would never let u get snapped. And she too knows what this child means to u. She andthe child would b fine.

Sam: i m not only worried about the child but also for sanju, she inhaled a lot of smoke in the building. Wat if I loose both of them!!

Varun: Sam be positive!! We would b taking her home by tomorrow and ur baby is also going to b fine. Don’t worry.

Sam hugs varun. Tanaya watches this from the room while she is sitting besides sanju. Tanaya comes out to support Sam. But Sam gets angry as to how could she leave sanju alone. And rushes back into the room. With him Tanaya and varun also enter the room.

Tanaya: (signing varun) u should take him home, I will stay here. He is not ready!! If anything bad happens he won’t b able to take it.

Sam: I have seen enough, I watched my mother die at hands of my father, my father being murdered by a burglar, watched my love in arms of other men, and killed my love with my own hands and along with her my child.

Saying this he turns to Tanaya..

Sam: their is no possible way that I would let sanju deal with this alone. And even if we don’t have centuries together, I would make most moments from this minute with her. Leave us alone.

Tanaya: but Sam..

Varun ask her to let him b with sanju.

Sanju sits besides sanju and again starts to talk to the baby.
Sam: u probably would b thinking that I m bribing u to stay, but if u stay I would not go away from ur mommy and u ever. Just b with me.

Sanju holds his other hand which is on the bed. Sam holds her hand tight. With a his eyes all teary , like a family, sanju is still dizzy. At its like Sam has one hand holding sanju and other to the unborn child.

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  2. Their own child 🙂
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  4. Their own is gd

  5. Superb episode dear.Their own child will be better.

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