Dewana dil Part 52


Sam on seeing the baby cot runs, behind him are Tanaya and varun. But before they could come at the porch of the house Sam leaves in his car.. (Damn fast) varun and Tanaya also leave.

Tanaya: it was a board members meeting, as we r deciding to take over that hospital. Sam was supposed to go their. But she told me thatshe wwould attend the board meeting and let Sam sleep. I was so angry I didn’t even see her face. God!!! I wish she is alright.

Varun: Tanaya everything will b fine. Just don’t worry.
Tanaya has an emotional out burst and starts to cry.
Tanaya: when did u came to know about this??
Varun: I had seen her reports, it showed her, she had her full examination done. She didn’t wanted to Sam get his hope high. So she didn’t tell him before. The reports came just a week ago, so she told me that she wants to surprise Sam at his birthday. And Sam u r like some lie detectors so we were running away from u.. I m sorry honey.. I wanted to say this to u… But sanju told me that she would like to tell this knew to Sam first.

Tanaya: oh no!! The road is blocked. Their look its Sam’s car..

They run to check it out, but no one is in the car, they could she the building from the road, and knew that Sam would have rushed to the building.

In the building, sanju is shown at 103rd floor. And the blast are around 50 the floor, but the whole building is shaking 20 feets to and fro. People r panicked and running. She takes the stairs down the fire fighters and everyone is trying to help people. As the come to lower floors the patients who r hospitalized are still present. She ask the firefighter to leave the VIP people, and help the patients. She starts to help them, with her few of the hospital staff also starts tto help. Heavy jerks are continuously coming. And they r still at 90 th floor. And only 2 lifts r working. And that to may b dangerous. She goes to the ICU unit and finds helps sisters but a shortcircuit happens and the ICU almost blows up, before they just make out. Sanju is carrying a child of 7 his name is cherry. She starts to climb down. At the floor just below the bomb blast she hears a women’s scream. And she ask nurse to take the boy with her. And she would help the lady. But nurse ask her not to go, as the fire fighters r saying that building can collapse any moment. She still goes to find the lady,

She finds the lady in the bathroom but the ceiling has fallen on her, sanju tries to move it but with no success, she tries again and the ceiling lifts, some one is helping her, she looks to find Sam. She smiles the pretty way at that moment. The lady comes out but has a broken leg and can’t walk. Sanju ask Sam to carry her. And the 3 of them starts to come down by stairs. The jerks r now pretty intense. Sanju is also tried and most of the people have evacuated the building. Sanju sits in the stairs.She is gasping.

Sam: ssanju!! Come on don’t sit just 20 floors rleft.
Sanju: i cant.. I m too tried.( she has severe breathlessness)
Sam puts the women down to carry Sam. But sanju ask him to get the women to some fire fighters below. And then come back for her. And she would try to decent a few floors by then. Sam agrees and rushes with the lady. Sanju gets up and with support starts to walk. But she is too dizzy. Also the lights are out. The stairs at the 17 th floor has collapsed. Sanju thinks to find other stairs. And goes around the floor but the smoke makes her even more dizzy. She finds other stairs and starts her journey down. But she is coughing a lot. Sam comes up the same stair but doesnot find sanju.. Tanaya and varun finds Sam and ask him to get down the building, but Sam is adamant to find sanju. And not to leave sanju behind. But they pull him down. Just outside the building. As they run out of the building they see sanju being helped by a fire fighter. Sam gets relief.. But as they see above the building starts to collapse. Amd soon the fire fighter and sanju disappear in the smoke cloud.

Sam runs to the ruins of the building and all of them starts to scream for sanju. They hear someone’s scream everyone helps them to pull the people out. It is sanju and the fire fighter. But sanju is unconscious. Sam panics for moment. But Tanaya says that she would take sanju to the hospital.. But people need doctors more over here. So Sam and varun stays behind while tanaya takes her car to their hospital. Sam is helping others, but is constantly praying for the safety of the child. At their hospital, sanju is fine and gets up, all the victims of the building r diverted to their hospital and so staff is falling short. She also starts helping and ask tanaya to help. The phone networks r also jammed. A news soon shows that another hospital was targeted by the bomb attack. Sam thinks to run to sanju and take her home. As he is driving to their hospital, a news flash informs that even their hospital was also targeted. He reach their to find the entrance all blood stained. He runs inside, and finds Tanaya helping people.

He asks her about sanju. Tanaya says she is fine and shows her giving injection to some patients. Sam runs into the ward and hugs her. Just as he enters the ward he localises the high frequency sound coming from the bomb in the causality ward. He runs to the bomb andopens it. Sanju ask immediate evevacuation of the place. Just as they reach out the bomb explodes. With it another bomb in the ambulance explodes. And sanju and Sam gets thrown back into the hospital by thrust.

Sam’s bedroom is shown and the swing wheretthey spent most of their time is shown. Sam is sitting. And sanju is lying down in his lap. She has wounds some on the face and on her hand. Sam is pampering her. But she gets up from the night mare scared.
Sam: its ok.. Baby u r safe..
Sanju: it still feels like I m in that building..
Sam: u just need to sleep. I m here with u.
Sam adjust her comforter to cover her hands as well. Sanju gets up from the swing and runs to the washroom. Sam gets worried, he comes to the wash room and finds sanju screaming in pain he opens the door. To find sanju on the floor. He carries her to the bed.

Tanaya: wats the matter Sam?? She is alright, right??
Sam: I don’t know, for first time, I m feeling helpless. Wat all I did before is repeating again. If I loose my this child and sanju, I won’tb able to sysurvive.

Saying so Sam breaks into tears. Tanaya hugs him. At sanju’s gynec hospital, the doctor informs Sam that sanju has gone through extreme stress today and might b was in stress before it also. She has given her injection. And hopes that her pregnancy continues, and she couldn’t speak for sure if the baby would survive or not. Sam remembers how he didn’t listen to sanju last night. He walks to sanju.

Sanju is sedated but smiles on seeing Sam and wishes him a birthday. Sam eyes get filled with tears at the pain sanju is going through. She falls asleep..

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  1. Oh god how many blasts in a day n happy they r safe but what about baby.

  2. It was like a terrorist attack at the most populated place( hospitals). And thanks dear..

  3. Still processing about the baby!! Need views.

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