Dewana dil Part 51


Varun has been hiding since he and Tanaya were in love. Because with a glimpse he would make out that out. On other hand Sam near does his mind tricks on Tanaya.

Sanju at the hospital
Sanju: how will I hide this news from him for 7 days?? U know as soon as he looks in to my eyes he knows their is something wrong. He doesn’t need powers to tell that.

Varun: then pretend that u r angry on him… That way u would not talk to him… Ohhh my god even I m so excited. I want to tell Tanaya.

Sanju: varun!! Let the father know the news 1st. U were an accident. And I wanted to tell this first to Sam and only Sam.

Varun again hugs her.
A few kids comes to play with Sam. Now his image has changed a lot. Before the hospital kids used to call him Hitler, Genghis khan and tugluk. But now they love him. He has been back in hospital after many days so the kids r happy to see. Sanju watches all this from the lobby of 1st floor. She feels that Sam would b so excited once he knows that he is also gonna b a father. Sanju is looking at some kids playing, when Sam sees her. He feels that sanju really wants a child badly.

At home.
Sam has cooked dinner for sanju. Sanju comes. Sanju likes the smell. But if she sits with Sam for dinner, he would ask her.. And she would have to tell it to him.. So she slips to her bedroom. But Sam comes behind her and ask to have dinner with him. Sanju says that she already had dinner and wants to sleep. She acts to sleep. While Sam gets sad seeing this. After Sam sleeps, sanju sneaks into the kitchen to eat the food. She haves the Palak paneer which Sam had made. Tanaya switches on light to find sanju eating.

Tanaya: why r u sneaking like this in ur own house???
Sanju:I was hungry and didn’t want to wake Sam up..
Tanaya: OK.

At night she thinks that it would b very difficult to hide thinks in a house were everyone knowsme this good. She wwrites a letter to Sam and leaves.

In morning Sam reads the letter besides him. Saying.
Sam I need some time to think. And if u love me don’t ask any question. I would b back by ur birthday. Don’t make it odd and don’t even call me. I m at varun’s place.

Sam says that knew that something was bothering her. But while he is doing his breakfast he recalls varun’s weird behaviour. He remembers how varun has been hiding from him since a year or more. And also thinksthat hheholds his loyalty to sanju. But then dismisses these thoughts saying that he knows varun and sanju.

At hospital, varun is not letting sanju do any work. Even he carries her files. They both are laughing. Sam watches this from his cabin’s window. Vikram comes their for taking sign.
Vikram: so now u r also out dated for sanju..
Sam: just shut up!! And don’t even take my sanju’s name from ur mouth. It feels like u r disrespecting her.

Vikram: ohh I m disrespecting her!! Wat does she have that could b respected?? And does she feels respected when ur friend hugs her?? And today they came on same car god knows wat else is going on between them…

Sam: (hold him by his neck )shut the hell up.
He punches the wall.

Vikram: I m just saying the thinks that other people r thinking and not having the guts to tell u on ur face.

Vikram laughs. But Sam is confused.

Sam comes to canteen and sits on the table where sanju and varun r sitting. They both get afraid that he would know it soon. Sam could hear varun’s thought. He leaves from their saying that he has some work.. Sam knows that he is just making an excuse. In few minutes sanju also makes an excuse and leaves from their. Sam gets sad as he feels that varun and sanju r hiding some thing from him. In the same day, such things keeps getting repeated. As soon as Sam comes varun and sanju leaves the place.

Sam at the parking lot, when varun has gone to take his car, sanju is standing alone. Sam comes and hold her by her arms

Sam: wat the mater ?? Why r u running from??
Sanju: Sam u r hurting me.
Varun comes with his car. He finds Sam a bit angry, rushes by sanju’s side. Asking Sam to leave her. Varun is worried that sam might hurt sanju!!.

Sam: u stay out of it!! I m talking to my wife.
Sanju: Sam just leave me..
Saying so she pushes him. Sam in anger tries to come close but varun accidentally hits him. He ask sanju to sit in the car and they leave. Sam still confused at the incident. He comes back to the ward and wipes off the blood from his angle of the mouth. Vikram says so the boyfriend gave u answers!! Sam leaves angrily from their.

Sanju feels bad as Sam got hurt. Varun ask her that he also feels bad for hurting Sam. But he got worried for baby. And everything would b back to normal once she disclose the news to Sam.

Sam is angry at his home and throws things in his room. Tanaya gets worried and ask him. He tells her about the changed behaviour of sanju and varun. Tanaya comes to varun’s house. But varun is out and she meets sanju.

Tanaya: why r u being rude to Sam??
Sanju: look Tanaya trust me, I would make everything al right.

Tanaya: u better should. (Angrily) because of usam is very angry. And tell varun to not to call me. For he hit my brother.. I m not going to forgive him.

Sanju: wat?? Look Tanaya just don’t b impulsive. I ask some time from u. Pls , I wouldake everything fine.

Tanaya gets angry and pushes sanju a bit. At same time varun enters and watches this. He scolds tanaya and ask her to get out of the house. Sanju tries to calm him down but tanaya and varun get into a heated argument. Tanaya leaves. And sanju faints. Varun carries her to bedroom. Which Tanaya watches from the window. She gets angry and jealous. She comes home and tell Sam in anger about her love for varun and how varun asked her to leave his house, and carried unconscious sanju to bedroom.

The next few days pass in a bit tension. And sanju wants to tell now everything to Sam. She comes to gill mansion just at the night of his birthday. As Sam comes home, Ralph informs him that sanju is waiting for him upstairs. Samthinks that because of sanju even Tanaya got hurt. And decides to confront her.

As he enters the room, sanju sings happy birthday to u… And hugs Sam.. Their is a big gift at the center of the room. Sanju looks very happy but it doesn’t change the careless look on Sam’s face. She ask him to open his gift. Sam says she has already given him great gift.As she knew about varun and tatanaya and still didn’t say that to him. And Tanaya has a broken heart. Sanju says its nothing like that dear. Sanju gets serious.

Sam: (screaming) did u or did u not know about them??
Sanju:(a bit scared at sam’s anger) yes I knew but..
Sam interrupts: still u didn’t consider to tell me.. U want everything according to u, u want me to dance at ur fingers. U feel me as ur puppets.

Sanju:(shocked at Sam’s word) Sam… Its nothing like that. U r just angry.. Pls just listen to me first.

She tries to touch him, but he pushes her away and leave. She gets hit at her head but Sam’s words caused herb more pain than that injury.
Its morning, varun comes to the mansion all happy, Tanaya is sitting in the living room. Shegets irked at vvarun’s entry..

Varun: hi.. Dear…
Tanaya: (shocked) are u talking to me??
Varun: u r still angry.. So Sam has not told u still about the gift!!
Tanaya: wat?? Gift??
Varun: where is Sam?? He runs to his room and hugs him to say congratulations.

But Sam punches him hard on the face. Varun thinks why is Sam behaving weird. He ask about sanju.. Sam taunts him. Varun ask him didn’t he saw his gift??
Sam gets irked and says just go to the city hospital ur sanju is their. And pushes him away. Varun says to him that he is so stupid to think something like this between sanju and him..
At the same time the new flash shows that the city hospital had bomb blast at 12 floors and evacuation is in process. Varun fall on the ground hearingthis news. Sam is also shocked..

Varun:… No.this can’t happen..
Sam feels why is varun so overreacting, he holds varun and shakes him ask wat is it that he knows and he doesn’t and ask to reply him!!

Varun: sanju is with ur child!!
With the tears in his eyes and a shocked expression. Sam also gets shocked.

Sam: this can’t happen.. Vampire don’t procreate.
Varun: but u r hybrid…
Sam runs to the room that sanju decorated, and opens the gift. It a baby cot. Tanaya and Sam gets into shock..

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