Dewana dil Part 50


In the morning, Sam is sitting at study with some file and sanju wakes up to find breakfast in her bed. She smiles and looks at sam. She comes is about to go for shower, when Sam stops her and hands her the file of ivf.
Sam: I know that u want a baby, and so I have signed it. And we could go today I have already taken an appointment. U know I love u so much and I would support u in whatever ur happiness lies.

Sanju all confused.
Sanju: I want a baby!! I thought u want a baby!!
Sam: but u were all distressed and said that u r alone without me. And were talking about kids.
Sanju: I saw this file and wanted to know wats going on in or mind.. And I had hospital tension, that jerk vikram troubling me.
Sam: wait wat?? U sneaked into my closet?? Wat that vikram is again after u??

Sanju: Sam!!
Sam: sanju!!!
Sanju: (hugs him) I don’t want a baby instead of u. No one can ever take ur place in my heart. And the day I married I promised in my heart ‘ no matter wat, just us two’ u don’t need to get all worried. I only want my Sam. After he is also childish..
Sanju smiles naughtily.
Sam: childish!! I m not
Sanju: yes u r..
Sam: no I m not…
Sanju runs and Sam follows they enjoy their sweet khitpit moment in their balcony.

At the dinner of that day, Tanaya laughs at their stupidity. Sam gets irritated at first but healso joins sanju and tTanaya and starts to laugh.
Kahn calls sanju that within 6 months it would b a blood moon. And the most difficult for any werewolf. And Sam being a hybrid should b locked down. As they don’t know that wats its reaction on Sam would b.

Sanju says that they would manage their way and don’t need their werewolf ways to managehim. She also informs tTanaya and varun. Tanaya makes a cell ready for blood moon. But sanju is not happy with locking Sam up in the cell. As they already go through a lot during their conversion. And locking a d chaining him would b inhuman. Sam wants everyone to b safe and has agreed to being Locked. Varun is also going to b locked with him in next cell.

The day arrives. Sam is ready and gets himself infused with wolfsbane. And gets him self locked. Varun too does so. Sanju and Tanaya rwatching them through cCCTV. After half an hour the wolfsbane has its effect making them weak. And they r crying in pain, for the conversion is breaking their bones. At the end of 1 hour sanju gets up.

Sanju: OK enough of this I cant take this. I m freeing Sam.
Tanaya: don’t Sam might kill u..
Sanju: no matter wat Sam is going through, he can’t do anything that could lead to my death.

She opens the door and frees Sam. But Sam is asking her to leave the cell, his eyes sometime turn green(werewolf eyes) and sometimes red( vampire eyes in anger). He pushes sanju. But sanju brings him out.

Sam: leave me, I might hurt u.
Sanju: u can never. U love me very much. Saying so she lifts supports him. He is still in pain and his arm swaps. But still she brings him out. She orders others to not to follow them. As she knows that Sam won’t hurt her, but she can’t b sure for others.
She brings Sam near the river. And gives him some water. Sam chokes on water. Sanju saysthat its just a night and it will pass as wwell. But Sam in has to much anxiety. Sanju kisses him. And to sam’s surprise his anxiety is relieved. His respiration gets coordinated. And his eyes glow bright blue( as hybrid). He kisses her passionately, with slowly shifting to hybrid but he is well in control of the beast side.

It is morning, Sam is burning with fever. Ralph finds sanju and Sam and brings them back home. They make Sam sleep and sanju freshens to go for hospital. Her finals r their in 3months. And then she would b a surgeon. She is working but constantly keeps on thinking to check on Sam.

Kahn comes to gill mansion after a few days as he recovers from blood moons effect. He finds it amazing that how good Sam could control when sanju Is around him. As even Kahn had locked himself in the cellar. For the blood moon. While Sam was free but he didn’t go out of control.

Sam boost in front of Ross and Kahn that how amazing sanju is. Sanju finishes her breakfast comes to them.

Ross: look at ur husband, he boost so much about u!!
Sanju: (irritated) wat this ur husband!! His name is Sam..
Sam, Ross and Kahn confused at sanju’s anger at such small thing.
Sam signs Ross about hospital stress and exam pressure. Sanju kisses goodbye to Sam and leaves. Kahn also wishes him good bye a d leave.

Sanju gets a call in hospital about Pooja’s baby shower and her younger brother’s marriage. She informs her the dates 7/september and 3,4,5/ September. She thinks for a second looking at the calender and gets worried. She runs to the pharmacy.

A few hours later, sanju is shown sitting at the floor of her cabin. She is in tears. And in her hand is a positive strip. Indicating that she is pregnant. As grabs herself together, she decides to call Sam. But then cuts the call, she thinks to tell him this big news personally. But she also thinks that she should first investigate her pregnancy so that Sam doesn’t get his hopes high, for it to b broken.

A few days later reports come to her office, saying that the pregnancy is normal and fetus is compliant to her. She gets relieved and call to informs Sam. But she sees calendar again. It is 1 st august. In 7 days sam’s birthday is coming. They always give each other expensive gift. But wat if she gifts this news to Sam. It would b most unbelievable gift for him. She jumps in excitement. But then remembers of her baby, and stops jumping and smiles in excitement. Varun suddenly enters her cabin. Sanju tries to hides the reports but he it and sees.
Varun: sanju!! Whose reports r this?? ( in shock)
Sanju: pls don’t tell sam!! I m gonna surprise him
Varun: but vampire couldn’t procreate.
Sanju: maybe because he is not a complete vampire he could now…
Varun: okk but when r u gonna tell him??
Sanju: at his birthday..I m so excited.. I think we finally got so lucky. I would b able to give Sam everything that he deserves.
Varun hugs sanju. Sam sees this from window and leaves from their, he gets angry at varun.
As Sam is leaving,
Vikram: so today u also saw or wife’s act. So how close were they??
Sam: shut the hell up!!
And leaves from their.

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